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Lasers in Orthopedic, Dental, and Veterinary Medicine II
Editor(s): Dov Gal D.V.M.; Stephen J. O'Brien M.D.; C. T. Vangsness M.D.; Joel M. White D.D.S.; Harvey A. Wigdor D.D.S.

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Volume Number: 1880
Date Published: 21 July 1993

Table of Contents
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1064-nm Nd:YAG laser nucleotomy
Author(s): Sandor G. Vari M.D.; Vani R. Pergadia; Wei-Qiang Shi; Wendy J. Snyder; Michael C. Fishbein M.D.; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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Effects of pulsed mid-IR lasers on bovine knee joint tissues
Author(s): Sandor G. Vari M.D.; Wei-Qiang Shi; Vani R. Pergadia; J. Timothy Duffy; J. M. Miller; Maurits J. van der Veen; Andrew B. Weiss; Michael C. Fishbein M.D.; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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Elasto-optic experimental research in the treatment of spinal failure
Author(s): Riqi Chen; Aiping Zhang
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In-vitro evaluation of three lasers for the potential treatment of equine pharyngeal lymphoid hyperplasia
Author(s): Lloyd P. Tate V.D.M.; Diann L. Weddle D.V.M.; Maria T. Correa
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Application of laser technology to exotic veterinary practice
Author(s): Robert C. Clipsham D.V.M.
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Ho:YAG laser ablation of alimentary tract mucosa
Author(s): Marilyn Kostolich D.V.M.; Kenneth Eugene Bartels D.V.M.; Steven A. Schafer; Robert E. Nordquist; Richard C. Powell
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Curriculum guidelines and standards for dental laser education
Author(s): Joel M. White et al. D.D.S.
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Second-generation dental laser technology
Author(s): Michael Moretti
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Optimum regimes of laser destruction of human tooth enamel and dentin
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Andrei V. Belikov; Andrew V. Erofeev; Richard C. Sam
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Irradiation of human dental tissues with different laser wavelengths: efficiency of water absorption and energy/pulse parameters
Author(s): Tatjana Dostalova M.D.; Otakar Krejsa M.D.; Helena Jelinkova; Vaclav Kubecek
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Holographic evaluation of the marginal fit of complete crowns loaded at central fossa
Author(s): Terry Y. Chen; Guan Liang Chang; Shih Hwang Wu
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Caries-selective ablation: the second threshold
Author(s): Thomas Hennig; Peter Rechmann D.D.S.; Peter Jeitner; Raimund Kaufmann
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Laser-induced autofluorescence of caries
Author(s): Karsten Koenig; Raimund Hibst; Gabriela Flemming; Herbert Schneckenburger
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New method for determination of ablation of dental hard tissues with the Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Harvey A. Wigdor D.D.S.; Joseph T. Walsh Jr.; Joseph P. Cummings
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Mechanism of Er:YAG laser-induced ablation of dental hard substances
Author(s): Raimund Hibst; Ulrich Keller D.D.S.
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Effects of Er:YAG laser on enamel bonding of composite materials
Author(s): Ulrich Keller D.D.S.; Raimund Hibst
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Effects of pulsed CO2 and Er:YAG lasers on enamel and dentin
Author(s): Matjaz Lukac; Franci Hocevar; Simona Cencic; Karolj N. Nemes; Ulrich Keller D.D.S.; Raimund Hibst; Dusan Sustercic; Boris Gaspirc; Uros Skaleric; Nenad Funduk
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Hard-tissue ablation with pulsed CO2 lasers
Author(s): Thomas P. Ertl; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Recurrence of gingival overgrowth in CO2 laser-treated heart-transplant subjects
Author(s): Carlo de Rysky; Franco Forni
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Therapy of deep caries by transverse excited atmosphere pressure carbon dioxide laser: an in-vitro investigation
Author(s): Gabriele Meese; Rainer Zuhrt
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Argon laser application to endodontics
Author(s): Richard J. Blankenau D.D.S.; Marvin Ludlow D.D.S.; David Anderson
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Efficiency of cooling mechanisms during the exposure of enamel to a pulsed Nd:YAG laser beam: an in-vitro study
Author(s): Ioana-Mihaela Rizoiu; Guy C. Levy
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Thermal measurement of root surface temperatures during application of intracanal laser energy in vitro
Author(s): Harold E. Goodis D.D.S.; Joel M. White D.D.S.; Joseph Neev
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Caries-selective ablation: wavelength 377 nm versus 2.9 um
Author(s): Peter Rechmann D.D.S.; Thomas Hennig; Udo von den Hoff; Raimund Kaufmann
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Detection of CO2 laser effects on enamel using volumetric laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Joseph R. Barron; Kenneth L. Zakariasen D.D.S.; Barry E. Paton
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Scanned laser-induced fluorescence reproducibility
Author(s): Kenneth L. Zakariasen D.D.S.; Joseph R. Barron; Barry E. Paton
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Nd:YAG 1.44 laser ablation of human cartilage
Author(s): Robert S. Cummings M.D.; John A. Prodoehl M.D.; Anthony L.B. Rhodes M.D.; Johnathan David Black M.D.; Henry H. Sherk M.D.
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Penetration and mass loss rates with different energy levels in the human meniscus for the holmium:YAG laser
Author(s): C. Thomas Vangsness M.D.; Bahram Ghaderi; Marshall Brustein; Vahid Sadettmanesh; Joan Hawver
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Ablation efficiency determination using the 1.44-um neodymium:YAG laser
Author(s): Allen T. Brillhart M.D.
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308-nm excimer laser ablation of human cartilage
Author(s): John A. Prodoehl M.D.; Anthony L.B. Rhodes M.D.; Menachem M. Meller M.D.; Henry H. Sherk M.D.
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Enhancement of KTP/532 laser disc decompression and arthroscopic microdiscectomy with a vital dye
Author(s): Anthony T. Yeung M.D.
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Light-scattering properties of dentin and enamel at 543, 632, and 1053 nm
Author(s): Daniel Fried; John D. B. Featherstone; Richard E. Glena; B. Bordyn; Wolf D. Seka
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Frequency-doubled alexandrite laser: an alternative dental device
Author(s): Erwin Steiger; Norbert Maurer; Gunter Geisel
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Comparison of three lasers on demineralization of human enamel
Author(s): G. Lynn Powell; Duncan Yu; William I. Higuchi; Jeffrey L. Fox
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