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Smart Structures and Materials 1993: Smart Sensing, Processing, and Instrumentation
Editor(s): Richard O. Claus

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Volume Number: 1918
Date Published: 12 July 1993

Table of Contents
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Active evanescent coupler for smart processing
Author(s): Robert E. Morgan; Sandy L. Ehlers; Judith M. Mackenzie; Katharine J. Jones
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In-situ sensory technique for in-service quality monitoring: measurement of the complex Young's modulus of polymers
Author(s): Shunhua Zhou; Chen Liang; Craig A. Rogers; Fanping P. Sun; L. Vick
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Miniaturized power converters for smart-structure applications
Author(s): Douglas K. Lindner; Wojciech A. Tabisz
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Rare-earth iron-compound (Terfenol)-based optical phase modulator/magnetometer for use in fiber optic smart-structure sensors
Author(s): Venkatapura S. Sudarshanam; K. D. Kamdar; Richard O. Claus
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Surface-mounted sensors for gas turbine research and development
Author(s): Peter Loftus; Richard Shepherd; Keith Stringfellow
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Survivability of optical fiber sensor elements embedded in silicon carbide ceramic matrix composites
Author(s): Marten J. de Vries; Manish H. Nasta; Jay S. Patel; K. D. Kamdar; Richard A. Lowden; D. Stinton; Stephen W. Allison; Jeffrey D. Muhs; Richard O. Claus
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Manufacturing studies of fiber optic embedment in polymer-matrix composites
Author(s): A. Peter Jardine; John S. Madsen; Thomas M. Donnellan; Raymond J. Meilunas; A. G. Tobin
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Sapphire-optical-fiber-based interferometric sensors for high-temperature environmental applications
Author(s): Anbo Wang; Sridhar Gollapudi; Russell G. May; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Conformal acoustic waveguide sensor development
Author(s): Jeffrey N. Schoess; J. David Zook
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Applicability of fiber optic sensors to the detection of surface acoustic waves on metals
Author(s): Derek J. Glennie; A. Tino Alavie; Kexing Liu; Raymond M. Measures
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Optical fiber sensors for measurement of strain and acoustic waves
Author(s): Kent A. Murphy; Michael F. Gunther; Richard O. Claus; Tuan A. Tran; Mark S. Miller
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Methods for integrating optical fibers with advanced aerospace materials
Author(s): Stephen H. Poland; Russell G. May; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus; Tuan A. Tran; Mark S. Miller
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Neural network/expert system-hybrid which identifies untrained damage
Author(s): Solomon Henry Simon
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Metal-coated optical fiber damage sensors
Author(s): Chia-Chen Chang; James S. Sirkis
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Simultaneous single-fiber active vibration sensing and impact detection for large space structures
Author(s): Peter L. Fuhr
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Detection of the onset of damage using an extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric strain sensor (EFPI-SS)
Author(s): Clare A. Paul; George P. Sendeckyj; Gregory Paul Carman
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Parallel multiplexing and demodulation of fiber optic strain gauges
Author(s): T. G. Beck Mason; Tomas Valis; W. Dayle Hogg
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Interferometric optical sensor readout system
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Andrews; Joseph A. McClintock
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Two-sensor multiplexing in a split-cavity cross-coupled extrinsic fiber interferometer
Author(s): Venkatapura S. Sudarshanam; Rajat R. Dhawan; Tuan A. Tran; Mary K. Burford; Richard O. Claus
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Frequency-multiplexed multiple-beam optical position detector using phase detection
Author(s): Chellappan Narayannan; A. Bruce Buckman; Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac; Michael F. Becker; Robert W. Bene; Rodger M. Walser
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Micromechanical considerations for embedded single-ended sensors
Author(s): Michel LeBlanc; Raymond M. Measures
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Effect of coating characteristics on strain transfer in embedded fiber optic sensors
Author(s): John S. Madsen; A. Peter Jardine; Raymond J. Meilunas; A. G. Tobin; Eugene Pak
