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Space Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments II
Editor(s): Pierre Y. Bely; James B. Breckinridge

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Volume Number: 1945
Date Published: 1 November 1993

Table of Contents
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Commissioning of Hubble Space Telescope: the strategy for recovery
Author(s): James H. Crocker
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Hubble Space Telescope first servicing mission and observatory recommissioning
Author(s): Peg Stanley
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Status and optical performance of the corrective optics space telescope axial replacement (COSTAR)
Author(s): George F. Hartig; James H. Crocker; Holland C. Ford
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System performance analysis for COSTAR design
Author(s): Paul A. Lightsey; John D. Gerber; Michael L. Kaplan; Dennis A. Teusch
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Effect of mirror microroughness scattering on the Hubble Space Telescope point spread function
Author(s): Hashima Hasan; Christopher J. Burrows
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Post-launch experience of the Hubble Space Telescope: reflections upon the design and operation
Author(s): Arthur J. Bradley; Gerald S. Nurre; W. Ochs; J. Ryan; Hugh Dougherty; N. Robert Bennett; Linda Abramowicz-Reed; Gregory C. Andersen; William G. Crabb
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Line-of-sight jitter of the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Pierre Y. Bely; Olivia L. Lupie; John L. Hershey
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Effect of double stars on the guiding system of the Hubble space telescope
Author(s): John L. Hershey; Pierre Y. Bely
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Calibration database for the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Colin R. Cox; Calvin Tullos
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Restoration of HST images and spectra--some lessons learned
Author(s): Hans-Martin Adorf; Richard N. Hook; Leon B. Lucy
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Lessons learned in setting up and running the European copy of HST archive
Author(s): Benoit Pirenne; Piero Benvenuti; Rudolf Albrecht; B. F. Rasmussen
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Edison project and radiatively cooled infrared space observatories
Author(s): Harley A. Thronson Jr.; Timothy G. Hawarden; Tom W. Bradshaw; Anna H. Orlowska; Alan J. Penny; R. F. Turner; Donald Rapp
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Optical design of the composite infrared spectrometer (CIRS) for the Cassini mission
Author(s): Peter William Maymon; Michael G. Dittman; Bert A. Pasquale; Donald E. Jennings; Kimberly I. Mehalick; Catherine J. Trout
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INTEGRAL: the next major gamma-ray astronomy mission?
Author(s): Gerald K. Skinner; S. Bergeson-Willis; T. Courvoisier; Anthony J. Dean; Philippe Durouchoux; N. Eismont; Neil A. Gehrels; Jonathan E. Grindlay; William A. Mahoney; James L. Matteson; Brian McBreen; Oscar Pace; Thomas A. Prince; Volker Schoenfelder; Rashid Sunyaev; B. Swanenburg; Bonnard J. Teegarden; Pietro Ubertini; Gilbert Vedrenne; Gabriele E. Villa; Sergio Volonte; Christoph Winkler
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Integrated structural and optical modeling of the orbiting stellar interferometer
Author(s): Stuart B. Shaklan; Jeffrey W. Yu; Hugh Clark Briggs
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Next generation space telescope: control system issues
Author(s): Arthur J. Bradley; K. Tompetrini; Ivan B. Steiner; Gerald S. Nurre; J. Olivier; Max E. Nein; Abdullah S. Aljabri; Nancy W. Boggess; Laurence W. Fredrick
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X-ray and gamma-ray imaging with monolithic CdZnTe detector arrays
Author(s): F. Patrick Doty; Stan J. Friesenhahn; Jack F. Butler; Paul L. Hink
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Optical/UV monitor telescope on the x-ray multimirror observatory
Author(s): Keith O. Mason; Mark S. Cropper; John L. A. Fordham; France Anne Cordova; David T. Leisawitz; David H. Lumb; Cheng Ho; Elio Antonello; Claude A. J. Jamar
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High-resolution EUV spectroscopy: performance of spherical multilayer-coated gratings operated at near normal incidence
Author(s): Michael P. Kowalski; John F. Seely; Raymond G. Cruddace; Jack C. Rife; Charles M. Brown; George A. Doschek; Uri Feldman; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; William R. Hunter; Glenn E. Holland; Craig Nelson Boyer
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Limits on adaptive optics systems for lightweight space telescopes
Author(s): Laura Needels; Bruce Martin Levine; Mark H. Milman
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Solar vector magnetograph: a candidate instrument for a lunar solar observatory
Author(s): Chris D. Thyen; Mitzi Adams
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In-flight performance of the Faint Object Camera of the Hubble Space Telescope: II
Author(s): Perry E. Greenfield; Anatonella Nota; Robert Ian Jedrzejewski; Warren Hack; Hashima Hasan; Philip Hodge; David A. Baxter; W. Baggett; Francesco Paresce
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Correction of the geomagnetically induced image motion problem on the Hubble Space Telescope's Faint Object Spectrograph
Author(s): John E. Fitch; George F. Hartig; Edward A. Beaver; Richard G. Hier
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Performance of the FOS detectors in a variable external magnetic field
Author(s): William A. Baity; Edward A. Beaver; Ross D. Cohen; Vesa T. Junkkarinen; Ron W. Lyons; John E. Fitch; George F. Hartig; Don J. Lindler
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Operations experience of the space telescope high-speed photometer
Author(s): Evan E. Richards; Jeffrey W. Percival; Matthew Nelson; L. Colleen Townsley; Edward Hatter
