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Passive Infrared Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere
Editor(s): David K. Lynch

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Volume Number: 1934
Date Published: 15 September 1993

Table of Contents
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Remote sensing of cloud for defense and climate studies: an overview
Author(s): Ronald G. Isaacs
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Development of a cloud-layer detection algorithm for the clouds from AVHRR (CLAVR) Phase II code
Author(s): Paul A. Davis; Larry L. Stowe; E. Paul McClain
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Cloud type discrimination via multispectral textural analysis
Author(s): Niloufar Lamei; Melba M. Crawford; Keith D. Hutchison; Nahid Khazenie
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Validation of infrared cloud detection algorithms developed for TACNEPH
Author(s): Gary B. Gustafson; Ronald G. Isaacs; Jeanne M. Sparrow; James T. Bunting; Robert P. d'Entremont
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Comparative studies with TOVS data of synoptic situations over Europe
Author(s): K. Dieter Klaes
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Shortwave radiation budget at the boundaries of the earth-atmosphere system derived from satellite data
Author(s): Rolf Stuhlmann; Martin Rieland
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Detection of clouds and their influence on radiation budget determined by multisensor satellite data
Author(s): Franz H. Berger; Ute Karstens
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Cloud detection and classification for earth radiation budget experiments
Author(s): Claudia J. Stubenrauch; Genevieve M. Seze; Noelle A. Scott; Alain Chedin; Michel Desbois; Robert S. Kandel
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Solar ground calibration of ScaRaB: preliminary results
Author(s): Johannes Mueller; Rolf Stuhlmann; Ehrhard Raschke; Jean-Louis Monge; Robert S. Kandel; Peter Burkert; Leonid Afanassiev Pakhomov
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Dynamic electrothermal model of the ERBE nonscanning channels
Author(s): Martial P.A. Haeffelin; J. Robert Mahan; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Robert J. Keynton
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High-order end-to-end model for the ERBE scanning thermistor bolometer radiometers
Author(s): Martial P.A. Haeffelin; J. Robert Mahan; Nour E. Tira; Jeffrey L. Meekins; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Robert J. Keynton
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Detection and analysis of cirrus clouds using passive infrared satellite data
Author(s): Robert P. d'Entremont
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Retrieval of cirrus radiative and spatial properties using coincident AVHRR and HIRS satellite data
Author(s): Robert P. d'Entremont; Donald P. Wylie; Daniel C. Peduzzi; Joseph Doherty
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Trends in global cirrus inferred from three years of HIRS data
Author(s): Donald P. Wylie; W. Paul Menzel
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Cirrus characteristics derived from aircraft measurements at 18-28 um during FIRE II
Author(s): Michael K. Griffin
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Remote sensing of cirrus cloud parameters using AVHRR data
Author(s): Steve Ou; Kuo-Nan Liou; N. Rao; W. Gooch; Yoshihide Takano
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Review of subvisual cirrus morphology
Author(s): Eric O. Schmidt; Jose M. Alvarez; Mark A. Vaughan; Donald P. Wylie
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Identification of optically thin cirrus clouds by automated classification algorithms using nighttime multispectral multisensor meteorological satellite data
Author(s): Keith D. Hutchison; Jerry Mack; Greg Logan; Kenneth R. Hardy; Steven D. Westerman
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Selection of a 1.3758-um channel for remote sensing of cirrus clouds and stratospheric aerosols from EOS/MODIS
Author(s): Bo-Cai Gao; Yoram J. Kaufman
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Impact of cirrus clouds on remote sensing of surface temperatures
Author(s): William M. Cornette; Joseph G. Shanks
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Subvisual cirrus: what it is and where you find it
Author(s): David K. Lynch
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Optical design of the Michelson interferometer for passive atmospheric sounding
Author(s): Peter de Zoeten; Ralf Maurer; Reinhard A. Birkl
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Michelson interferometer for passive atmospheric sounding (MIPAS): a high-resolution limb sounder for the European Polar Platform
Author(s): Martin J. Endemann; Guenter Lange; B. Fladt
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Requirements for remote sensing with DMSP Block 6
Author(s): David L. Glackin
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Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroradiometer measurement of cloud radiative and microphysical properties
Author(s): Dan Lubin; Catherine H. Gautier
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Bispectral and brightness temperature difference analysis of 1991 FIRE cirrus IFO satellite data
Author(s): Eric O. Schmidt; Robert F. Arduini; Bruce A. Wielicki; Bryan A. Baum
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Retrieval of cloud parameters by multiple observations in the near-infrared under conditions of varying solar illumination
Author(s): Thomas J. Kleespies
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Detection of polar stratospheric clouds from NOAA-HIRS data: a case study
Author(s): Peter Wendling; Ralf Meerkoetter; R. Buell
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Cloud droplet/particle sizes obtained from emitted radiances
Author(s): Xijian Lin
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Infrared radiative characteristics of water clouds
Author(s): Eric P. Shettle; Petr Chylek; Peter Damiano
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Multiple-scattering algorithm for use with line-by-line RTE models
Author(s): Steven A. Ackerman; Robert O. Knuteson
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Possibilities of using IR spectrometer data for sizing cirrus cloud particles
Author(s): Sergey Y. Matrosov; David K. Lynch; James H. Churnside
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New technique for operational passive remote sensing of tropospheric and stratospheric temperature and moisture
Author(s): Jinxue Wang; Paul B. Hays; S. Roland Drayson
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Effects of satellite spectral resolution and atmospheric water vapor on retrieval of near-ground temperatures
Author(s): Alan E. Lipton
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Influence of humidity profiles derived from GOES imagery in the Canadian forecast model
Author(s): Louis Garand; Jacques Halle
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Detection of aerosols from satellite observations in the infrared window region
Author(s): Steven A. Ackerman
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FTIR instrumentation for atmospheric observations
Author(s): Robert O. Knuteson; Henry E. Revercomb; Fred A. Best; William L. Smith
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Model calculations for the retrieval of aerosols from satellite and aircraft radiances
Author(s): George Daniel Hickman; C. Souders; Eric P. Shettle; Michael J. Duggin; J. A. Sweet
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Thin cirrus cloud detection: a preliminary study
Author(s): Maria Paz Ramos-Johnson; R. Gary Rasmussen
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