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Ophthalmic Technologies III
Editor(s): Jean-Marie A. Parel; Qiushi Ren

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Volume Number: 1877
Date Published: 24 June 1993

Table of Contents
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Update on excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center: two-year experience
Author(s): Ezra I. Maguen M.D.; James J. Salz M.D.; Cathy Warren; Thanassis Papaioannou; Anthony B. Nesburn M.D.; Jonathan I. Macy M.D.; John Hofbauer M.D.; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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Excimer-laser-induced shock wave and its dependence on atmospheric environment
Author(s): Ronald R. Krueger M.D.; Jerzy S. Krasinski; Czeslaw Radzewicz
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Simple device for objective measurements of haze following excimer laser ablation of cornea
Author(s): Russell L. McCally; Bernard F. Hochheimer; Wallace Chamon; Dimitri T. Azar M.D.
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Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) at 193 nm using an erodible mask: new developments and clinical progress
Author(s): Michael Gordon M.D.; Theo Seiler; Joseph P. Carey; Marc D. Friedman; N. M. Fredrik Johnsson; Michael C. King; David F. Muller
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Technical features for the clinical use of the 193-nm excimer laser
Author(s): Werner Foerster M.D.; P. Nordmeyer; Dieter Manstein; Martin Schuerenberg
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Corneal reshaping using a pulsed UV solid-state laser
Author(s): Qiushi Ren; Gabriel Simon; Jean-Marie A. Parel; Jin-Hui Shen; Yoshiko Takesue M.D.
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Application of the holmium:YAG laser for refractive surgery: an update of clinical progress
Author(s): Vance M. Thompson M.D.; Daniel S. Durrie M.D.; John D. Hunkeler M.D.; Art C. Hurt III; P. Michael Mann M.D.; Theo Seiler; Michael C. King; Alex C. Sacharoff; David F. Muller
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New system for noncontact laser photothermal keratoplasty (LPTK)
Author(s): Qiushi Ren; Tod Mathew Melgar; Jean-Marie A. Parel; Gabriel Simon
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Evaluation of a unique cw laser in radial thermokeratoplasty
Author(s): Colin L. Smithpeter; Ashley J. Welch; Henry Grady Rylander III
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New advances in 3D visualization of the cornea
Author(s): Barry R. Masters
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Automated registration of digital ocular fundus images for comparison of lesions
Author(s): Michael H. Goldbaum M.D.; Valentina Kouznetsova; Brad L. Cote; William E. Hart; Mark Nelson
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In-vivo real-time confocal microscopy of the human cornea
Author(s): Barry R. Masters; Andreas A. Thaer
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Qualitative holographic-interferometric analysis of T-incisions of different length in vitro-A preliminary report
Author(s): Werner Foerster M.D.; Henryk T. Kasprzak; Dieter Manstein; Gert von Bally; H. Busse
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Ophthalmic diagnostics using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Joseph A. Izatt; Michael R. Hee; David Huang; James G. Fujimoto; Eric A. Swanson; Charles P. Lin; Joel S. Shuman; Carmen A. Puliafito M.D.
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Keratoscope: a device for noncontact measuring the shape of the anterior corneal surface of the human eye
Author(s): Daniil T. Puryayev; Alexander V. Laskin
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Device for viewing the insertion of foldable IOL into sectioned eyes from the posterior pole
Author(s): Mark S. Jones; Ta-Chung Hsia; Leane A. Darnold; Roger L. Kash; David J. Schanzlin M.D.
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Automated clinical perimeter-based TV pupillometer
Author(s): Ernesto Suaste; Arturo Minor; Cesar de Jesus Cajica
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Technical monograph of the True Vista bifocal intraocular lens
Author(s): William J. Neubert; Ta-Chung Hsia; George F. Green; Mark S. Jones; Brian D. McCary; Susan M. Kastigar; Jose H. Bedoya
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Diffractive-refractive lens system for age-related macular degeneration
Author(s): Albert C. Ting; Donald G. Koch; Jim-Son Chou
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Spherical aberration, intraocular lens power, and image quality
Author(s): William J. Neubert
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Laser lysis for postcapsular fold after extracystic cataract extraction and postchamber artificial intraocular lens implantation
Author(s): Xiao-Wu Ni; Yong-Nian Li; Jian Lu; Anzhi He
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Effect of varying laser parameters on in-vitro ablation of porcine sclera with Ho:YAG laser
Author(s): Vani R. Pergadia; Sandor G. Vari M.D.; Wei-Qiang Shi; Michael C. Fishbein M.D.; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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Endoscopic goniotomy: a potential surgical procedure for primary infantile glaucoma
Author(s): Karen Margaret Joos M.D.; Wallace L. M. Alward M.D.; Robert Folberg M.D.
