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Advances in Fluorescence Sensing Technology

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Volume Number: 1885
Date Published: 18 May 1993

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Homogeneous model immunoassay of thyroxine by phase-modulation fluorescense spectroscopy
Author(s): Alvydas J. Ozinskas; Henryk M. Malak; Judy Britz; Richard B. Thompson; Peter A. Koen; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Toxin detection using a fiber-optic-based biosensor
Author(s): Robert A. Ogert; Lisa C. Shriver-Lake; Frances S. Ligler
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Reusable fiber optic immunofluorosensor for rapid detection of pesticides
Author(s): Nabil A. Anis; James J. Valdes; Roy G. Thompson; Darrell E. Menking; Rosie B. Wong; Mohyee E. Eldefrawi
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Phosphorescence depolarization measurement of an antigen-antibody complex
Author(s): Liqun Yang; Daniel McStay; Alan J. Rogers; Peter J. Quinn
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Pi overlapping ring systems contained in a homogeneous assay: a novel homogeneous assay for antigens
Author(s): David A. Kidwell
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Visible fluorescence dye in a fiber optic sensor to detect general anesthetics
Author(s): Susan B. Abrams; Paul Yager
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Fiber optic ion sensors based on phase fluorescence lifetime measurements
Author(s): Richard B. Thompson
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Equilibrium studies on a fluorescence plastic thin film sensor for carbon dioxide
Author(s): Andrew Mills; Qing Chang
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Integrated optic ammonia sensor
Author(s): Rainer Klein; Edgar I. Voges
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Photoluminescence study of adsorption-luminescent Al2O3 sensor for determining odor substances in air
Author(s): Koh Utsunomiya; Masuo Nakagawa; Shinji Chikamori; Masaki Kohata; Tsuyoshi Tomiyama; Isao Yamamoto; Tomonori Wada; Nobuhiko Yamashita; Yoshihiko Yamashita
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Luminescent/paramagnetic xanthane probes in the study of labeled biological assemblies
Author(s): Thomas P. Burghardt; Daniel J. Toft; Katalin Ajtai
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Ultraviolet-laser-induced fluorescence of aerosolized bacterial spores
Author(s): Steven D. Christesen; Anna Wong; Michael Scott DeSha; Clifton N. Merrow; Mark W. Wilson; John Charles Butler
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Fluorescence and reflectance spectra specify intrinsic fluorescence spectrum corrected for tissue optics distortion
Author(s): Craig M. Gardner; Steven L. Jacques; Ashley J. Welch
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How to make a molecular light switch sequence-specific: tethering of an oligonucleotide to a dipyridophenazine complex of ruthenium (II)
Author(s): Yonchu Jenkins; Jacqueline K. Barton
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Biomedical application of metalloporphyrins room-temperature phosphorescence
Author(s): Alexander P. Savitsky
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Development and characteristics of a new picosecond fluorescence lifetime system
Author(s): Motoyuki Watanabe; Musubu Koishi; Paul W. Roehrenbeck
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Development of a flow injection immunoanalysis (FIIA) for pesticide determination by means of fluorescence detection
Author(s): Monika Wortberg; Cornelia Middendorf; Joerg Krause; Karl Cammann
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Fluorescent and phosphorescent study of Langmuir-Blodgett antibody films for application to optical immunosensors
Author(s): Alexander P. Savitsky; T. B. Dubrovsky; Marina V. Demcheva; Ekaterina Yu. Mantrova; V. V. Savransky; L. V. Belovolova
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Time-resolved immunofluorimetic assay (TRIFMA): diagnostic method of the future
Author(s): U. Missler; U. Gaida; Hong Li; W. G. Wood
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Molecular mechanics calculations of 8-coordinate europium complexes
Author(s): T. B. Dubrovsky; Alexander V. Chudinov; Alexander P. Savitsky; Tatiana V. Timofeeva; Yu. T. Sturchkov
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O2-flux-optode for medical application
Author(s): Gerhard A. Holst; Dietrich W. Luebbers; Edgar I. Voges
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Phase-locked detection of fluorescence lifetime and its thermometric applications
Author(s): Zhiyi Zhang; Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Andrew W. Palmer
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Unexpected luminescent and quenching properties of metalloporphyrins in Langmuir-Blodgett structures: application to relative air-humidity sensing
Author(s): Dmitry B. Papkovsky; Gely V. Ponomarev; Sergey F. Chernov; Ilya N. Kurochkin
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Universal phosphorescence immunoassay
Author(s): Ekaterina Yu. Mantrova; Marina V. Demcheva; Alexander P. Savitsky; Gely V. Ponomarev
