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Recent Advances in Sensors, Radiometric Calibration, and Processing of Remotely Sensed Data
Editor(s): Pat S. Chavez Jr.; Robert A. Schowengerdt

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Volume Number: 1938
Date Published: 15 November 1993

Table of Contents
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In-flight calibration of shortwave active cavity radiometers: approach and results
Author(s): Robert S. Wilson; William C. Bolden; Michael Alan Gibson; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Jack Paden; Dhirendra K. Pandey; Susan Thomas
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Uncertainty analysis for the ERBE active cavity radiometers
Author(s): Kory J. Priestley; J. Robert Mahan; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Robert J. Keynton
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Validation tool for the earth radiation budget experiment (ERBE) nonscanner data product
Author(s): William C. Bolden; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Jack Paden; Dhirendra K. Pandey; Robert S. Wilson
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Optimization of the GOES-I Imager's radiometric accuracy: drift and 1/f noise suppression
Author(s): James C. Bremer; Gustave J. Comeyne III
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Comparison of MSS relative radiometric calibration methods
Author(s): Dennis L. Helder
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Calibration of the visible and near-infrared channels of the advanced very high resolution radiometer (AVHRR) after launch
Author(s): C. R. Nagaraja Rao; Jianhua Chen
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SPOT multitemporal calibration over stable desert areas
Author(s): Patrice J. Henry; Magdeleine C. Dinguirard; Madeleine Bodilis
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NOAA-11 channels 1 and 2 calibration in the SPACE software
Author(s): Richard P. Santer; J. C. Roger
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Definition of the calibration requirements for an imaging spectrometer system
Author(s): Eon O'Mongain; Sean Danaher; D. Buckton; Jean-Loup Bezy
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Modeling Spectralon's bidirectional reflectance for in-flight calibration of Earth-orbiting sensors
Author(s): Stephane P. Flasse; Michel M. Verstraete; Bernard Pinty; Carol J. Bruegge
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Calibration of Thematic Mapper band 6 in the thermal infrared
Author(s): James M. Palmer
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Review of SPOT-1 and -2 calibrations at White Sands from launch to the present
Author(s): David I. Gellman; Stuart F. Biggar; Magdeleine C. Dinguirard; Patrice J. Henry; M. Susan Moran; Kurtis J. Thome; Philip N. Slater
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In-flight radiometric calibration of Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper from 1984 to the present
Author(s): Kurtis J. Thome; David I. Gellman; Robert John Parada Jr.; Stuart F. Biggar; Philip N. Slater; M. Susan Moran
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Calibration of the TAUVEX UV imager
Author(s): Ofer Braun; Jeremy M. Topaz; Noah Brosch
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Wide-Field Planetary Camera 2 calibration system configuration and performance characterization
Author(s): Lawrence N. Majorana; Suzanne Terese Smith
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Emissive reference spheres as absolute calibration sources for an orbiting LWIR sensor
Author(s): Eric C. Kintner; Richard B. Sohn
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Infrared radiance comparator
Author(s): Alain Janest; Georges Negro; Marcel Fanjeaux
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In-band noise estimate from power spectrum of focal plane arrays
Author(s): Uma S. Jha
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Wigner distribution in the Doppler rate estimation of SAR signals
Author(s): Nicola Veneziani; R. Albrizio; Francesco Posa; R. Sergi
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Characterization of desert areas with Meteosat-4 data for the calibration of optical satellite sensors
Author(s): Helene Cosnefroy; Xavier Briottet; Marc Leroy
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Consistency of the earth's outgoing radiation based on remotely sensed active cavity radiometric data from the Earth Radiation Budget Satellite
Author(s): Jack Paden; Dhirendra K. Pandey; Robert Benjamin Lee III; William C. Bolden; Robert S. Wilson
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Effect of spatial resolution on cloud area retrievals: a comparison of results derived from the airborne visible/infrared imaging spectrometer (AVIRIS) and the thermal infrared multispectral scanner
Author(s): Rand E. Feind; Ronald M. Welch
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Influence of irradiance on bidirectional reflectance factor measurements
Author(s): Pedro Neves da Silva Filho; Jose Carlos Nev Epiphanio
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Radiometric models of rough water surface for real-time measurements of IR and millimeter waves
Author(s): Yuri A. Pirogov; Valeri V. Gladun; Anna A. Engalicheva; Sergei A. Mel'nikov
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Synthesis of high spatial and spectral resolution imagery from multiple image sources
Author(s): Daniel P. Filiberti; Robert A. Schowengerdt; Stuart E. Marsh
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Generation of synthetic images for the alleviation of radiometric influences induced by the topography
Author(s): Mihai P. Datcu; Francesco Holecz
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General common database structure for generating synthetic imagery
Author(s): Walter H. Delashmit; Phillip J. Thompson
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Computer simulation of a small satellite sensor for forestry applications
Author(s): Marie-Jose Montpetit; Perdeep Kumar Bharadwaj
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Use of LOWTRAN-derived atmospheric parameters in synthetic image generation models
Author(s): Carl Salvaggio; Joseph D. Sirianni; John R. Schott
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WinRAD TM: a radiometric modeling program for sensor performance analysis
Author(s): David P. Rosten
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Development of a signature supercode
Author(s): Keith R. Johnson; Allen R. Curran; Teresa G. Gonda
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Background clutter models for scene simulation
Author(s): J. Michael Cathcart; Nickolas L. Faust; Albert D. Sheffer Jr.; Leonard J. Rodriguez
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Ocean background model for scene simulation
Author(s): Albert D. Sheffer Jr.; J. Michael Cathcart; John M. Stewart
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Various FLIR sensor effects applied to synthetic thermal imagery
Author(s): Gertrude H. Kornfeld; Joseph A. Penn
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Software framework for an application-driven interactive parallel image processing and display system (PIPADS)
Author(s): David Keightley; Simon Kravis; John Lilleyman; Kenneth Tsui; Kevin W. Moore
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Visual simulation of digital atmospheric data
Author(s): Bruce C. Montag
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DataHub: knowledge-based science data management for exploratory data analysis
Author(s): Thomas H. Handley Jr.; Mark R. Rubin; Y. Philip Li
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Investigation of interpretation possibilities of spectral high-dimensional measurements by means of principal component analysis: a concept for physical interpretation of those measurements
Author(s): Harald Krawczyk; Andreas Neumann; Thomas Walzel; Gerhard Zimmermann
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Geometrical registration of remotely sensed images with the use of the wavelet transform
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Djamdji; Albert Bijaoui; Roger Maniere
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Efficient edge detection by scale adaptation and recursive half-space filtering
Author(s): Melba M. Crawford; Pui Fun Lau
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Data visualization techniques for hyperdimensional data
Author(s): Jay W. Feuquay
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ATLAS multispectral sensor calibration and flight test results
Author(s): Anthony V. DaMommio; Shihjong Kuo
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