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Static-strain sensitivity optimization of fiber optic extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric strain gauge
Author(s): Gregory M. Nau; Venkatapura S. Sudarshanam; Richard O. Claus
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Smart-structure interface issues and their resolution: Bragg grating laser sensors and the `optical synapse'
Author(s): Raymond M. Measures; A. Tino Alavie; Shawn E. Karr; Trenton G. Coroy
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Study of smart-sensing elements in a dynamic stress field
Author(s): John R. Mannas; Shiv P. Joshi
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Axial strain sensitivity of single-mode optical fibers (exact solution)
Author(s): Claudio Oliveira Egalon; Robert S. Rogowski
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Neural network damage detection in a bridge element
Author(s): William B. Spillman Jr.; Dryver R. Huston; Peter L. Fuhr; Jeffrey R. Lord
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Application of Hadamard transform to fiber optic smart-skin sensing
Author(s): Francis T. S. Yu; Shizhuo Yin; Paul B. Ruffin
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Fiber laser sensor array
Author(s): A. Tino Alavie; Shawn E. Karr; Andreas Othonos; Raymond M. Measures
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Spatially weighted optical fiber sensors for structural acoustic analysis
Author(s): Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus; Mark S. Miller; Jonathan A. Greene; Tuan A. Tran
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Direct static-strain measurement utilizing signal fading and spectrum analysis in a fiber optic interferometric sensor
Author(s): Venkatapura S. Sudarshanam; Richard O. Claus
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Smart-skin structures for identifying and locating laser irradiation
Author(s): Peter C. LaDelfe; Roy M. Goeller; Hugh S. Murray
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Investigation of photoconductive silicon as a reconfigurable antenna
Author(s): Rosemary N. Edwards; William C. Nunnally; William D. Dickson; Bryan C. Miller; L. Keith Robinette
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Detection of stress relaxation in wound fiber packs using a fiber optic interferometric strain sensor
Author(s): Sherrie Jones; Paul B. Ruffin; Mike D. Parker
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Distributed electrical time domain reflectometry (ETDR) structural sensors: design models and proof-of-concept experiments
Author(s): Jeffrey Allen Stastny; Craig A. Rogers; Chen Liang
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Development of an optical fiber time-domain sensor for monitoring static and fatigue strains in composite laminates
Author(s): Gershon Yaniv; Bernd D. Zimmermann; Ken-An Lou
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Performance of extrinsic Fabry-Perot optical fiber strain sensors in the presence of cyclic loads
Author(s): Peter Shyprykevich; Brian R. Fogg; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Magnetic activation of embedded sensory particles in active tagging interrogation of adhesive bonding
Author(s): Fanping P. Sun; Chen Liang; Craig A. Rogers; L. Vick
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Intelligent civil structures efforts in Vermont: an overview
Author(s): Peter L. Fuhr; Dryver R. Huston
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Experimental results on embedded optical fiber sensors in concrete
Author(s): Alexis Mendez; Theodore F. Morse; Lawrence J. Reinhart
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Experimental study of embedded fiber optic strain gages in concrete structures
Author(s): Sami F. Masri; M. Mustafa; Marten J. de Vries; Richard O. Claus
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Prefabricated sensor panels for smart-civil-structures instrumentation
Author(s): Peter L. Fuhr; Dryver R. Huston; Timothy P. Ambrose
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Application of a radial basis function neural network to sensor design
Author(s): Ryszard M. Lec; Mohamad T. Musavi; H. P. Pendse; Wahid Ahmed
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Development of a fiber optic interferometer demodulation/multiplexing system using an active 1 x 10 photonic polarization-preserving fiber coupler
Author(s): John M. Haake; Russell T. Fairles
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Fiber optic distributed temperature sensor using Raman backscattering
Author(s): Juock S. Namkung; Carl W. Aude; Arnel C. Lavarias; Robert S. Rogowski; Michael L. Hoke
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Instrumentation architecture development for smart structures
Author(s): William B. Spillman Jr.
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