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Usefulness of thermoluminescent sheet for measurement of dose distribution near radioactive sources
Author(s): Kazuro Iwata; Hitoshi Yoshimura; Toshiaki Tamada; Hajime Ohishi; Hideo Uchida; Masuo Nakagawa; Koh Utsunomiya; Isao Yamamoto; Tomonori Wada
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Resolution of heterogeneous fluorescence emission signals and decay-lifetime measurement of fluorochrome-labeled cells by phase-sensitive FCM
Author(s): John A. Steinkamp; Harry A. Crissman
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Cr:LiSAF fluorescence-lifetime-based fiber optic thermometer and its applications in clinical RF heat treatment
Author(s): Zhiyi Zhang; Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Andrew W. Palmer; Ronald Summers; Raju Summan; Stephen Hughes
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Real-time frequency-domain fiber optic sensor for intra-arterial blood oxygen measurements
Author(s): J. Ricardo Alcala; Ian L. Scott; Jennifer W. Parker; Beauford W. Atwater; Clement Yu; Russell Fischer; K. Bellingrath
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Luminescence probing of microenvironments within water-soluble polymers
Author(s): John R. Ebdon; Yin Jie; David Kalim Lucas; Ian Soutar; Linda Swanson
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Near-infrared fluorescent probes
Author(s): Guillermo A. Casay; Tibor Czuppon; Jacek Lipowski; Gabor Patonay
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Design and synthesis of a new class of fluorescent photoaffinity label with specific reference to 4-benzoyl-1-benzamidofluorescein: a new photolabel for adenine nucleotide binding domains on enzymes
Author(s): Jane E. Rosen
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Lanthanide macrocyclic complexes, 'quantum dyes': optical properties and significance
Author(s): Lidia M. Vallarino; Patrick M. Harlow; Robert C. Leif
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Performance of commercial laser diodes in fluorimetric detection
Author(s): C. Wersig; W. Finke; E. Handler; Hans-Peter Josel; Elmar Schmidt
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Temporal and spectral separation of singlet oxygen luminescence from near-infrared emitting photosensitizers
Author(s): John R. Gilchrist; Dirk U. Nather
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Time-correlated photon counting: differential methods applied to anisotropy decay
Author(s): Douglas Magde; Michael D. Magde
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Versatile infrared laser scanner/electrophoresis apparatus
Author(s): Lyle Richard Middendorf; Robert C. Bruce; Robert D. Eckles; Stephen C. Roemer; Gary D. Sloniker
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Ultratrace analysis of biological substances by capillary electrophoresis/semiconductor laser fluorometry
Author(s): Tetsuhiro Fuchigami; Totaro Imasaka; Masanobu Shiga
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Construction of a shortwave near-infrared spectrofluorometer with diode laser source and CCD detection
Author(s): John W. Silzel; Robert J. Obremski
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Instrumentation for optical measurement of dissolved oxygen based on solid state technology
Author(s): Wolfgang R. Gruber; Ingo Klimant; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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Detection of single molecules in microspheres
Author(s): Michael D. Barnes; William B. Whitten; J. Michael Ramsey; Kim C. Ng; Stephen Arnold
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Single-photon timing fluorometer with liquid light guide sensing
Author(s): A. Sanderson; Sheila Smith; David McLoskey; David J. S. Birch; Robert E. Imhof
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Fluorescent immunosensors using planar waveguides
Author(s): James N. Herron; Karin D. Caldwell; Douglas A. Christensen; Shellee Dyer; Vladimir Hlady; P. Huang; V. Janatova; Hiabo K. Wang; A. P. Wei
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Fluorescent lipophilic lithium ionophores
Author(s): Margaret E. Langmuir; Richard Laura
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Competitive and sandwich TIRF immunosensors: a model for performance optimization
Author(s): Antonio Schirone; Michele S. Celebre; Claudio Domenici; Danilo De Rossi; Arti Ahluwalia; Lucia Mosiello
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Photon-counting techniques with silicon avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Henri Dautet; P. Deschamps; Bruno Dion; Andrew D. MacGregor; D. MacSween; Robert J. McIntyre; C. Trottier; Paul P. Webb
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From beginners to trained users: an advanced tool to guide experimenters in basic applied fluorescence
Author(s): Philippe B. Pingand; Dan Alain Lerner
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Long-wavelength fluorescent probes based on ruthenium derivatives: expectations and problems
Author(s): Dan Alain Lerner; M. Sbai; G. Tarrago; C. Marzin
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