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Applied Laser Radar Technology
Editor(s): Gary W. Kamerman; William E. Keicher

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Volume Number: 1936
Date Published: 15 October 1993

Table of Contents
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Development of a practical scanning laser radar for robotic bin picking
Author(s): Gary D. Johnson; Bruce D. Gretz
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Nonscanned ladar imaging and applications
Author(s): John P. Anthes; Philip Garcia; Joe T. Pierce; Paul V. Dressendorfer
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Characterization of a scannerless ladar system
Author(s): Philip Garcia; John P. Anthes; Joe T. Pierce; Paul V. Dressendorfer; Issac K. Evans; Bart D. Bradley; John T. Sackos; M. M. LeCavalier
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Low-cost aircraft collision-avoidance system
Author(s): Herbert L. Richard
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In-bore chronograph--a laser radar for interior ballistics measurements, part 1: system design
Author(s): Greg Lawson; Stuart R. Fowler; Howard W. Halsey; Kerry B. Whittle; Gary W. Kamerman
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Ladar measurements of satellite vibrations with post-heterodyne detection autodyne receivers
Author(s): Kenneth I. Schultz; J. A. Daley; D. G. Kocher; James M Spinks; Joseph R. Theriault; Shalom Fisher; Lawrence W. Taylor Jr.
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Simulation and experimental verification of a low-cost pseudo-noise modulated optical radar
Author(s): Ruediger Klein; Jiangming Li; Bernhard O. Bundschuh; Rudolf Schwarte
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Spectrogram processing of laser vibration data
Author(s): Alan L. Kachelmyer; Kenneth I. Schultz
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Estimation of target vibration spectra from laser radar backscatter using time-frequency distributions
Author(s): Timothy D. Cole; Ashruf S. El-Dinary
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Use of an acousto-optic signal processor with laser velocimeters and radars
Author(s): Greg Lawson
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Fusion of ladar and SAR for terminal guidance
Author(s): Daniel H. Cress; Gary A. Mastin
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Dynamic speckle bandwidth and characterization of vibration frequency and amplitude using a CO2 laser vibrometer
Author(s): Richard S. Eng; Charles A. Freed; Charles L. Summers
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Analysis of heterodyne efficiency for coherent laser radars
Author(s): Stuart R. Fowler; Gary W. Kamerman; Greg Lawson
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Overview of CREOL programs in laser radar
Author(s): C. Martin Stickley
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Heterodyne laser radar array receivers for the mitigation of target-induced speckle
Author(s): Philip Gatt; Wilson P. Perez; Dean Anthony Heimmermann; C. Martin Stickley
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Laser radar spectrum of a rotating random rough surface
Author(s): Philip Gatt; Thomas P. Costello; Chie L. Vogt; C. Martin Stickley
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Lidar detection of levitated lunar dust
Author(s): Daniel L. Murphy; James G. Hawley
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Recent modifications and measurements with a ground-based lidar system
Author(s): David C. Woods; David M. Winker; Otto Youngbluth Jr.; Mary T. Osborn; Robert J. DeCoursey
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Wavelength-stabilized laser diode injection-seeding of an alexandrite laser for airborne water vapor DIAL measurements
Author(s): Thomas H. Chyba; Patrick L. Ponsardin; N. Scott Higdon; Edward V. Browell
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Development and testing of a backscatter absorption gas imaging (BAGI) system capable of imaging at a range of 300 m
Author(s): Thomas J. Kulp; Randall B. Kennedy; Michael L. DeLong; Darrel G. Garvis; Joe Stahovec
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Airborne lidar remote sensing of vertical distribution of sea water scattering coefficient
Author(s): Alexander P. Vasilkov; Yuri A. Goldin; Boris A. Gureev
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Investigation of marine aerosol with multifrequency lidar
Author(s): Andrzej Zielinski; Jacek Piskozub; Miroslaw Irczuk; Tymon Zielinski
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Multifrequency lidar in atmospheric studies: solution of the inverse problem for two models of marine aerosol
Author(s): Jacek Piskozub
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