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Electroluminescent Materials, Devices, and Large-Screen Displays
Editor(s): Esther M. Conwell; Milan Stolka; M. Robert Miller

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Volume Number: 1910
Date Published: 27 August 1993

Table of Contents
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Electroluminescence from single layer molecularly doped polymer films
Author(s): G. E. Johnson; K. M. McGrane
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Recent progress and problems in high field electroluminescence of inorganic materials
Author(s): Hiroshi Kobayashi
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Organic electroluminescent devices with polymeric materials
Author(s): Junji Kido; Masafumi Kohda; Katsuro Okuyama; Katsutoshi Nagai; Yoshiyuki Okamoto
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Characteristics of blue organic electroluminescent devices with distyryl arylene derivatives
Author(s): H. Tokailin; Motoharu Matsuura; H. Higashi; C. Hosokawa; Tadashi Kusumoto
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Mechanisms of thin film color electroluminescence
Author(s): Regina Mueller-Mach; G. O. Mueller
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Electroluminescence devices with poly(paraphenylene) and derivatives as the active materials
Author(s): Guenther Leising; Gabriele Grem; Guenter Leditzky; Ullrich Scherf
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Novel characteristics of electroluminescent diodes utilizing poly(3-alkylthiophene)s and organic molecules
Author(s): Yutaka Ohmori; Masao Uchida; Chikayoshi Morishima; Akihiko Fujii; Katsumi Yoshino
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Electroluminescent devices made with conjugated polymers
Author(s): Neil C. Greenham; Richard H. Friend; Adam R. Brown; Donal D. C. Bradley; Karl Pichler; Paul L. Burn; Arno Kraft; Andrew B. Holmes
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Laser-induced generation and patterning of electrically conducting polymers
Author(s): Joachim Bargon; Reinhard R. Baumann
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Poly(p-phenyleneacetylene)-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Leland S. Swanson; F. Lu; Joseph Shinar; Yi Wei Ding; Thomas J. Barton
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Electroluminescence from multilayer conjugated polymer devices--spatial control of exciton formation and emission
Author(s): Neil C. Greenham; Adam R. Brown; Jeremy H. Burroughes; Donal D. C. Bradley; Richard H. Friend; Paul L. Burn; Arno Kraft; Andrew B. Holmes
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Photogenerated processes in poly(paraphenylene vinylene)s
Author(s): Lewis J. Rothberg; Julia W. P. Hsu; William P. Wilson; Thomas M. Jedju; Ming Yan; Bing R. Hsieh
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Space-resolved recombination electroluminescence in organic crystals
Author(s): Jan Kalinowski
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Optically detected magnetic resonance studies of pi-conjugated polymer-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Joseph Shinar; Leland S. Swanson
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Stabilization of polarons in conjugated polymers due to finite conjugation lengths
Author(s): Howard A. Mizes; Esther M. Conwell
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Intermediate polaron pairs formed in the process of charge carrier recombination in poly(p-phenylene vinylenes)
Author(s): Igor Sokolik; Frank E. Karasz; Evgenii L. Frankevich; Andrey A. Lymarev
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Significance of multilayer structures in organic thin-film electroluminescent devices
Author(s): Tetsuo Tsutsui; Ei-ichiro Aminaka; Yuji Hamada; Chihaya Adachi; Shogo Saito
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Directed beam emission from film edge in organic electroluminescent diode
Author(s): Masahiro Hiramoto; Jun-ichi Tani; Masaaki Yokoyama
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Characteristics of metal-poly(phenylene vinylene) interfaces
Author(s): Bing R. Hsieh; Y. Gao; Ken T. Park
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Novel prospects for electroluminescent displays
Author(s): Jacques I. Pankove
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Progress in organic multilayer electroluminescent devices
Author(s): Shogo Saito; Tetsuo Tsutsui; Masanao Era; Noriyuki Takada; Chihaya Adachi; Yuji Hamada; Takeo Wakimoto
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New light transducer using organic electroluminescent diode combined with photoresponsive amorphous silicon carbide
Author(s): Masahiro Hiramoto; Masaaki Yokoyama
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Electrochemical properties of the newly synthesized poly(ferrocenyl dialkylsilane) polymers
Author(s): My Tranh Nguyen; Arthur F. Diaz; Viacheslav V. Dement'ev; Hemant Sharma; Keith Pannell
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Derivation of large-screen display requirements
Author(s): Hugh C. Masterman; Roy R. Fray
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Exploration of three-dimensional computer graphics in cockpit avionics
Author(s): Peter W. Pruyn; Donald P. Greenberg
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Membrane-mirror light valve high-definition projection display
Author(s): Cardinal Warde; James E. Hubbard Jr.; George J. Genetti; Leslie Lerman; William K. Loizides
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Optics design for internal autoconverge in a single-lens light-valve projector
Author(s): Duane Haven
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Automatic geometry correction in a single-lens light valve projector
Author(s): Rodney James Kugizaki; Delmer Curtis; James Turner
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Simultaneous raster and calligraphic CRT projection system for flight simulation
Author(s): Thomas L. Martzall
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State of the art for large-area high-resolution gray-scale and full-color AC plasma flat panel displays
Author(s): Ray A. Stoller; Donald K. Wedding Sr.; Peter S. Friedman
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True-color picture element for large-screen display
Author(s): Peng Seng Toh; Chong Yong Lee
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Computer gratings display and applications
Author(s): Anand Krishna Asundi
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M3i MOSAIC system for large-area screen information displays
Author(s): Toby Gilsig
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Polygonal scanners for TV and HDTV laser projectors: spatial and temporal tolerances versus resolution
Author(s): Gerald F. Marshall; Gerald A. Rynkowski; Carlos Jose Lemos
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Structural basis for luminescence from poly(3-alkylthiophenes)
Author(s): Bai Xu; Steven Holdcroft
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Unique photonics system design that increases the resolution of an LCD
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub
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