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Laser Isotope Separation
Editor(s): Jeffrey A. Paisner

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Volume Number: 1859
Date Published: 28 May 1993

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New Japanese AVLIS program
Author(s): Noboru Morioka
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Atomic vapor laser isotope separation in France
Author(s): Noel Camarcat; Alain Lafon; Jean-Pierre Perves; Alex Rosengard; Guy Sauzay
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Gadolinium enrichment technology at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Author(s): Christopher A. Haynam; Brian J. Comaskey; John Conway; Jon Eggert; Joseph Glaser; Edmund W. Ng; Jeffrey A. Paisner; Richard W. Solarz; Earl F. Worden
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Spectroscopy of uranium within the SILVA program
Author(s): R. Avril; Alain Denis Petit; J. Radwan; E. Vors
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Progress in zirconium resonance ionization spectroscopy
Author(s): Ralph H. Page; Stephen C. Dropinski; Earl F. Worden; J. A. D. Stockdale
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Near-resonant effects on laser pulse propagation in atomic laser isotope separation
Author(s): Yasukazu Izawa; Keiji Nomaru; Naglaa E. Aly; K. Kou; Hideaki Niki; Sadao Nakai; Yen-Wei Chen; Chihiro Yamanaka
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Photon flux optimization in three-color multiphoton ionization of uranium atoms
Author(s): David Levron; A. Bar-Shalom; Zeev Burshtein; R. David; G. Hazak; Joshua J. Ivry; Lawrence A. Levin; J. Oreg; Moshe Strauss
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Ionization yield in a three-step photoionization process of an optically thick atomic column: numerical modelization and experiments in atomic thulium
Author(s): Philippe Kupecek; M. Comte; Jacques De Lamare; Alain Denis Petit
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Hyperfine structure in the configuration F3DS2 of uranium
Author(s): R. Avril; A. Ginibre; Alain Denis Petit
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Numerical experiments of ion extraction in laser separation using a particle-mesh simulation
Author(s): F. Doneddu
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Copper vapor laser development for SILVA
Author(s): Antoine Bettinger; M. Neu; J. Maury; Jacques A. Chatelet
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Dye laser chain for laser isotope separation
Author(s): Denis Doizi; Jean Jaraudias; E. Pochon; G. Salvetat
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Copper-pumped dye laser system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Author(s): Richard P. Hackel; Bruce E. Warner
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Laser beam control and diagnostic systems for the copper-pumped dye laser system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Author(s): Erlan S. Bliss; Roger L. Peterson; J. Thaddeus Salmon; Richard A. Thomas
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Presentation of the Cordy pilot plant
Author(s): Bruno Lorrain; R. Sobrero
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Flow studies on various uranium material systems
Author(s): Michel Berardo; Joel Marcellin
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Visible laser facility for optical components
Author(s): Herve Piombini; C. Gallou; Pierre Isnard
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TRIO-EF: a general thermal hydraulics computer code applied to the AVLIS process
Author(s): Jean Paul Magnaud; Michel Claveau; Nadia Coulon; Philippe Yala; Daniel Guilbaud; Albert Mejane
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Two-color multiple-photon dissociation of CF3T
Author(s): Lucien Pateopol; John A. O'Neill
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Design of a formaldehyde photodissociation process for carbon and oxygen isotope separation
Author(s): Richard C. Stern; Karl F. Scheibner
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Dielectric breakdown threshold in CF3H and in CF3H/CF3T mixtures using pulsed infrared radiation
Author(s): Elizabeth M. Alonso; John A. O'Neill; Lucien Pateopol
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CO-laser-induced photochemical reaction of UF6 with HCl for the isotope separation of uranium hexafluoride
Author(s): Hong-Bin Ding; Z. Y. Shen; Cun Hao Zhang
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Novel wave/ion beam interaction approach to isotope separation
Author(s): Richard F. Post; Stephen Lowder; Lou Ann Schwager; William L. Barr; Bruce E. Warner
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Laser system design for the generation of a sodium-layer laser guide star
Author(s): Herbert W. Friedman
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Laser materials processing applications at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Author(s): R. Steven Hargrove; Ernest P. Dragon; Richard P. Hackel; Douglas D. Kautz; Bruce E. Warner
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CLAMP: a European project to assess copper laser applications in manufacture and production
Author(s): Andrew John Kearsley; Martyn R. H. Knowles
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Isolated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT): a solid state switch
Author(s): D. Chatroux; J. Maury; B. Hennevin
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Uranium AVLIS vaporizer development
Author(s): Thomas M. Anklam; Leon Val Berzins; Karla G. Hagans; George Kamin; Matthew A. McClelland; Raymond D. Scarpetti; Dan W. Shimer
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