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Transscleral cyclophotocoagulation: an in-vivo examination of lesion formation
Author(s): Babak Nemati; Henry Grady Rylander III; Ashley J. Welch
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Early diagnosis of substance-specific alterations in primary open-angle glaucoma by means of fundus spectrometry
Author(s): Dietrich Schweitzer; Mateusz Scibor; Martin Hammer; Sabine Guenther
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Laser sclerectomy and 5-FU controlled-drug-release biodegradable implant for glaucoma therapy
Author(s): Franck L. Villain; Jean-Marie A. Parel; Katalin Kiss; Richard K. Parrish; Francois Kuhne; Yoshiko Takesue M.D.; Patrick Hostyn
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THC:YAG laser for sclerostomy in the management of glaucoma
Author(s): Andrew G. Iwach M.D.; H. Dunbar Hoskins Jr.
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Influence of pressure exerted on the sclera during transscleral cyclophotocoagulation
Author(s): Pascal O. Rol; Franz Fankhauser Jr.; Peter F. Niederer
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Reflectance feedback control of photocoagulation in vivo
Author(s): Maya Ratna Jerath; Ravi K. Chundru; Steven F. Barrett; Henry Grady Rylander III; Ashley J. Welch
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Laser scleral buckling: a new method to treat retinal detachment
Author(s): Qiushi Ren; Gabriel Simon; Jean-Marie A. Parel; Yoshiko Takesue M.D.; Jin-Hui Shen; William E. Smiddy
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Assessment of the retinal nerve fiber layer by scanning-laser polarimetry
Author(s): Andreas W. Dreher; Eric D. Bailey
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Digital tracking and control of retinal images
Author(s): Steven F. Barrett; Maya Ratna Jerath; Henry Grady Rylander III; Ashley J. Welch
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Raman spectroscopy characterization of diabetes effects on human vitreous in diabetic retinopathy
Author(s): Jerry Sebag M.D.; Shuming Nie; Karen M. Reiser; Nai-Teng Yu
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Photodynamic method of diagnosis and treatment of intraocular melanoma
Author(s): Tadeusz Kecik; Iwona Switka-Wieclawska; Jan Kasprzak; Alfreda Graczyk; Antoni Pratnicki
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Characteristics of a surface plasma created during excimer laser photoablation
Author(s): Jerzy S. Krasinski; Ronald R. Krueger M.D.; Czeslaw Radzewicz
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Time-resolved measurements of shock-wave emission and cavitation-bubble generation in intraocular laser surgery with ps- and ns-pulses and related tissue effects
Author(s): Alfred Vogel; Stefan Busch; Mary Asiyo-Vogel
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Comparative photodynamic effect of rose bengal, Erythrosin B, and dihematoporphyrin ethers on lens epithelial cells
Author(s): Yoshiko Takesue M.D.; Mei M. Mui; Takahiko Hachiya; Jean-Marie A. Parel
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Action and reaction of laser plasma shock wave in the operation of ophthalmology
Author(s): Jian Lu; Xiao-Wu Ni; Anzhi He; Yong-Nian Li
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Nd:YAG laserectomy of congenital pupillary remaining membranes
Author(s): Yong-Nian Li; Xiao-Wu Ni; Jian Lu; Anzhi He
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ArF photorefractive correction of keratoprostheses
Author(s): Pascal O. Rol; Jean-Marie A. Parel; Emmanuel Lacombe M.D.; Jean-Marc Legeais M.D.; Franck L. Villain
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Refractive effect of two scleral-buckling surgical procedures
Author(s): Francois Kuhne; Jean-Marie A. Parel; Yoshiko Takesue M.D.; Franck L. Villain; Bavia Trivedi; Didier Ducournau; Marie-Jose Le Rebeller
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Intrastromal photoablation: corneal temperature, cellular damage, and refractive outcome
Author(s): Thomas Hoppeler M.D.; Pascal O. Rol; Peter F. Niederer; Balder Gloor
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Second-generation refractive lasers
Author(s): Michael Moretti
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Current status of laser ophthalmic applications in China
Author(s): ZhiJiang Wang; Shizhan Lei
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Analysis of photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) results at The Ohio State University
Author(s): Cynthia J. Roberts; R. G. Lembach M.D.
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Optoelectronic vision
Author(s): Chunye Ren; Jean-Marie A. Parel
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Noncontact laser penetrating keratoplasty: in-vivo comparative evaluation in rabbit and cat
Author(s): Jean-Marie A. Parel; William Q. Jeffers; Gabriel Simon; Patrick Hostyn; Jean-Marc Legeais M.D.; Francois Kuhne; Yoshiko Takesue M.D.; Hiroyuki Shimada; Elena Barraquer; Hanspeter Loertscher; M. Nowicky; Qiushi Ren; Izuru Nose
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Pre- and postoperative optical resolution of the cornea: a preliminary report
Author(s): Jean-Marie A. Parel; Gabriel Simon; Pascal O. Rol; Qiushi Ren; William E. Lee
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In-situ pre- and postoperative optical resolution of the lens and pseudo-phacos: a preliminary report
Author(s): Jean-Marie A. Parel; Gabriel Simon; Pascal O. Rol; William E. Lee; David B. Denham; Qiushi Ren
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