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Surveillance Technologies and Imaging Components
Editor(s): Sankaran Gowrinathan; C. Bruce Johnson; James F. Shanley

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Volume Number: 1952
Date Published: 15 November 1993

Table of Contents
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Pulse response and sensitivity of an acousto-optic FM demodulator
Author(s): Paul Brooks; Christopher D. Reeve
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Gallium nitride solid state ultraviolet detectors
Author(s): Larry F. Reitz
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Low-light-level image sensor with on-chip signal processing
Author(s): Sunetra K. Mendis; Bedabrata Pain; Robert H. Nixon; Eric R. Fossum
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512 x 512 frame transfer and storage imaging device with tin oxide gates and open-pinned phase technology
Author(s): Robert Thomas Tacka; Leroy C. Colquitt; Bron R. Frias; Eric S. Juergensen; Arlene A. Santos; Eugene V. Thompson; Alfred P. Turley
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1152 x 64 time delay and integration visible imaging CCD with tin oxide gates
Author(s): Eric S. Juergensen; John P. Ebner; Bron R. Frias; Arlene A. Santos; Robert Thomas Tacka; Alfred P. Turley
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Specialized CCDs for high-frame-rate visible imaging and UV imaging applications
Author(s): Peter A. Levine; Gordon Charles Taylor; Frank V. Shallcross; John R. Tower; William B. Lawler; Lorna J. Harrison; Dennis George Socker; Mike Marchywka
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High-altitude shock-layer ultraviolet emissions measured using highly elliptical orbits
Author(s): Deborah A. Levin; L. Carl Howlett; Leonard H. Caveny; David M. Mann
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High-sensitive UV sensors for rocket exhaust plume and shock waves plasma diagnostics
Author(s): Georgi Karabadjhak
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Autonomous wide-field-of-view star tracker system
Author(s): Chris J. Schauwecker; Rene Abreu; James A. Plascyk
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Hybrid fiber optic/silicon micromechanical sound optical sensing system
Author(s): Xianxin Zhong; Xiao-Song Sun; Zhiyu Wen; Youshu Huang; Tao Xu; Li Song
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Calibration of a large mosaic CCD in a wide FOV telescope
Author(s): Thomas P. Opar
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Technology needs for geostationary remote sensors
Author(s): Ronald J. Koczor
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Design of a geostationary microwave precipitation radiometer
Author(s): William J. Wilson; Daniel B. Eldred
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Detector and cooler technology development in support of the geosynchronous orbiting nadir etalon sounding spectrometer (GeoNESS)
Author(s): John B. Kumer; Lanny W. Sterritt; Lawrence G. Naes Jr.; Frank W. Adams Jr.; Aidan E. Roche
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SiC lightweight telescope for the GEO mission
Author(s): Michael I. Anapol; Leo R. Gardner; Richard R. Glasheen; Peter Hadfield; Theodore W. Tucker
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Liquid crystal tunable light filters for surveillance and remote sensing applications
Author(s): Peter V. Foukal; Peter J. Miller; Clifford C. Hoyt
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Diffractive optics technology for space-based sensors
Author(s): Dean Faklis; Michael Hoppe; Daniel Henri Raguin; G. Michael Morris
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Stability of IAD refractory oxide narrowband interference filters
Author(s): John R. Potter; John C. Simons
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Optically interconnected focal plane architecture for low-noise infrared sensors
Author(s): Ellen B. Linder; Thomas J. Bartolac; C. A. Haapala; Carl M. Rutschow
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Optical interface components for cryogenic focal planes
Author(s): Thomas J. Bartolac; Tom P. Moore
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Surveillance sensor for autonomous wildfire detection
Author(s): Jan S. de Vries; Rob A. W. Kemp
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Electronic pan/tilt/zoom camera system
Author(s): Steven D. Zimmermann
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Development of a 1- to 1.7-um image intensifier tube using a Generation III configuration
Author(s): Joseph P. Estrera; Steve Lambert; Keith T. Passmore; David L. Phillips; Stan M. Vernon; Robert Glosser; William E. Flynt; M. A. Rector
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Performance characteristics of a 12-mm-active-diameter image tube
Author(s): C. Bruce Johnson; Norm D. Wodecki; Albert J. Lieber; Peter Karl Trost; David W. Doll
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Measurement of modulation transfer function in image tubes: effects of spurious background brightness
Author(s): William E. Flynt
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Infrared response of multialkali photocathode
Author(s): Qingyou Chen
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Improvement of image quality of framing streak tube with FOP output window
Author(s): Kuniyoshi Mori; Kenji Suzuki; Koichiro Oba
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Intensified-CCD detector head for the VIS-UV-EUV spectral range
Author(s): Andrea Bucconi; Roberto Stalio; G. Francesco Svelto
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Time-tag photon detection with the MAMA detector system
Author(s): Giorgio Giaretta; Elliott P. Horch; J. Gethyn Timothy; John F. Heanue; David B. Kasle
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STIS ASIC charge-amp and voltage discriminator for MAMA detector readout
Author(s): Edward H. Cole; Larry G. Smeins; John M. Stechman
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Microchannel plate photomultiplier tube update
Author(s): C. Bruce Johnson; Mike J. Iosue; K. D. Wheeler
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Electron-bombarded silicon avalanche diode PMT development
Author(s): C. Bruce Johnson; Mike J. Iosue; R. Rusack; P. Cushman
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ATR technology holds the key to a better, faster, and safer way to perform postattack air base damage assessment
Author(s): Maqsood A. Mohd
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Detection of cold gas releases in space via low-energy neutral atom imaging
Author(s): David J. McComas; Herbert O. Funsten; Kurt R. Moore; Earl E. Scime; Michelle F. Thomsen
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High-ALtitude Observatory (HALO) UV/visible plume phenomenology sensors
Author(s): Charles J. Pruszynski; Calvin L. Powell; Garry L. Booker; Granville R. Anderson II
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Progress with imaging photon detectors
Author(s): Jonathon R. Howorth; Martin B. Ingle; J. Ralph Powell
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Megapixel CCD image sensors for aerial reconnaissance
Author(s): Stacy R. Kamasz; Shing-Fat Fred Ma; Michael G. Farrier; William D. Washkurak; Savvas G. Chamberlain; P. Tom Jenkins
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Hybrid temperature sensor based upon internal-effect principle
Author(s): Ali M. Golbazi; Nicholas D. Kefalas
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