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Static and Dynamic Light Scattering in Medicine and Biology
Editor(s): Ralph J. Nossal; Robert Pecora; Alexander V. Priezzhev

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Volume Number: 1884
Date Published: 21 July 1993

Table of Contents
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Dynamic light scattering from macromolecules
Author(s): Robert Pecora
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Dynamic light-scattering studies of BSA and lysozyme using a backscatter fiber optic system
Author(s): Harbans S. Dhadwal; William W. Wilson; Rafat R. Ansari; William V. Meyer
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Dynamic light-scattering studies of mucin
Author(s): Rama Bansil; Sinisa Pajevic; Xingxiang Cao; K. Ramakrishn Bhaskar; Jeffrey Thomas LaMont M.D.; Nezham H. Afdhal; N. Niu
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Polarized dynamic light scattering from wormlike chains with hydrodynamic interaction
Author(s): Sergio Ramiro Aragon
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Molecular interactions in viruses investigated by Raman spectroscopy: the chromosome and capsid of bacterial virus P22
Author(s): George J. Thomas Jr.
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Dynamic light-scattering study of monodisperse collagen in the less-dilute regime
Author(s): Tadakazu Maeda; Michiho Takasaki-Ohsita; Keiko Satoh; Mayumi Kimura
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Application of probe diffusion models to sphere diffusion in a rod/sphere composite liquid
Author(s): Mark A. Tracy; Robert Pecora
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Relaxation dynamic measurements in fibrin networks
Author(s): Giuseppe Arcovito; F. Andreasi Bassi; Marco De Spirito
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QELS studies of structure in model membranes
Author(s): J. C. Earnshaw; C. P. Nugent
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Analysis of laser Doppler measurements of blood flow in statistically irregular media
Author(s): Ralph J. Nossal
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Stimulated light scattering and hypersound generation in biological structures
Author(s): Sergey V. Fedorov; S. N. Bagrov; A. V. Osipov; Yu. V. Dolgopolov; Gennady G. Kochemasov; Stanislav M. Kulikov; Sergey P. Smyshlyaev; Stanislav A. Sukharev
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Photon correlation spectroscopy of microorganisms in a spherical microdroplet
Author(s): Burt V. Bronk; Michael J. Smith; Willem Pieter Van De Merwe
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Polarized light scattering as a means of detecting heat and UV-induced changes in bacteria and bacterial spores
Author(s): Willem Pieter Van De Merwe; Burt V. Bronk
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Pulsating blood-flow monitoring in developing fish embryos and rat mesentery by laser Doppler microscopy
Author(s): K. F. Bikkulova; N. B. Lapteva; Borislav A. Levenko; Marina S. Polyakova; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Sergei G. Proskurin; Yuri A. Romanovsky; Irina A. Sokolova
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Potential accuracy of laser Doppler flowmetry
Author(s): Igor N. Troitsky; A. J. Kharitonov
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Light interaction with biological tissues: overview
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin
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Reflectance measurements can be used to estimate optical characteristics of in-vivo tissue
Author(s): Renato Marchesini; Emanuele Pignoli; Stefano Tomatis; Sabrina Fumagalli; Adele Emilia Sichirollo
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Aggregation properties of erythrocytes of whole blood under shear stress by backscattering nephelometry
Author(s): Nikolai N. Firsov; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Olga M. Ryaboshapka; Igor V. Sirko
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Analysis of erythrocyte flexibility by means of laser diffraction: effects of mechanical stress, photosensitization, and ozone
Author(s): Rainer Bayer; Serdar Caglayan; Joerg G. Moser
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Extreme properties of backscattered light beam from biological tissue with inhomogeneity
Author(s): Yurii N. Barabanenkov; Andrei Yu. Kargashin
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Determination of optical constants and morphological parameters of biological particles from multiple light-scattering characteristics
Author(s): Alphiya Ya. Khairullina
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Spectral characteristics of epidermis in UV and visible ranges
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin; Sergei R. Utz M.D.; Ilya V. Yaroslavsky; Anna N. Yaroslavskaya; Vladimir G. Kukavsky; Alexander Yu. Barabanov
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What light scattering can tell about the ordering of collagen fibrils in corneal stroma
Author(s): Richard A. Farrell; David E. Freund; Russell L. McCally
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Erythrocyte diagnostics by flicker spectroscopy and dielectro deformation technique
Author(s): Vadim L. Kononenko
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Optical characteristics of soft biological particle suspensions and their connection with main factors that shape them
Author(s): Valeriy N. Lopatin; Anatolii D. Aponasenko; Vladimir S. Philimonov; Konstantin A. Shapovalov; Ludmila A. Schur
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Integral Doppler anemometry: an effective technique for rapid measurements of concentrational and velocity profiles in the flow exploiting biomedical instrumentation
Author(s): Vadim L. Kononenko; J. K. Shimkus
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On the possibility of spectroscopic cancer diagnostics
Author(s): Alphiya Ya. Khairullina; Tatiana V. Oleinik; Alexander N. Korolevich; Yacob I. Sevkovsky
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Laser light scattering in epidermis structure diagnostics
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin; Dmitry A. Zimnyakov; Sergei R. Utz M.D.; Serge A. Lepestkin; I. I. Polyakov
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Pulse-wave monitoring by means of focused laser beams scattered by skin surface and membranes
Author(s): Sergey S. Ulyanov; Valery V. Tuchin
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Scattering of light by eye lens due to cold cataract
Author(s): Bronislaw Grzegorzewski; Malgorzata Pyskir
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Angular dependence of light scattered by bone of the skull
Author(s): Bronislaw Grzegorzewski; Magdalena Wietlicka-Piszcz; Roman Mazur
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Measurement of the erythrocyte response to low-level external action
Author(s): Stanislav D. Zakharov
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Electrostatic interaction in biopolymer solutions investigated by NMR and laser light scattering
Author(s): Yurii M. Petrusevich; Galina P. Petrova
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Dynamic light-scattering studies of internal motions of linear lambda-phage DNA in A- and B-forms
Author(s): Mariya A. Ivanova; Alexandr V. Arutyunian; Valentin A. Noskin
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Interplay between hydrodynamic and thermodynamic behavior in macromolecular coils in dilute solution
Author(s): James C. Selser
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