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Advances in DNA Sequencing Technology
Editor(s): Richard A. Keller

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Volume Number: 1891
Date Published: 24 June 1993

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Sequencing using pulsed field and image reconstruction
Author(s): Jaan Noolandi; Robert Forsyth; Chantal Turmel; An-Chang Shi
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Accuracy of two-color peak-height-encoded DNA sequencing by capillary gel electrophoresis and laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Sue Bay; Heather Starke; John Elliott; Norman J. Dovichi
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Capillary array electrophoresis: an approach to high-speed high-throughput DNA sequencing
Author(s): Xiaohua C. Huang; Mark A. Quesada; Richard A. Mathies
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Optimization of electric field strength for DNA sequencing in capillary gel electrophoresis
Author(s): John A. Luckey; Lloyd M. Smith
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Development of resonance ionization spectroscopy for genome mapping and DNA sequencing using stable isotopes as DNA labels
Author(s): K. Bruce Jacobson; Heinrich F. Arlinghaus; Mitchel J. Doktycz; R. A. Sachleben; Gilbert M. Brown; F. W. Larimer
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Scanning tunneling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and surface analysis methods for the investigation of biomolecule structure at a solid surface
Author(s): Carol E. Rabke-Clemmer; Lisa A. Wenzler; Thomas P. Beebe Jr.
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Scanning tunneling microscopic imaging of electrostatically immobilized nucleic acids: the influence of self-assembled monolayer structure on the binding of plasmid DNA to gold surfaces
Author(s): Lawrence A. Bottomley; J. A. Jones; Youzhen Ding; David P. Allison; Thomas G. Thundat; R. J. Warmack
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STM studies on dye molecules embedded in ordered liquid crystal structures and an approach for laser-assisted scanning tunneling microscopy
Author(s): Stefan Grafstroem; Oliver Probst; S. Dey; J. Freund; J. Kowalski; R. Neumann; M. Woertge; Gisbert zu Putlitz
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Potential applications of atomic force microscopy of DNA to the human genome project
Author(s): Helen G. Hansma; Paul K. Hansma
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Atomic force microscopy of DNA-colloidal gold and DNA-protein complexes
Author(s): Luming Niu; Wenling Shaiu; James Vesenka; Drena D. Larson; Eric Henderson
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Toward high-resolution imaging of DNA
Author(s): Fransiska S. Franke; David Keller
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Time-of-flight mass spectrometry of DNA laser-ablated from frozen aqueous solutions: applications to the Human Genome Project
Author(s): Peter W. Williams; David Schieltz; Randall W. Nelson; Chau-Wen Chou; Cong-Wen Luo; Robert Thomas
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Matrix- and substrate-assisted laser desorption for fast DNA sequencing
Author(s): C. H. Winston Chen; S. L. Allman; K. Tang; R. B. Jones
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High-speed DNA sequencing in the gas phase
Author(s): Robert J. Levis; Louis J. Romano; Jeannavi Rajan; David Schilke; Merrick DeWitt
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Genosensors: microfabricated devices for automated DNA sequence analysis
Author(s): Mitchell D. Eggers; Michael E. Hogan; Robert K. Reich; Jagannath B. Lamture; Ken Beattie; Mark A. Hollis; Daniel J. Ehrlich; Bernard B. Kosicki; John M. Shumaker; Raj S. Varma; Barry E. Burke; Al Murphy; Dennis D. Rathman
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DNA sequencing by single molecule detection of labeled nucleotides sequentially cleaved from a single strand of DNA
Author(s): Peter M. Goodwin; Jay A. Schecker; Charles W. Wilkerson Jr.; Mark L. Hammond; W. Patrick Ambrose; James H. Jett; John C. Martin; Babetta L. Marrone; Richard A. Keller; Alberto Haces; Po-Jen Shih; John D. Harding
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