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Applications of Artificial Intelligence 1993: Knowledge-Based Systems in Aerospace and Industry
Editor(s): Usama M. Fayyad; Ramasamy Uthurusamy

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Volume Number: 1963
Date Published: 23 March 1993

Table of Contents
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Concept formation using ITERATE building rule models for efficient reasoning
Author(s): Gautam Biswas; Gyesung Lee; J. B. Weinberg
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Application of heuristic and machine-learning approach to engine model calibration
Author(s): Jie Cheng; Kwang R. Ryu; C. E. Newman; George C. Davis
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Preprocessing remotely sensed data for efficient analysis and classification
Author(s): Patrick M. Kelly; James M. White
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System diagnostic builder: a rule-generation tool for expert systems that do intelligent data evaluation
Author(s): Joseph L. Nieten; Roger Burke
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Adding explanation capability to a knowledge-based system: a case study
Author(s): Susan M. Bridges; Matthew Lybanon
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Autonomous agents as air combat simulation adversaries
Author(s): Gregg H. Gunsch; Douglas E. Dyer; Mark J. Gerken; Laurence D. Merkle; Michael A. Whelan
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Simulated annealing approach to the max cut problem
Author(s): Sandip Sen
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Applying an integrated neuro-expert system model in a real-time alarm processing system
Author(s): Rajiv Khosla; Tharam S. Dillon
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Intelligent data presentation for real-time spacecraft monitoring
Author(s): U. M. Schwuttke; A. G. Quan; B. Holder
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Integrated reasoner for diagnosis in satellite control
Author(s): James M. Skinner; George F. Luger
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Toward a machine-learning framework for acquiring and exploiting monitoring and diagnostic knowledge
Author(s): Stefanos Manganaris; Doug H. Fisher; Deepak Kulkarni
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Real-time automated failure analysis for on-orbit operations
Author(s): Sarah Kirby; Janet Lauritsen; Ginger Pack; Anhhoang Ha; Steven Jowers; Robert McNenny; The Truong; James Dell
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Automated representation changing for problem solving and electronic CAD
Author(s): Robert M. Zimmer; Alan MacDonald; Robert Holte
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Knowledge-based system for the design of heat exchangers
Author(s): W. Joseph Cochran; Don Hainley; Loay Khartabil
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Heuristic classification for automated CAPP
Author(s): Christoph Klauck; Ralf Legleitner; Ansgar Bernardi
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Preliminary design of laminated composite plates using an automated system
Author(s): Christopher A. Ludden; Utpal Roy; Barry D. Davidson
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Knowledge-based system for preliminary aerodynamic design of aircraft engine turbines
Author(s): Sanjay Goel; Dave Cherry; Brent Gregory
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VHDL's role in knowledge acquisition
Author(s): Fred Rose; Todd Carpenter
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Using VHDL design models to support diagnosis
Author(s): Richard A. Marcotte; Richard L. Piazza; Michael S. Sayko
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Reusing design information for model-based diagnosis
Author(s): Dick C. van Soest; R. R. Bakker; N. J. I. Mars
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Automatic compilation of expert systems
Author(s): Leonard Friedman
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Combining functional representation and structure-based models for smarter simulation
Author(s): Susan T. Korda; John R. Josephson; Dale Moberg
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Architecture for explicit representation of cause and function in discrete event simulation modeling
Author(s): Raymond A. Larson; James R. Slagle
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Multilevel causal-process modeling: bridging the plan, execution, and device implementation gaps
Author(s): Keith R. Levi; Dale Moberg; Christopher A. Miller; Fred Rose
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Troubleshooting based on a functional device representation: diagnosing faults in the external active thermal control system of Space Station Freedom
Author(s): Jon Sticklen; James K. McDowell; Robert Hawkins; Timothy D. Hill; Roger Boyer
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Prototype case-based reasoning human assistant for space crew assessment and mission management
Author(s): Robert B. Owen; Albert W. Holland; JoAnna Wood
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Case-based approach to handling aircraft malfunctions
Author(s): Stamos T. Karamouzis; Stefan Feyock
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Automated support for developing retrieve-and-propose systems
Author(s): Evangelos Simoudis; Albert Mendall; Peter Miller
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Practical and generalizable architecture for an intelligent tutoring system
Author(s): Randy M. Kaplan; Harriet Trenholm
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Retrieval scheme for cluster-based adaptive information retrieval based on term refinement
Author(s): Jay N. Bhuyan; Jitender S. Deogun; Vijay V. Raghavan
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Knowledge representation with W-Prolog
Author(s): Christo Dichev
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Scheduling deep-space network data transmissions: a Lagrangian relaxation approach
Author(s): Colin E. Bell
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Heuristic planning in feature-based inspection for coordinate measuring machines
Author(s): Robert B. Delvalle; Francis L. Merat; Steve Ruegsegger; Kavous Roumina
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