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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiovascular Interventions III
Editor(s): George S. Abela M.D.

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Volume Number: 1878
Date Published: 23 June 1993

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Vapor bubble expansion and implosion: the origin of "Mille Feuilles"
Author(s): Ton G. J. M. van Leeuwen; Lieselotte van Erven; John H. Meertens; Mark J. Post; Cornelius Borst M.D.
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Reflectance spectra can correct distortion of fluorescence spectra in turbid tissues
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques; Alexander A. Oraevsky; Craig M. Gardner
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XeCl laser-induced fluorescence detection of peroxidized lipoproteins in lipid-rich atherosclerotic lesions
Author(s): Alexander A. Oraevsky; Philip D. Henry; Steven L. Jacques; Frank K. Tittel
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Dual imaging of arterial walls: intravascular ultrasound and fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Karl A. Pope; Steve Warren; Youseph Yazdi; Alfred L. Johnston; Michael Davis M.D.; Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum
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Evaluation of multidirectional fluorescence-sensing laser catheter for the development of an intelligent laser angioplasty system
Author(s): Takayuki Asahara M.D.; Mikio Usui M.D.; Takashi Amemiya M.D.; Yasuhisa Oike M.D.; Hiromori Shiraishi M.D.; Manabu Miyagi; Hitoshi Nakajima; Tomitsugu Kato M.D.; Yuichi Naito M.D.; Chiharu Ibukiyama M.D.; Katsuo Aizawa; Hiromi Tominaga; Isako Hoshino
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Laser-induced fluorescence detection of cardiovascular calcified deposits via tetracarboxylate ion dye probing
Author(s): Theodore G. Papazoglou; E. K. Katerinopoulos; Costas Fotakis; Helene Iatridou; Evangelia Foukaraki
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Angioscopic assessment of various percutaneous treatments for arteriosclerosis obliterance
Author(s): Hiroyasu Kusaba M.D.; Kazuo Watanabe M.D.; Shohzo Shiraishi M.D.; Takashi Sato M.D.; Nobuhiko Koga
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Holmium:YAG laser coronary angioplasty in patients with lesions not ideal for balloon angioplasty
Author(s): Shunichi Miyazaki M.D.; Hiroshi Nonogi M.D.; Yoichi Goto M.D.; Akira Itoh M.D.; Keizaburo Ozono M.D.; Satoshi Daikoku M.D.; Kazuo Haze M.D.
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Holmium:YAG laser angioplasty: treatment of acute myocardial infarction
Author(s): On Topaz M.D.
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Midinfrared coronary laser angioplasty with multifiber catheters
Author(s): Christopher J. White M.D.; Stephen R. Ramee M.D.; Tyrone J. Collins M.D.
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Assessment of coronary vasomotion by intracoronary ultrasound
Author(s): Patrick J. Dupouy; Jean Luc Dubois-Rande; Gabriel Pelle; Dominique Gallot; Herbert J. Geschwind M.D.
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Visualization of the effects of pulsed lasers using an atherosclerotic arterial wall model
Author(s): Masakatsu Asada; Jan Kvasnicka; Herbert J. Geschwind M.D.
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Clinical experience with peripheral excimer laser angioplasty
Author(s): Adriana Visona; Walter Cecchetti; Guido Liessi; Luigi Miserocchi; Andrea Bonanome; Luigi Lusiani; Valeria Mayellaro; Antonio Pagnan
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Predictive factors of restenosis following excimer laser coronary angioplasty
Author(s): Herbert J. Geschwind M.D.; Jan Kvasnicka; George Duport; Henri Escojido; Jean M. Lablanche
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Photodynamic therapy for the prevention of restenosis after angioplasty
Author(s): Takayuki Asahara M.D.; Mikio Usui M.D.; Takashi Amemiya M.D.; Yasuhisa Oike M.D.; Hiromori Shiraishi M.D.; Manabu Miyagi; Hitoshi Nakajima; Tomitsugu Kato M.D.; Yuichi Naito M.D.; Chiharu Ibukiyama M.D.
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Excimer laser coronary angioplasty: clinical results and future directions
Author(s): John A. Bittl M.D.
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Laser irradiation reduces vasoreactivity of coronary artery: implication for prevention of coronary spasm
Author(s): Takanobu Tomaru M.D.; Fumitaka Nakamura M.D.; Atsuko Miwa M.D.; Yoshiharu Fujimori M.D.; Yasumi Uchida M.D.
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Acute effects of short-term intimal heating by laser-heated thermal balloon angioplasty in canine stenotic femoral arteries in vivo
Author(s): Akira Miyamoto M.D.; Masami Sakurada; Tsunenori Arai; Kyoichi Mizuno; Yasunori Sugiyabu; Akira Kurita; Haruo Nakamura M.D.; Makoto Kikuchi; Tamishige Watanabe; Atsushi Utsumi; Yoshiro Akai; Kiyoshi Takeuchi
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Restenosis after pulsed laser irradiation
Author(s): Jan Kvasnicka; Herbert J. Geschwind M.D.; Fumitaka Nakamura M.D.; Masakatsu Asada; Micheline Levame; Hassan Bousbaa
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Quantitative morphologic markers of laser thermal injury in cardiovascular tissue
Author(s): Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.
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Chronic response to direct myocardial revascularization: a preliminary study
Author(s): Peter Whittaker; Shi-Ming Zheng; Robert A. Kloner M.D.
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Novel cylindrical illuminator tip for ultraviolet light delivery
Author(s): HanQun Shangguan; Thomas E. Haw; Kenton W. Gregory M.D.; Lee W. Casperson
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Prevention of acute regional ischemia with endocardial laser channels
Author(s): Osvaldo Juniti Yano M.D.; Mark R. Bielefeld; Valluvan Jeevanandam M.D.; Michael R. Treat M.D.; Charles C. Marboe; Henry M. Spotnitz; Craig R. Smith M.D.
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Aspherically modified fiber tips have better focusing effect
Author(s): Ivan S. Melnik; Rudolf W. Steiner; Raimund Hibst; Manfred Fischer; Gabriela Flemming
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Gas production in tissue phantoms and tissue by XeCl excimer laser: effect of beam delivery system geometry
Author(s): Geert H. Gijsbers; Hans G. Jenniskens; Geert G. Verhoofstad; Martin J. C. van Gemert
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Exogenous chromophores in Nd:YAG laser selective ablation of the model tissue
Author(s): Vladimir Vinduska
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