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Human Vision, Visual Processing, and Digital Display IV

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Volume Number: 1913
Date Published: 8 September 1993

Table of Contents
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Spatiotemporal model for the contrast sensitivity of the human eye and its temporal aspects
Author(s): Peter G. J. Barten
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Objective video quality assessment system based on human perception
Author(s): Arthur A. Webster; Coleen T. Jones; Margaret H. Pinson; Stephen D. Voran; Stephen Wolf
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Automated image quality assessment
Author(s): Ian R. L. Davies; Dave Rose; R. Smith
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Visual relevance of display image quality testing by photometric methods
Author(s): Boerje Andren; Magnus Breidne; L. A. Hansson; Bo Persson
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Physiological model of motion analysis for machine vision
Author(s): Richard A. Young; Ronald M. Lesperance
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Physiological model of orientation sensitivity in the visual cortex and its use for image processing
Author(s): Ilya A. Rybak; Lubov N. Podladchikova; N. A. Schevtsova
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Faster flicker rate increases reading speed on CRTs
Author(s): Bruce Bridgeman; Michael Montegut
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Temporal frequency discrimination of moving stimuli
Author(s): Wa James Tam; Lew B. Stelmach; Paul J. Hearty
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Study of the effectiveness of stereo imaging with applications in mammography
Author(s): J. Hsu; C. F. Babbs; David M. Chelberg; Zygmunt Pizlo; Edward J. Delp
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Perceptual coding of images
Author(s): Nikil S. Jayant; James D. Johnston; Robert J. Safranek
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Experimental evaluation of psychophysical distortion metrics for JPEG-encoded images
Author(s): Daniel R. Fuhrmann; John A. Baro; Jerome R. Cox Jr.
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Improved detection model for DCT coefficient quantization
Author(s): Heidi A. Peterson; Albert J. Ahumada Jr.; Andrew B. Watson
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DCT quantization matrices visually optimized for individual images
Author(s): Andrew B. Watson
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Interactive selection of JPEG quantization tables for digital x-ray image compression
Author(s): Lewis E. Berman; Babak Nouri; Gautam Roy; Leif Neve
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DCT image fidelity metric and its application to a text-based scheme for image display
Author(s): D. Amnon Silverstein; Stanley A. Klein
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Visual detection of sampling and quantization artifacts on sinusoidal luminance gradients
Author(s): Adar Pelah; Fergus W. Campbell
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Spectral composition of alphanumerics and reading performance on CRT displays
Author(s): Harry Veron; Joe M. Kistner; Bethany L. Bearce
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Secondary quantization of color images for minimum visual distortion
Author(s): Kevin E. Spaulding; Lawrence A. Ray; James R. Sullivan
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Model-based color image quantization
Author(s): Thomas J. Flohr; Bernd W. Kolpatzik; Raja Balasubramanian; David A. Carrara; Charles A. Bouman; Jan P. Allebach
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Bayesian approach to inverse halftoning
Author(s): Susan M. Thornton; Robert L. Stevenson
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Lossy compression of palettized images
Author(s): Yung Chen; Heidi A. Peterson; Walter R. Bender
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Descreening linear and iterative filtering techniques
Author(s): Randy S. Kern; Thomas G. Stockham Jr.; David Strong
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Reconstruction of continuous tone images from their error-diffused halftone version
Author(s): Soren Hein; Avideh Zakhor
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Error diffusion: a theoretical view
Author(s): Keith T. Knox
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Void-and-cluster method for dither array generation
Author(s): Robert A. Ulichney
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Texture as information
Author(s): Kenneth R. Sloan; Dan Campbell
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Measurement of printer parameters for model-based halftoning
Author(s): Chen-Koung Dong; Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas; David L. Neuhoff
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Mean-preserving multilevel halftoning algorithm
Author(s): Rodney L. Miller; Craig Smith
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Halftone image quality analysis based on a human vision model
Author(s): Qian Lin
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Frequency-channel-based visual models as quantitative quality measures in halftoning
Author(s): Theophano Mitsa; Krishna L. Varkur; Jennifer R. Alford
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Optimal scanning filters using spectral reflectance information
Author(s): Michael J. Vrhel; H. Joel Trussell
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Producing colorimetric data from densitometric scans
Author(s): Michael A. Rodriguez; Thomas G. Stockham Jr.
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Device-independent color in PostScript
Author(s): Ronald S. Gentile
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Porting a calibrated color image across corporate boundaries
Author(s): Frederick C. Mintzer; Edward Pariser
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Unified model for human color perception and visual adaptation II
Author(s): S. Lee Guth
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Uniform color space as a function of spatial frequency
Author(s): Edward M. Granger
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Demultiplexing, orientation selectivity, and spatial filters in color vision
Author(s): Eugenio Martinez-Uriegas
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Color constancy: enhancing von Kries adaption via sensor transformations
Author(s): Graham D. Finlayson; Mark S. Drew; Brian V. Funt
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Can color-space transformation improve color computations other than von Kries?
Author(s): Michael H. Brill
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Color texture models for machine vision
Author(s): Raghava V. Kondepudy; Glenn Healey
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Combining multiple cues for texture edge localization
Author(s): Michael S. Landy
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Brightness and depth on the flat screen: cue conflict in simulator displays
Author(s): Geoffrey N. Hone; Ian R. L. Davies
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Perceptual transparency on color appearance of distant objects in the natural environment
Author(s): Tsutomu Shibata; Ronald C. Henry
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Quantifying the experience of color
Author(s): Uri Feldman; Nathaniel Jacobson; Walter R. Bender
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Behavioral model of visual perception and recognition
Author(s): Ilya A. Rybak; Alexander V. Golovan; Valentina I. Gusakova
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Evaluating the registration of multiparamater images
Author(s): Ronald M. Pickett; Haim Levkowitz; David L. Gonthier
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Bayes-optimal visualization of vector fields
Author(s): Robert W. Boesel; Yoram Bresler
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Parallel coordinates: survey of recent results
Author(s): Alfred Inselberg; Bernard Dimsdale; Avijit Chatterjee; Chao-Kuei Hung
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Data structures and perceptual structures
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz; Lloyd A. Treinish
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Top-down vision in humans and robots
Author(s): Lawrence W. Stark
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Methods for user-based reduction of model complexity for virtual planetary exploration
Author(s): Lewis E. Hitchner; Michael W. McGreevy
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