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Medical Imaging 1993: Image Capture, Formatting, and Display
Editor(s): Yongmin Kim

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Volume Number: 1897
Date Published: 30 June 1993

Table of Contents
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Three-dimensional cursors for volume-rendering applications
Author(s): Yuen-Wah Hui; Wai-Yin Ng
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Visualization package for 3D laser-scanned geometry
Author(s): Paul F. Neumann; Lewis L. Sadler
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Three-dimensional visualization algorithms suitable for medical imaging
Author(s): Renben Shu
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Modeling of illumination effects for image processing of microvessels
Author(s): Carl E. Wick; Murray H. Loew; Joseph Kurantsin-Mills
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3DVIEWNIX: an open, transportable software system for the visualization and analysis of multidimensional, multimodality, multiparametric images
Author(s): Jayaram K. Udupa; Roberto J. Goncalves; K. Iyer; S. Narendula; Dewey Odhner; Supun Samarasekera; S. Sharma
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Reconstruction of a 3D stereotactic brain atlas and its contour-to-contour elastic deformation
Author(s): Masahiko Kimura; Taisuke Otsuki M.D.
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Enhanced interactive surgical guidance using both preoperative and intraoperative imaging
Author(s): Robert L. Galloway Jr.; W. Andrew Bass; Hakan Senel; Steven Schreiner
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Surgical-planning support system for stereotactic endoscopy
Author(s): Ryo Yoshida; Tatsuo Miyazawa; Akio Doi; Taisuke Otsuki M.D.
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Three-dimensional x-ray angiography: first in-vivo results with a new system
Author(s): Didier M. Saint-Felix; Catherine L. Picard; Cyril Ponchut; Rene Romeas; Anne Rougee; Yves L. Trousset
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Three-dimensional simulation of liver reproduction after hepatic lobectomy
Author(s): Shuichi Takahashi; Asaki Hattori; Fumihiko Machida; Akihiko Uchiyama; Naoki Suzuki
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Image quality--critical to PACS
Author(s): James E. Przybylowicz; Timothy Averion-Mahloch; Herman J. Oosterwijk; Mark Wofford
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Quality control for on-line portal imaging systems
Author(s): Rasika Rajapakshe; Thomas J. Radcliffe; Shlomo Shalev
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Evaluation of traumatic lateral cervical spine computed radiography images: quality control acceptability of images for clinical diagnosis, hardcopy versus high-resolution monitors
Author(s): Robert G. Leckie; Monet R. Sheehy; Lawrence Cade; Fred Goeringer; Chris A. Meyers; James E.S. Parker; Donald V. Smith M.D.; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.
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Importance of computed radiography image display parameters in orthopedic imaging
Author(s): Walter Huda; W. J. Montgomery; Manuel Arreola; Beverly A. Hoyle; C. H. Bush
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Diagnostic performance with enhanced digital mammographic films
Author(s): Michael J. Flynn; Ji Chen; Murray Rebner; Joe P. Windham
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Analysis of kinematics of joints via three-dimensional imaging
Author(s): Jayaram K. Udupa; Bruce Elliot Hirsch; Supun Samarasekera; Roberto J. Goncalves; J. Bruce Kneeland M.D.; James Peter Barrett; Michelle Butterworth; Peter Tames
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Geometrical calibration for 3D x-ray imaging
Author(s): Anne Rougee; Catherine L. Picard; Yves L. Trousset; Cyril Ponchut
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Synthetic tomographic image phantom for 3D validation
Author(s): Nicholas J. Mankovich; Howard Baik; Hans A. Baumgartner; John B. Hiller
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Scatter removal using modified air gap method: spectral composition technique
Author(s): Hisashi Yonekawa; Keh-Shih Chuang; Ricky K. Taira; H. K. Huang
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Laser hardcopy and softcopy issues relevant to digital radiographic image display
Author(s): Anthony Giles; Arnold R. Cowen
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Significance of the Fuji-computed radiography algorithms on hardcopy images.
Author(s): John C. Weiser; Robert G. Leckie; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Donald V. Smith M.D.; Michael A. Cawthon M.D.; John R. Romlein; Charles E. Willis; Fred Goeringer
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New digital hardcopy system for medical diagnostics
Author(s): Fawwaz Habbal; Ellen B. Cargill; Dana F. Schuh; Gillermo S. Ferla
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Presentation of medical images on CRT displays: a renewed proposal for a display function standard
Author(s): Hartwig R. Blume; Scott J. Daly; Edward Muka
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Noise of CRT display systems
Author(s): Hans Roehrig; Hartwig R. Blume; Tinglan Ji; Malur K. Sundareshan
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Adaptive context coding for lossless compression of medical grayscale images.
