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Photonics for Space Environments
Editor(s): Edward W. Taylor

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Volume Number: 1953
Date Published: 15 September 1993

Table of Contents
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Microelectronics and photonics test bed (MPTB)
Author(s): James C. Ritter
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Overview of photonic components for space applications: radiation and temperature responses
Author(s): Edward W. Taylor
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Candidate NRL photonics experiments for the microelectronics and photonics testbed
Author(s): Cheryl J. Dale; Paul W. Marshall
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Candidate experiments for the microelectronics and photonics test-bed (MPTB) experiment
Author(s): Daniel J. Page; Edward W. Taylor; K. Terry Stalker
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Proton irradiation SEU test results for the SEDS MIL-STD-1773 fiber optic data bus: integrated optoelectronics
Author(s): Kenneth A. LaBel; E. G. Stassinopoulos; Paul W. Marshall; Ed L. Petersen; Cheryl J. Dale; Christina M. Crabtree; Craig A. Stauffer
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Preliminary SEU analysis of the SAMPEX MIL-STD-1773 space-flight data
Author(s): Christina M. Crabtree; Kenneth A. LaBel; E. G. Stassinopoulos; Jay T. Miller
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Spaceflight qualification of the SEDS MIL-STD-1773 fiber optic data bus
Author(s): Mark C. Flanegan
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NASA's first in-space optical gyroscope: a technology experiment on the X-ray Timing Explorer Spacecraft
Author(s): Glenn L. Unger; David M. Kaufman; Michael Anthony Krainak; Glen A. Sanders; William L. Taylor; Norman R. Schulze
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Fiber optics for the Space Station Freedom DMS network
Author(s): Dan L. House; Gary A. Carlson; James J. Steinhardt; Frank J. Owens
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Effects of space-radiation damage and temperature on CCD noise for the Lyman FUSE mission
Author(s): Richard G. Murowinski; Linzhuang Gao; M. Jamal Deen
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Space-environment simulation studies by MeV proton irradiation of two new quantum-well-based fiber optic light sources
Author(s): Bruce D. Evans; Harold E. Hager; Barrie W. Hughlock
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Space-environment effects on optical cables
Author(s): Ron Hartmayer; Shannon P. Jackson; Alan R. Johnston
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Physical interactions between charged particles and optoelectronic devices and the effects on fiber-based data links
Author(s): Paul W. Marshall; Kenneth A. LaBel; Cheryl J. Dale; Julian P. G. Bristow; Ed L. Petersen; E. G. Stassinopoulos
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Boeing photonics space experiment
Author(s): Dan A. Cross; Martin E. Fritz; Dale Haakenson; Charles Hoeflein; Rod Hughes; Syl Kelnhofer; Jim Lamm; Mervin S. Summerhays
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Survivable ring architecture for spaceborne applications
Author(s): John L. DeRuiter
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Monolithic semiconductor active waveguide optical switch
Author(s): Chet L. Balestra; Richard J. Blackwell; Bartley C. Johnson; L. G. Perrymore
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Semiconductor active-waveguide reconfigurable-optical-interconnect devices and networks
Author(s): Chet L. Balestra; Tom L. Atkinson; Bartley C. Johnson; L. G. Perrymore
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Component tradeoffs and technology breakpoints for a 50 Mbps to 3.2 Gbps fiber optic data bus for space applications
Author(s): Julian P. G. Bristow; John A. Lehman
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High-performance c-band analog fiber optic link
Author(s): Steven R. Smith
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Fiber optic analog broadband communication bus for airborne applications
Author(s): Jack I. Ohlhaber; Steven R. Smith; E. Neil Dulaney
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High-frequency direct modulation links
Author(s): E. Neil Dulaney; Steven R. Smith; Jack I. Ohlhaber
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Multiple-input fiber optic imaging system
Author(s): Carlton S. Faller Jr.; Mark W. Ehrhardt; Stanley E. Monroe Jr.; Richard D. Juday
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Battery-powered fiberscope imaging system for space-shuttle operations
Author(s): Carlton S. Faller Jr.
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Optical-correlator system design considerations for space applications
Author(s): Gary W. Sjolander
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Optical technology in satellite communications
Author(s): Dilip K. Paul
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Photonics technology for space communications applications
Author(s): Narayan R. Mysoor; Charles W. Chandler; Ronald T. Logan Jr.; Richard R. Kunath; Ramon P. DePaula
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NASA Lewis Research Center's optics-in-antennas program
Author(s): Richard R. Kunath; Charles A. Raquet
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Space-fed optical beam-forming lens: a comparison with RF counterpart
Author(s): Dilip K. Paul; Rajender Razdan
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Optically processed beam-forming network architectures for millimeter-wave phased-array antennas
Author(s): Hung D. Nguyen; Richard R. Kunath
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Design of an interferometric guided-wave correlator for radar applications
Author(s): Mario Nicola Armenise; Vittorio M. N. Passaro; Tiziana Conese-Bond; Anna Maria Matteo
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Space-qualified fiber optic link for radar altimeter applications
Author(s): Joseph J. Suter; Jay C. Poret; Moshe Rosen; Judith A. Giannini; Vipul Bhatnagar; Charles C. Kilgus
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Advanced-spacecraft data management using fiber optics
Author(s): Tim J. Canales
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