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Thermosense XV: An International Conference on Thermal Sensing and Imaging Diagnostic Applications
Editor(s): Lee R. Allen

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Volume Number: 1933
Date Published: 6 April 1993

Table of Contents
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Database system for managing thermography files of district heating networks
Author(s): Lasse Koskelainen
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Integration of infrared thermography into various maintenance methodologies
Author(s): William T. Morgan
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Increasing maintainability and operability of emergency diesel generators with thermographic inspections
Author(s): Richard Norman Wurzbach; Jeffrey E. Hart
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Using thermography to detect and measure wall thinning
Author(s): Al N. Linkous; Bill McKnight
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Essential goals and elements for EPRI's infrared technical evaluation (IRITE) project
Author(s): Ronald D. Lucier; Robert G. Hammaker; Avtar Singh
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Masonry building envelope analysis
Author(s): Phillip C. McMullan
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Infrared thermography for assessing the quality of waterproofing of bridges under construction
Author(s): Harri I. Kaasinen
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Use of thermography to register air temperatures in cross sections of rooms and to visualize the airflow from air-supply diffusers
Author(s): Jorgen Sundberg
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Impact of aerial infrared roof moisture scans on the U.S. Army's ROOFER program
Author(s): Al Knehans; Jim Ledford
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Adaptive control of arc welding using infrared sensing
Author(s): Suresh Raghavan; H. C. Wikle III; Bryan A. Chin
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Infrared sensor-based on-line weld penetration control
Author(s): Probal Banerjee; Bryan A. Chin
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Adaptive penetration control using infrared measured temperature gradients
Author(s): Subodh M. Govardhan; Bryan A. Chin
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Applications of aerial thermography in peat production in Finland
Author(s): Matti Tervo; Eino Kiukaanniemi; Timo T. Kauppinen
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Inversion of pulse-echo thermalwave images
Author(s): Lawrence D. Favro; D. J. Crowther; Pao-Kuang Kuo; Robert L. Thomas
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Comparison of scanning and focal-plane-array cameras for IR thermal wave imaging
Author(s): Steven M. Shepard; Tasdiq Ahmed; Lawrence D. Favro; Robert L. Thomas; Pao-Kuang Kuo
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Time-resolved infrared radiometry (TRIR) using a focal-plane array for characterization of hidden corrosion
Author(s): Jane W. Maclachlan Spicer; W. D. Kerns; Leonard C. Aamodt; Robert Osiander; John C. Murphy
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Corrosion detection in aircraft skin
Author(s): Hazari I. Syed; K. Elliott Cramer
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Adaptive thermal tomography algorithm
Author(s): Vladimir P. Vavilov; Xavier P. Maldague; B. Dufort; A. I. Ivanov
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Infrared thermographic inspection of superplastically formed/diffusion-bonded titanium structures
Author(s): Duane A. Theilen; Richard J. Christofersen; B. G. Dods; David C. Emahiser; B. H. Robles
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Evaluation of a prototype thermal wave imaging system for nondestructive evaluation of composite and aluminum aerospace structures
Author(s): John J. Selman; J. Ted Miller
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Quantitative thermal depth imaging of subsurface damage in insulating materials
Author(s): K. Elliott Cramer; Patricia A. Howell; William P. Winfree
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Large-area thermographic inspection of GRP composite marine vessel hulls
Author(s): Thomas S. Jones; Harold Berger; Elizabeth Weaver
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Active thermal testing of moisture in bricks
Author(s): Paolo Giulio Bison; Chiara Bressan; Ermanno G. Grinzato; Sergio Marinetti; Vladimir P. Vavilov
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Remote sensing study of detecting of flaws in structural material
Author(s): Yoshizo Okamoto; Fumito Kaminaga; Terumi Inagaki; Tatsuya Numao; Kimio Fukuzawa; Hiroya Ichikawa
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Pulsed thermal nondestructive testing of layered materials
Author(s): O. Yu. Troitsky
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Reconstruction of laser radiation intensity distribution from temperature along target surface
Author(s): Valerii P. Aksenov; Yusup N. Isaev
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Infrared system for methanol droplet temperature measurement
Author(s): Leonard Nana; Jean A. Farre; Andre Giovannini; Nicolas Naudin
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Nondestructive remote sensing of hazardous waste sites
Author(s): Gary J. Weil; Richard J. Graf; Leann M. Forister
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Thermographic techniques for arc-jet testing
Author(s): Susan White; Douglas D. Burleigh
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Characterization of electromagnetic fields using a lock-in infrared thermographic system
Author(s): Daniel L. Balageas; Patrick Levesque; Alain A. Deom
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Thermal images of magnetic fields near conductive surfaces
Author(s): Amir H. Matini Kashini; John D. Norgard; Ronald M. Sega; Bob Ayres; Michael G. Harrison; Richard Komar; Hugh Pohle; William F. Prather; Mark Smith
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Thermal imaging and paper-finishing machines
Author(s): Jari-Matti Karjanmaa
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ASNT Thermal/Infrared Handbook: a new resource for testing service providers
Author(s): Russell T. Mack
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Verification of plugged nozzles in reactor-building spray systems
Author(s): Lamont Carter
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ASNT thermographer certification update
Author(s): George S. Baird
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