Author(s): Anthony John Maeder; Peter E. Tischer; Roderick T. Worley
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Fast algorithm for vector quantization in radiological image compression
Author(s): Nabil M. Akrout; Remy Prost; Robert Goutte
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Mathematical model to quantify JPEG block artifacts
Author(s): Bruce Kuo Ting Ho; Vincent Y. Tseng; Marco Ma; Doris T. Chen
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Adaptation and evaluation of JPEG-based compression for radiographic images
Author(s): Thomas J. Kostas; Barry J. Sullivan; Rashid Ansari; Maryellen Lissak Giger; Heber MacMahon
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Lossy compression of medical images using prediction and classification
Author(s): Heesub Lee; Yongmin Kim; Alan H. Rowberg; Mark S. Frank M.D.; Woobin Lee
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Gain of using irreversible over error-free data compression in digital radiography
Author(s): Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Brian Krasner; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Seong Ki Mun
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Structural analysis and coding of multimodal medical images
Author(s): Olivier Baudin; Atilla M. Baskurt; Florent Dupont; Remy Prost; Robert Goutte; Mohammed Khamadja
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Interactive wavelet-based 2D and 3D image compression
Author(s): Armando Manduca
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Evaluation of an ultrasonic free-space mouse to control an image workstation
Author(s): Alan H. Rowberg; Paul Li; Judith A. Ramey
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Isoluminance: a color technique for visualizing multivariable medical image data
Author(s): Bradley M. Hemminger
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Early evaluation of MDIS workstations at Madigan Army Medical Center
Author(s): Robert G. Leckie; Fred Goeringer; Donald V. Smith M.D.; Gregory N. Bender M.D.; Hyung-Sik Choi M.D.; David R. Haynor; Yongmin Kim
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X window image extension standard: what it means to medical imaging
Author(s): James Ben Fahy; Roland E. Masse; Yongmin Kim; David R. Haynor
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Multicomputer algorithms for reconstruction and postprocessing
Author(s): Iain Goddard; Jonathon Greene; Barry S. Isenstein; Francis P. Lauginiger; Liisa C. Walsh
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UWGSP6: a diagnostic radiology workstation of the future
Author(s): Stuart W. Milton; Sang Han; Hyung-Sik Choi M.D.; Yongmin Kim
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Imaging technique of near-infrared laser distribution on tissue by CCD-based video camera
Author(s): Kazuichi Katoh; Akinori Nagasawa
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Perfect Vision: object-oriented image display application development
Author(s): Roland E. Masse
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Effect of lossy networks on user perception of radiological images
Author(s): Yasser H. Alsafadi; Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Ralph Martinez
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Developmental thermography [4]: clinical evaluation
Author(s): Akinori Nagasawa; Kazuichi Katoh
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Development of a medical image capture, formatting, and display system in support of a medical diagnostic center
Author(s): John A. Keyes; James F. Bretz; Archie L. Moore
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Multimodality workstation for cardiac image sequences
Author(s): Dominic Richens; Morris Goldberg; Brian Morton
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Prototype interface facility for intelligent handling and processing of medical image and data
Author(s): Dimitris C. Lymberopoulos; Giannis Garantziotis; Kostas V. Spiropoulos; Stavros A. Kotsopoulos; Costas E. Goutis
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New image compression scheme for digital angiocardiography application
Author(s): George C. Anastassopoulos; Dimitris C. Lymberopoulos; Stavros A. Kotsopoulos; George C. Kokkinakis
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Design of labels to be placed on film to be digitized or copied
Author(s): Dennis Stewart; Louis Possilico; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Martha C. Nelson M.D.
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Potential for unnecessary patient exposure from the use of storage phosphor imaging systems
Author(s): Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Einar V. Pe; Seong Ki Mun; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Martha C. Nelson M.D.
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Image optimization procedures for the Fuji AC-1
Author(s): Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Seong Ki Mun; Einar V. Pe; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Martha C. Nelson M.D.
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Reversible compression of medical images with adaptive context selection
Author(s): Keshi Chen; Tenkasi V. Ramabadran
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High-resolution (35 micron) CCD-based film digitizer for mammography
Author(s): Tomasa Dawkins; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Seong Ki Mun
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