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Lasers in Otolaryngology, Dermatology, and Tissue Welding
Editor(s): R. Rox Anderson M.D.; Lawrence S. Bass M.D.; Stanley M. Shapshay M.D.; John V. White M.D.; Rodney A. White

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Volume Number: 1876
Date Published: 1 July 1993

Table of Contents
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Clinical applications of endoscopy in otology
Author(s): Dennis S. Poe M.D.
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Holmium:YAG laser stapedotomy: preliminary evaluation
Author(s): Ingrid M. Stubig; Paul A. Reder M.D.; G. W. Facer M.D.; Henry Grady Rylander; Ashley J. Welch
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CO2 laser in stapes surgery
Author(s): Sergije Jovanovic; Uwe Schoenfeld; Andreas Berghaus; R. Fischer; Hans H. Scherer M.D.
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New flexible endoscope for otologic application
Author(s): Mark L. Marchan
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Medical requirements for design of endoscopes for otolaryngology
Author(s): Jai Parekh; Michail M. Pankratov; Dennis S. Poe M.D.; Elie E. Rebeiz M.D.; Stanley M. Shapshay M.D.
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Holmium:YAG laser-assisted otolaryngologic surgery: Lahey Clinic experience
Author(s): Stanley M. Shapshay M.D.; Elie E. Rebeiz M.D.; Michail M. Pankratov
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Damage thresholds of silica fibers in holmium:YAG laser energy delivery for medical applications
Author(s): Matthew D. Marolda; Donald F. Perrault Jr.; Michail M. Pankratov; Stanley M. Shapshay M.D.
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Role of PDT and lasers in the tracheobronchial tree
Author(s): John F. Beamis M.D.
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Imaging-guided interstitial tumor therapy for treatment of recurrent head and neck carcinomas: clinical experience
Author(s): Dan J. Castro; Keith E. Blackwell; Romaine E. Saxton; Antony Nyerges; Tom C. Calcaterra; Vicky L. Schiller; Edward G. Grant; Sharon Hirschowitz; Gary R. Duckwiler M.D.; Randall A. Hawkins
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Newer concepts in endoscopic imaging of the larynx
Author(s): Eiji Yanagisawa M.D.; Ken Yanagisawa; Ray Yanagisawa
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Solid state lasers in airway surgery
Author(s): Elie E. Rebeiz M.D.; Michail M. Pankratov; Lyon L. Gleich; Stanley M. Shapshay M.D.
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Flexible CO2 laser waveguide: a comparison of tracheal resection dosimetry and histology with the rigid waveguide
Author(s): Christopher L. Slack; Michail M. Pankratov; Donald F. Perrault Jr.; Stanley M. Shapshay M.D.; H. Thomas Aretz M.D.
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Current CO2 laser microsurgical practice in ENT
Author(s): Charles C. Negus; Stephen J. Linhares; Michail M. Pankratov
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CO2 laser myringotomy with a hand-held otoscope and fiber optic delivery system: animal experimentation and preclinical trials
Author(s): Ari DeRowe; Dov Ophir; Y. Finkelstein; Abraham Katzir
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Tattoo removal with the alexandrite laser: a clinical and histologic study
Author(s): Richard E. Fitzpatrick M.D.; Mitchel P. Goldman M.D.
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Comparison of the treatment of epidermal pigmented lesions with the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm and 532 nm) and the Q-switched ruby laser (694 nm)
Author(s): Suzanne Linsmeier Kilmer M.D.; R. Rox Anderson M.D.
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Effects of nanosecond pulsed light (577 nm) from a Q-switched frequency-doubled Nd:YAG dye laser on experimental vascular tissue
Author(s): Konrad Andreas Schwager M.D.; Stephen Thomas Flock; Milton Waner M.D.
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Use of the continuous wave blue-green (488-514 nm) and green (514 nm) light and pulsed yellow-orange light in the treatment of scars
Author(s): Adrianna Scheibner M.D.
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Clinical use of pulsed photothermal radiometry
Author(s): Thomas E. Milner; J. Stuart Nelson M.D.; N. Q. Tran; Abraham Katzir; Lars Othar Svaasand; Steven L. Jacques
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Autofluorescence distribution in skin tissue revealed by microspectrophotometer measurements
Author(s): Haishan Zeng; Calum E. MacAulay; Branko Palcic; David I. McLean M.D.
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Laser fluorescence spectroscopy of furocoumarins in human epidermis
Author(s): Sergei R. Utz M.D.; Yurii P. Sinichkin; Valery V. Tuchin; Alexander B. Pravdin
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Photodynamic therapy of port wine stain: preliminary clinical studies
Author(s): J. Stuart Nelson M.D.
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Laser tissue melding: use of 1.32-um computerized Nd:YAG laser, results of leak/burst strength studies in microsurgical procedures
Author(s): Dallas W. Anderson; Tung Mei Hsu D.V.M.; Steven J. Halpern; Arnold Honaker
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Comparison of laser-assisted fibrinogen bonding to sutured closure of umbilical vein graft
Author(s): Mehmet Cengiz Oz M.D.; John E. Souza; Matthew R. Williams; Herbert Dardik; Lawrence S. Bass M.D.; Michael R. Treat M.D.; Roman Nowygrod M.D.
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Reinforcement of high-risk anastomoses using laser-activated protein solders: a clinical study
Author(s): Steven K. Libutti M.D.; Marc Bessler; J. Chabot; Lawrence S. Bass M.D.; Mehmet Cengiz Oz M.D.; Joseph S. Auteri M.D.; Andrew J. Kirsch; Roman Nowygrod M.D.; Michael R. Treat M.D.
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Preliminary results of laser tissue welding in extravesical reimplantation of the ureters
Author(s): Andrew J. Kirsch; Daniel T. Milton; Gregory E. Dean; Mehmet Cengiz Oz M.D.; Steven K. Libutti M.D.; Michael R. Treat M.D.; Roman Nowygrod M.D.; Terry W. Hensle
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Heat-free photochemical tissue welding with 1,8-naphthalimide dyes using visible (420 nm) light
Author(s): Millard M. Judy; James Lester Matthews; Richard L. Boriak; A. Burlacu; Dorothy E. Lewis; Ronald E. Utecht
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Kinetics for birefringence changes in thermally coagulated rat skin collagen
Author(s): John Anthony Pearce; Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.; Helene Vijverberg; Tom J. McMurray
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Laser-assisted cell fusion and cytoplast transfer in early mammalian embryos
Author(s): Annette Clement-Sengewald; Karin Schutze; A. Heinze; G. A. Palma; H. Poesl; G. Brem
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Vascular anastomosis using a 1.9-um laser
Author(s): Robert B. Stewart; D. T. Zelt; Glenn M. LaMuraglia M.D.; Robert T.V. Kung
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Temperature monitoring and control of CO2 laser tissue welding in the urinary tract using a silver halide fiber optic radiometer
Author(s): Ofer Shenfeld M.D.; Ophir Eyal; Benad Goldwasser; Abraham Katzir
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Photodynamic therapy of malignant skin tumors with Benzoporphyrin derivative-monoacid ring A (BPD-MA): preliminary observations
Author(s): Harvey Lui M.D.; Luciann Hruza; Nikiforos Kollias; Joanne Wimberly; Vincent Salvatori; R. Rox Anderson M.D.
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