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Intense Laser Beams and Applications

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Volume Number: 1871
Date Published: 6 June 1993

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Gas-phase optically pumped infrared lasers
Author(s): Harold C. Miller; Dan T. Radzykewycz; Gordon D. Hager; William J. Kessler; Steven J. Davis
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Vibrationally assisted transfer laser concept
Author(s): Steven J. Davis; William J. Kessler
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Dark reactions between F2 and perfluoroalkyl iodides
Author(s): Ernest A. Dorko; Daniel E. Johnson; E. A. Walters; J. C. Whitehead
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Visible chemical lasers from alkali-based electronic inversions
Author(s): KangKang Shen; H. J. Wang; David R. Grantier; James L. Gole
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Population inversion between I(2P1/2) and I(2P3/2) of atomic iodine generated by excitation transfer from NCl(a1 delta) to I(2P3/2)
Author(s): Tientsai T. Yang; Vytas Tom Gylys; Robert D. Bower; Lawrence F. Rubin
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Radiative lifetime and quenching constants of the PF(A3II) state
Author(s): Jie Xu; D. Raybone; Donald W. Setser
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Computer modeling of an optically pumped hydrogen halide laser
Author(s): Nicholas P. Machara; Gordon D. Hager
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Output characteristics of high-pressure 585.3-nm atomic neon laser pumped by transverse discharge
Author(s): Chuen-Huei Yang; Koji Itoh; Tomohiro Araki; Fumihiko Kannari; Minoru Obara
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Efficient generation at 4.8 um by doubling of mode-locked CO2 laser radiation
Author(s): Malcolm W. McGeoch
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10-Hz kilowatt-class dye laser system
Author(s): Daniel E. Klimek; Henry R. Aldag
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Photodissociation of alkyliodides and inversion accumulation in iodine laser in the presence of vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Author(s): Sergey P. Smyshlyaev; V. A. Eroshenko; Gennadi A. Kirillov; Gennady G. Kochemasov; Stanislav M. Kulikov; S. N. Pevny; Stanislav A. Sukharev
Compression path algorithm of amplitude correction using deformable mirrors
Author(s): Kaiyun Wang; Jin-wen Sun
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Alpha high-power chemical laser program
Author(s): Anthony J. Cordi; Henry Lurie; David W. Callahan; Matthew Thomson
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Gain generator optimization for hydrogen fluoride overtone and fundamental chemical lasers
Author(s): William Anthony Duncan; Stanley P. Patterson; Bruce Rusty Graves; Jeffrey L. Sollee; Gordon N. Yonehara; John P. Dering
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Generation of singlet delta oxygen: a technology overview
Author(s): William E. McDermott
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Simplified chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) system model
Author(s): Peter G. Crowell; David N. Plummer
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Radial diffusion between coaxial cylinders and surface deactivation of O2(b1Eg+)
Author(s): Glen P. Perram; Deborah A. Determan; John A. Dorian; Barrett F. Lowe; Tim L. Thompson
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Sensitivity of the uniform-droplet oxygen-generator output to flow conditions and geometry
Author(s): William J. Thayer III
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Two-phase model of O2(1-delta) production with application to rotating disk generators
Author(s): Drew A. Copeland; Victor Quan; Jay A. Blauer; Sergio E. Rodriguez
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Recent high-energy laser system tests using the MIRACL/SLBD
Author(s): John R. Albertine
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Hydrogen fluoride (HF) overtone phase-step resonator
Author(s): Eric L. Schafer; Wilford Smith; Dwight David Lyman
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Advanced cw hydrogen fluoride chemical laser performance
Author(s): Robert E. Waldo
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High-energy laser beam diagnostics
Author(s): Antonio R. Marrujo; Edward C. Hensel
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Experimental investigation of homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation condensation processes and products in COIL
Author(s): Philip Douglas Whitefield; Donald E. Hagen; M. Trueblood; M. Barnett; Charles A. Helms
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Specific power optimization for COIL
Author(s): Willy L. Bohn
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Applications of lasers to imaging of distant objects
Author(s): Richard B. Holmes
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Dispersion and anisoplanatic effects from the atmospheric density gradient
Author(s): James P. Stone; Patrick H. Hu; Jeff A. Goldstone; Kevin E. Jones
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Power beaming with FEL lasers
Author(s): Michael C. Lampel; Mark S. Curtin; Robert J. Burke; Ralph A. Cover; George Rakowsky; Glenn T. Bennett
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Laboratory atmospheric compensation experiment
Author(s): C. Drutman; James P. Moran; Francisco Faria-e-Maia; Howard Hyman; Jeffrey A. Russell
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LCT/LOWKATER: a medium-power, compact CO2 transmitter for multiple applications
Author(s): Rudy Limpaecher; Mark A. Kovacs; Albert L. Pardue Jr.
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Low-power instability of multiline CO lasers
Author(s): Victor I. Masychev; Valentin K. Sysoev; Vladislav S. Alejnikov
Auto-waveguide regime of propagation of laser radiation with a helical structure of the phase, and the problem of its propagation in media with different mechanisms of nonlinearity
Author(s): Vladimir Ilyich Kruglov; Vasily M. Volkov
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High-speed laser diagnostics at 1.06 um with simultaneous percussion hole drilling of aerospace materials
Author(s): Philip R. Cunningham; Marc Fahndrich; Jeffrey Wade Oliver; Thomas S. Bertlesen; Richard W. Frye
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Spectroscopy and energy transfer dynamics of I2 levels in the 1.0-1.3 eV range
Author(s): M. L. Nowlin; Michael C. Heaven
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Kinetics of NF(a1delta), NF(X3E), and chemically pumped NF(b1E)
Author(s): Bruce H. Weiller; Raymond F. Heidner III; J. Brooke Koffend
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