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Active and Adaptive Optical Components and Systems II
Editor(s): Mark A. Ealey

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Volume Number: 1920
Date Published: 25 August 1993

Table of Contents
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Performance scaling laws for adaptive optics systems
Author(s): Larry E. Goad
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Multiple laser beam combining and phasing using closed-loop control
Author(s): Daniel R. Neal; Tony G. Smith; G. Richard Eisler; J. L. Wilcoxen; R. R. Rosenthal
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Wavefront correction system based on an equilateral triangular arrangement of actuators
Author(s): J. Thaddeus Salmon; John W. Bergum; Michael W. Kartz; Robert W. Presta; Charles D. Swift
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Adaptive optics: choices and optimization
Author(s): Jean-Paul Gaffard; Patrick Gosselin; Guy Ledanois
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Recent results for visible Rayleigh guide-star atmospheric experiments
Author(s): David G. Sandler; Edward Louis Cuellar; Michael J. LeFebvre; Todd K. Barrett; Robert L. Arnold; Steven M. Stahl
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Laser guide-star measurements at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Author(s): Herbert W. Friedman; Kenneth Avicola; Horst D. Bissinger; James M. Brase; John Duff; Donald T. Gavel; James Horton; Claire E. Max; Scot S. Olivier; David A. Rapp; J. Thaddeus Salmon; David A. Smauley; Kenneth E. Waltjen
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Adaptive optics image compensation experiment for star objects
Author(s): Wenhan Jiang; Mingquan Li; Guomao Tang; N. Ling; M. Li; Dengfeng Zheng
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Dynamics of deformable mirror actuators
Author(s): Wayland Clinton Marlow
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Objective comparisons between stacked array mirrors and bimorph mirrors
Author(s): Patrick Gosselin; Pascal Jagourel; Jacques Peysson
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Low-voltage SELECT deformable mirrors
Author(s): Mark A. Ealey
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Cooled deformable mirror for the ALPHA-LAMP integration experiment
Author(s): Robert L. Lillard; H. A. Heynau
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Deformable mirrors for astronomy
Author(s): Edward J. Kibblewhite; Michael F. Smutko; Mark Richard Chun
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X-ray adaptive mirror: principle and state of the art
Author(s): Jean-Paul Gaffard; R. Ravelet; Corinne Boyer
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Fast steering mirror performance measurements
Author(s): David L. Kaplan
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Large optical system design integrating active optical and structural control
Author(s): David Arthur Crowe; Frank M. Giglio
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Two-axis beam-steering systems: TABS
Author(s): Jean I. Montagu
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High-performance reactionless scan mechanism
Author(s): Miroslaw A. Ostaszewski; Richard T. Summers
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Comparison approach for wavefront sensors
Author(s): Bruce A. Horwitz
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Development of adaptive optical segments with integrated wavefront sensing
Author(s): Steven C. Fawcett
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256-channel digital wavefront reconstructor
Author(s): William C. Hull; Richard B. Dunn; M. Small
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Architecture of a multiprocessor system for Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor
Author(s): Lingtao Jiang; Zhijun Rong; Chenhong Wang
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Wide-angle conformal IR transceiver
Author(s): Till Wolfgang Liepmann; Michael R. Randall; Alan R. Shapiro
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Adaptive nonlinear control systems for atmospheric correction
Author(s): Allan Wirth; Andrew J. Jankevics; Sol W. Gully; Michael Athans; James Huang
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Laboratory tests of the wavefront control experiment
Author(s): Walter J. Wild; Barbara Carter; Edward J. Kibblewhite
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Noise analysis of interferometric piston phasing for adaptive optics with dilute pupil telescopes
Author(s): Richard G. Dekany; Michael Lloyd-Hart; David G. Sandler; James Roger P. Angel
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Development of the second generation Wide-Field Planetary Camera for Hubble Space Telescope service mission
Author(s): David H. Rodgers; Arthur H. Vaughan
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Engineering model development and test results
Author(s): John A. Wellman
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Articulating fold mirror for the Wide-Field/Planetary Camera II
Author(s): James L. Fanson; Mark A. Ealey
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Structural considerations for the Wide-Field/Planetary Camera II articulating fold mirror
Author(s): Paul D. MacNeal; Robert Bamford; John A. Wellman
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Applying Hartmann wavefront-sensing technology to precision optical testing of the HST correctors
Author(s): Theresa L. Bruno; Allan Wirth; Andrew J. Jankevics
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Diffraction-limited K-band imaging at the Multiple Mirror Telescope with adaptive optics
Author(s): Michael Lloyd-Hart; D'nardo Colucci; David M. Wittman; Brian A. McLeod; A. Ghez; Donald W. McCarthy Jr.; Richard G. Dekany; James Roger P. Angel
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Solar imaging at National Solar Observatory using a segmented adaptive optics system
Author(s): D. Scott Acton; Richard B. Dunn
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Infrared imaging using a tip-tilt secondary mirror
Author(s): Laird Miller Close; Donald W. McCarthy Jr.
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Canada-France-Hawaii telescope adaptive optics instrument adaptor
Author(s): Robin Arsenault; Derrick A. Salmon; Francois J. Rigaut; Guy J. Monnet; John M. Kerr; Jerry Sovka
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Results of adaptive optics at Mt. Wilson Observatory
Author(s): J. C. Shelton; Sallie L. Baliunas
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Characteristics of a ground-based adaptive telescope
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin
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History of Adaptive Optics Development at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Author(s): Darryl P. Greenwood; C. A. Primmerman
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