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Ultrafast Pulse Generation and Spectroscopy
Editor(s): Timothy R. Gosnell; Antoinette J. Taylor; Keith A. Nelson; Michael C. Downer

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Volume Number: 1861
Date Published: 17 June 1993

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Generation, measurement, and amplification of 20-fs high-peak-power pulses from a regeneratively initiated, self-mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser
Author(s): Christopher P. P. Barty; Brian E. Lemoff; Clarence L. Gordon III
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Generation of sub-20-femtosecond pulses from mode-locked Ti:Al2O3 lasers with reduced cubic phase
Author(s): Bob Proctor; Frank W. Wise
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Frequency doubling of sub-20-femtosecond pulses in Ti:sapphire
Author(s): Melanie T. Asaki; Chung-Po Huang; Dennis W. Garvey; Jianping Zhou; Margaret M. Murnane; Henry C. Kapteyn
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Hybrid chirped-pulse amplification systems: development of high-peak-power and high-average-power systems
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Squier; Gerard A. Mourou
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1.5-TW 10-Hz Ti:sapphire laser system: design and performance
Author(s): Pay H. Chiu; Art Magana; Koichi Yamakawa; Jeffrey D. Kmetec
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Limitations on the fidelity of 100-fs pulses produced by chirped-pulse amplification
Author(s): William E. White; Frank G. Patterson; Linn D. Van Woerkom; Dwight F. Price; Ronnie L. Shepherd
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Mode-locked repetition-rate feedback stabilization of semiconductor diode lasers
Author(s): Roger J. Helkey; Alan Mar; Wei-Xiong Zou; D. Bruce Young; John Edward Bowers
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High-power ultrafast semiconductor laser diodes
Author(s): Peter J. Delfyett Jr.
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Numerical design of mode-locked semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Arthur J. Lowery; L. Zhai; Zaheer Ahmed; Noriaki Onodera; Rodney S. Tucker
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Tunable ultrashort-pulse generation and amplification using optical parametric techniques
Author(s): Qiang Fu; Gary Mak; Henry M. van Driel
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High-repetition-rate techniques for ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy in the mid-infrared
Author(s): Arjun G. Yodh
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Ultraviolet femtosecond optical pulse generated by LBO crystal
Author(s): Huijuan He; Jinhui Shen; Yupu Liu; Yinghua Zhang; ZhiJiang Wang
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Capturing electromagnetic fields with femtosecond resolution
Author(s): Jean-Claude M. Diels; Xin Miao Zhao; Scott A. Diddams
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Induced-grating-autocorrelation measurements of self-phase-modulated pulses
Author(s): Alfred M. Levine; Ercument Ozizmir; Rick P. Trebino; Carl C. Hayden; Anthony M. Johnson; K. L. Tokuda
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Measurement of the amplitude and phase of pulses from passively mode-locked lasers
Author(s): Victor Wong; R. John Koshel; Mark Beck; Ian A. Walmsley
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Single-shot measurement of the intensity and phase of a femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): Daniel J. Kane; Rick P. Trebino
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Single-shot phase-sensitive autocorrelator for short-pulse ultraviolet lasers
Author(s): S. P. Le Blanc; F. Cote; Gabor Szabo; Roland A. Sauerbrey
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Photorefractive crystals for recording two-dimensional change of picosecond light pulse
Author(s): Hideki Okamura; Kazuo Kuroda; Hiroyoshi Yajima; Masahide Itoh
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Generation of tunable, femtosecond-time-scale VUV pulses by four-wave difference-frequency mixing in xenon
Author(s): James H. Glownia; Dietmar R. Gnass; Michael I. Kaschke; Peter P. Sorokin
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Large-aperture photoconducting antennas excited by high optical fluences
