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Architecture, Hardware, and Forward-Looking Infrared Issues in Automatic Target Recognition
Editor(s): Lynn E. Garn; Lynda Ledford Graceffo

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Volume Number: 1957
Date Published: 20 October 1993

Table of Contents
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Registration of visible and infrared images
Author(s): Kristin J. Dana; P. Anandan
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Using optical flow techniques to electronically stabilize scene motion
Author(s): Dale R. Sebok; Thomas J. Sebok
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Extended target tracking in FLIR image sequences
Author(s): Roger A. Samy; Daniel Duclos
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Relational template-matching algorithm for FLIR automatic target recognition
Author(s): Andrew P. Kramer; David Perschbacher; Randy S. Johnston; Teresa A. Kipp
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Fusion by the information-based complexity approach
Author(s): Teresa A. Kipp
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Neural network clutter-rejection model for FLIR ATR
Author(s): Andrew P. Kramer; Ajay Jain
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Automatic FLIR target recognition using a hierarchical neural system
Author(s): Adam R. Nolan; William G. Wee; James D. Leonard Jr.
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Highly accurate IR automatic object recognition system
Author(s): Yi-Tong Zhou; Todd W. Gutschow
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IRES: an expert system for automatic target recognition from short-distance infrared images
Author(s): Michel de Mathelin; Christiaan Perneel; Marc P. J. Acheroy
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Morphology-based algorithms for target detection/segmentation in FLIR imagery
Author(s): Tamar Peli; Luc M. Vincent; Victor T. Tom
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Use of morphology and the low Fourier frequencies in hierarchical fuzzy FLIR target segmentation and classification
Author(s): Kim Kanzaki; Edward K. Wong; Matthew Kabrisky
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Topology preserve gray image skeletonization algorithm
Author(s): Kai Qian; Weibin Zhu; Prabir Bhattacharya
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Simplified IR signature prediction for model-based ATR
Author(s): Terry A. Bartlett
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Model-based system for vehicle detection and identification
Author(s): Jerald A. Herstein; Rodney L. Pickens; William W. Boyd
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Texture classification of segmented regions of forward-looking infrared images
Author(s): John F. Haddon; James Frederick Boyce
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Assumption truth maintenance system for automatic target-recognizer evaluation
Author(s): Rubin Johnson; Mark Buenafe; Laura Fulton Bennett; Cecil Ivan Hudson
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High-performance, miniaturized processor trends
Author(s): Paul A. White; Lynda Ledford Graceffo; John D. Hodapp; Dolores A. Shaffer; Jon C. Hiller; Edward Monachino
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Signal processor packaging design
Author(s): Paul L. McCarley; Mickie Ann Phipps
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Aladdin signal processor and architecture modeling
Author(s): Reagan Branstetter; Angela Harper; Larry Denton
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Aladdin processor: a miniaturized target recognition processor with multi-GFLOP throughput
Author(s): Ronald A. Belt; Danny Anthony; James Brandt; Donald G. Krantz; M. Lum; Belle Shenoy; Mark Vojta; William W. Wehner II; Jeff S. Pridmore; Junius Pridgen; Ed Black; Wolfgang Daum
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Heterogeneous computer architecture for embedded real-time image interpretation
Author(s): Jeremy A. Salinger
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Architectural impact of patterned-overlay multichip module technologies
Author(s): James C. Lyke
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Data flow graph-programming environment for embedded multiprocessing
Author(s): Kerry B. Barnes; Y. N. Chen; W. I. Lundgren; Jeff S. Pridmore; J. A. Rivera; W. B. Schaming; L. E. Toombs
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Software tools for representation, optimization, and assessment of complex systems
Author(s): Gary Schebella
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Maximizing run time performance of deployed data flow graphs on a multiprocessor architecture
Author(s): Richard J. Tobias; Peter D. Hunt
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Exploiting massive parallelism in algorithm understanding for automatic target recognition on SAR imagery
Author(s): Leslie Dias; John J. Santapietro
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Generalized architecture for DOA estimation for wideband/narrowband sources
Author(s): R. Tabar; Mohsin M. Jamali; S. C. Kwatra; A. H. Djouadi
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Detecting man-made objects in aerial reconnaissance images
Author(s): John E. Selvage; Darrel L. Chenoweth; Brian E. Cooper
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Study of the effects of focal plane array design parameters on ATR performance
Author(s): Joan Kruthers; Tim Williams; Gary F. O'Brien; Kristina Le; James D. Howe
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Detection of important directions on thermal infrared images with application to target recognition
Author(s): Christiaan Perneel; Michel de Mathelin; Marc P. J. Acheroy
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Performance characterization and sensitivity analysis of ATR algorithms to scene distortions
Author(s): Maqsood A. Mohd
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CORPS: class overlap region partitioning scheme--a tool for feature assessment
Author(s): Belur V. Dasarathy
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Automatic thresholding for detection of landing aircraft in FLIR imagery
Author(s): Joseph Boriotti; Fereydoun Maali
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Matrix special computer for solution of tasks of image identification
Author(s): V. I. Akopov; N. V. Gubarev; A. V. Yevdokimov
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