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Instrumental artifacts: stray and scattered light in the Goddard High-Resolution Spectrograph aboard the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Dennis Charles Ebbets
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Scattered light characteristics of the Hubble Space Telescope Faint Object Spectrograph
Author(s): Frank Bartko; Geoffrey S. Burks; Gerry Kriss; Arthur Davidsen; Ross D. Cohen; Vesa T. Junkkarinen; Ron W. Lyons; Richard J. Harms
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Goddard High-Resolution Spectrograph of the Hubble Space Telescope: operation, performance, anomalies and lessons learned
Author(s): Joseph P. Skapik; Harry W. Garner
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On-orbit management of contaminants within the Hubble Space Telescope widefield planetary camera and their effect on instrument performance
Author(s): John W. MacKenty; Glenn Schneider; Sylvia M. Baggett; Dana D. Mitchell; Christine E. Ritchie; William Brian Sparks
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Optimized performance and operations of the Faint Object Camera
Author(s): Manfred P. Miebach
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Serendipitous background monitoring of the Hubble Space Telescope's Faint Object Spectrograph
Author(s): John E. Fitch; Glenn Schneider
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Thermal control of the space telescope high speed photometer
Author(s): Evan E. Richards; Jeffrey W. Percival; Jerry C. Sitzman; Tom Jones
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On-orbit sky background measurements Faint Object Spectrograph
Author(s): Ron W. Lyons; William A. Baity; Edward A. Beaver; Ross D. Cohen; Vesa T. Junkkarinen; J. B. Linsky; Ralph C. Bohlin
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Predicted performance of the COSTAR-corrected Faint Object Camera
Author(s): Robert Ian Jedrzejewski; George F. Hartig; Anatonella Nota; Perry E. Greenfield; David A. Baxter; Warren Hack; Francesco Paresce
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Restoration of FOC imaging data: considerations when choosing FOC PSFs
Author(s): David A. Baxter; Perry E. Greenfield; Warren Hack; Anatonella Nota; Robert Ian Jedrzejewski; Francesco Paresce
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Contamination effects on EUV optics in the space environment
Author(s): Barry J. Kent; Bruce Miles Swinyard; D. Hicks
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Optimized holographic grating solution for Rowland circle spectrographs
Author(s): Scott P. Sarlin; Webster C. Cash; James C. Green
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System analysis for the near-infrared camera and multiobject spectrometer cryogenic and structural design
Author(s): Paul A. Lightsey; John D. Gerber; Chris D. Miller
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NICMOS flight focal plane assembly
Author(s): Lloyd Shin; Gregory S. Winters
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Optical design of NICMOS: the second-generation infrared instrument for the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Eric Ramberg
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FUSE microchannel plate detectors: models and data for resolution at the pore limit
Author(s): David J. Sahnow; Charles W. Bowers; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Joseph M. Stock; Mark A. Gummin
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Theoretical and measured encircled energy and wide-angle scatter of SUMER demonstration telescope mirror in FUV
Author(s): Timo T. Saha; Douglas B. Leviton
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Dimensionally stable graphite-fiber-reinforced composite mirror technology
Author(s): James P. Gormican; Shel Kulick; Eldon P. Kasl; Laura B. Abplanalp
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Fabrication and characterization of a micromachined deformable mirror for adaptive optics applications
Author(s): Linda M. Miller; Michael L. Agronin; Randall K. Bartman; William J. Kaiser; Thomas W. Kenny; Robert L. Norton; Erika C. Vote
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Diffractive errors in segmented adaptive optics
Author(s): S. Enguehard; Brian Hatfield
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Optical design of an UV camera for a Ritchey-Chretien space telescope
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Renato Falomo; G. Corrain
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Optical design of two-mirror widefield cameras for large telescopes
Author(s): Paul G. Hannan; Mark E. Wilson
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Image reconstruction and deconvolution techniques applied to ASCA data
Author(s): Lalit Jalota; Eric V. Gotthelf; Saeid Zoonematkermani
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Coded mask telescope with a germanium array detector
Author(s): Gerald K. Skinner; John R. H. Herring; R. L. Balthazor
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Ultraviolet and VUV sources for in-flight calibration of space experiments
Author(s): Molly Lawson Morrow; William H. Morrow; Lawrence N. Majorana
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Conceptual design for a second generation space telescope
Author(s): John F. Bolton
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Robotic telescope systems for CCD photometry of faint objects in crowded fields
Author(s): John E. F. Baruch; Janice Da Luz Vieira
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Echelle class spectroscopy with a single holographic grating
Author(s): James C. Green; Scott P. Sarlin; Webster C. Cash
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Spectrally selective surfaces for ground and space-based instrumentation: support for a resource base
Author(s): Susan H. C. P. McCall; R. Lawrence Sinclair; Stephen M. Pompea; Robert P. Breault
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Space-based CCD experiment for high-precision astrometry
Author(s): Stuart B. Shaklan; Steven H. Pravdo
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