Author(s): Justin Thomas Darrow; David H. Auston; Jeffrey D. Morse
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Femtosecond optical rectification from semiconductor surfaces and quantum wells
Author(s): Shun-Lien Chuang
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Optical pulse shaping by spectrally slicing stimulated light scattering generated in anisotropic molecular liquids
Author(s): Jianying Zhou; He Zhou Wang; Zhigang Cai; Xu Guang Huang; Zhenxin Yu
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Excitation of large coherent phonon amplitudes in semiconductors and semimetals
Author(s): T. K. Cheng; J. Vidal; H. J. Zeiger; George Dresselhaus; Mildred S. Dresselhaus; Erich P. Ippen
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Optical generation of terahertz pulses in quantum wells
Author(s): Paul C.M. Planken; Martin C. Nuss; Igal Brener; Keith W. Goossen; Marie S. C. Luo; Shun-Lien Chuang
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Carrier-carrier interactions in GaAs investigated by femtosecond spectroscopy
Author(s): Ting Gong; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Nonlinear optical responses of photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Richard C. Powell; Huimin Liu; Istvan Foldvari; Scott A. Holmstrom; Roger J. Reeves
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Polarization dynamics in ferroelectric perovskite crystals
Author(s): Thomas P. Dougherty; Gary P. Wiederrecht; Lisa Dhar; Keith A. Nelson
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Ultrafast dynamics of nematic liquid crystals in the isotropic phase
Author(s): John Joseph Stankus; Renato Torre; Scott R. Greenfield; A. Sengupta; Michael D. Fayer
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Experimental study of photoluminescence of trans-cisoid and cis-transoid polyphenylacetylene
Author(s): Zhigang Cai; Xu Guang Huang; Zhenxin Yu; Run G. Sun; Changqin Jin; Xinyi Zhang; Mujie Yang
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Size-dependent spectroscopy and photodynamics of some II-VI semiconductor nanocrystallites (quantum dots)
Author(s): M. Nirmal; Christopher B. Murray; David J. Norris; Moungi G. Bawendi
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Femtosecond ellipsometry and surface second-harmonic probes of Ge, Si1-xGex, Si, and diamond
Author(s): Jerry I. Dadap Jr.; Heung-Ro Choo; X. F. Hu; Qing Deng; Michael C. Downer
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Interface selective transient grating spectroscopy: theory and applications to thermal flow and acoustic propagation in superconducting thin films
Author(s): Christopher D. Marshall; Andrei Tokmakoff; Ilya M. Fishman; Michael D. Fayer
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Noncontact optical characterization of thermal and mechanical properties of thin films
Author(s): John A. Rogers; Keith A. Nelson
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Ultrafast dynamics of photoexcited C6O
Author(s): Susan L. Dexheimer; Daniel Mittleman; Robert W. Schoenlein; William A. Vareka; Xiao-Dong Xiang; A. Zettl; Charles V. Shank
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Carrier dynamics in solid C60
Author(s): Naomi J. Halas
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Temperature dependence of the femtosecond optical response in doped high-temperature superconductors
Author(s): David H. Reitze; Andrew M. Weiner; Shahab Etemad; Arun Inam; Glenn Focht
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Femtosecond optical nonlinearities in YBa2Cu3O7-x
Author(s): Ting Gong; Y. Kostoulas; Li Xing Zheng; W. Xiong; Witold Kula; Roman Sobolewski; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Nonradiative-radiative recombination and trapping processes in the InGaAs/GaAs single quantum wells
Author(s): Shixiong Qian; Jie Song; Yufen Li; Wen-Ji Peng; Zhenxin Yu
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Research on the tunneling of asymmetric double quantum wells with time-resolved photoluminescence
Author(s): Xu Guang Huang; Zhigang Cai; X. J, Zhang; Jianying Zhou; Zhenxin Yu
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Sub-50-femtosecond high-peak-power pulses from a regeneratively initiated self-sustained continuous-wave mode-locked chromium-doped forsterite laser
Author(s): Howard Nathel; Alphan Sennaroglu; Clifford R. Pollock
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