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Laser Techniques for State-Selected and State-to-State Chemistry
Editor(s): Cheuk Yiu Ng

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Volume Number: 1858
Date Published: 22 April 1993

Table of Contents
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Application of ion imaging to the study of unimolecular and bimolecular reactions
Author(s): Theo Kitsopoulos; Mark A. Buntine; David P. Baldwin; Richard N. Zare; David W. Chandler
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New ways to optically detect CH2 and HCF radicals using resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization spectroscopy
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Hudgens; Russell D. Johnson III; Karl K. Irikura
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Isotopic branching ratios in reaction of O(1D) with hydrogen, propane, and 2-propylchloride, and in VUV photodissociation,
Author(s): Masahiro Kawasaki; Yutaka Matsumi; Kenichi Tonokura
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Resonance flourescence examination of the allyl radical B[12A1] and C[22B1] excited states
Author(s): James D. Getty; Xianming Liu; Peter B. Kelly
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Spectroscopic studies of small radicals (CH3S)
Author(s): Yuan-Pern Lee
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Fast-beam studies of free-radical photodissociation: the CH2NO2 radical
Author(s): David J. Leahy; Douglas R. Cyr; David L. Osborn; Daniel M. Neumark
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Laser spectroscopy of chemically reactive species
Author(s): Ming T. Wu; Trevor J. Sears
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Infrared spectroscopic detection of ions and free radicals in discharge plasmas
Author(s): Takayoshi Amano
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Spectroscopy and dynamics of ionic complexes: N2+-He and N2O+-Ar
Author(s): E. J. Bieske; A. M. Soliva; A. Friedmann; John P. Maier
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High-resolution laser spectroscopy of molecular ions
Author(s): John W. Farley
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Optical spectra of size-selected mercury cluster ions
Author(s): H. Haberland; Bernd von Issendorf; Yufing Ji; Thomas Kolar
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Some molecular ions of astrophysical importance: the infrared spectroscopy of H3+ and carbo-cations
Author(s): Mary-Frances Jagod
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Infrared spectroscopy of ion complexes of CH5+
Author(s): Doo Wan Boo; Yuan T. Lee
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Resonant four-wave-mixing spectroscopy as a probe of molecular structure and dynamics in the regime of extreme vibrational excitation
Author(s): S. Alex Kandel; T. A.W. Wasserman; Q. Zhang; H. Wang; Angela A. Arias; Patrick Henry Vaccaro
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Highly excited vibrational levels studies using time-resolved Fourier transform emission spectroscopy
Author(s): Gregory V. Hartland; Dong Qin; Hai-Lung Dai
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CARS and SRE techniques for product-state analysis and reactant-state preparation in reaction dynamics
Author(s): James J. Valentini
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Nondissociative one-photon ionization of clusters--is it possible?
Author(s): Tomas Baer; Jon A. Booze; John S. Riley
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Competition among autoionization, predissociation, and ion-pair formation in molecular hydrogen
Author(s): Joseph L. Dehmer; P. M. Dehmer; Stephan T. Pratt; Elizabeth F. McCormack
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Strong-field dissociation dynamics
Author(s): Louis F. DiMauro; Baorui Yang
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Laser investigation of decay dynamics in superexcited Rydberg states of NO
Author(s): Asuka Fujii; Norio Morita
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Zero kinetic energy photoelectron spectroscopy and femtosecond dynamics of the cluster Na3
Author(s): R. Thalweiser; S. Vogler; Gustav Gerber
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Non-Franck-Condon intensity distributions in pulsed field ionization spectroscopy of NO+(a3sigma) and O2+(x2pig)
Author(s): Wei Kong; D. Rodgers; John W. Hepburn
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Zero electron kinetic energy photoelectron spectroscopy using picosecond lasers
Author(s): Jonathan M. Smith; Xu Zhang; Joseph L. Knee
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Ion rotational distributions for nonlinear molecules at near-threshold photoelectron energies
Author(s): Kwanghsi Wang; Vincent McKoy
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Photoelectron spectroscopy of lithium dimer anion
Author(s): H. W. Sarkas; S. T. Arnold; Jackie Hendricks; V. L. Slager; Kit Bowen
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Half-collision studies of singlet-to-triplet energy transfer: action spectroscopy and predissociation dynamics of electronically excited Cd H2 and Cd D2 complexes
Author(s): Ingvar Wallace; David J. Funk; John G. Kaup; Solomon Bililign; Michael D. Morse; William H. Breckenridge
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Product state correlations in the reaction of O(1D) and H2O in bimolecular collisions and in O3H2O clusters
Author(s): Michael P. Casassa; Deborah G. Sauder; David S. King
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Quantum dynamics of X2BC van der Waals clusters
Author(s): Stephen K. Gray
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Photoexcitation and decay of weakly bound complexes: the Ar...Cl2 case
Author(s): Nadine Halberstadt; Kenneth C. Janda; Octavio Roncero
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State-to-state predissociation dynamics of CN-Ne
Author(s): Suli Fei; Michael C. Heaven
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Intermolecular vibrations and predissociative resonances in open-shell complexes
Author(s): Marsha I. Lester; Seung E. Choi; Robert W. Randall
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Theory and simulation of energy transfer dynamics in van der Waals clusters
Author(s): Craig C. Martens; Zhiming Li; Angela Borrmann
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Nonlinear optical probes of surface dynamics: application to the vibrational dynamics of Si-H for Si(111)/H
Author(s): Philippe Guyot-Sionnest
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Study of chiral properties of surfaces using second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Herman I. Yee; Jeff D. Byers; Teresa P. Petralli-Mallow; Janice M. Hicks
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Ultrafast nonlinear optical studies of surface reaction processes
Author(s): R. J. Dwayne Miller; L. A. Gomez-Jahn; Raymond J. Lanzafame M.D.; L. Min; Stephen P. Palese
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Single-photon ionization and detection of Ga, In, and Asn species in GaAs growth
Author(s): April L. Alstrin; Paul G. Strupp; Laura Cook; Stephen R. Leone
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Photochemistry and photodissociation dynamics of N2O on metal surfaces
Author(s): Yoshiyasu Matsumoto; K. Sawabe; Jihwa Lee
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Dynamics of laser-initiated reactions on Pt(111)
Author(s): Ian A. Harrison
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State-selected ion-molecule reactions: measurement of absolute cross sections for charge-transfer systems of atmospheric interest
Author(s): Paul-Marie Guyon; Christian Alcaraz
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UV laser photolysis of KI: determination of quantum yield fine-structure branching ratio and collisional mixing rates of photofragments
Author(s): King-Chuen Lin; C. Ke; K. Wang
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Experimental and theoretic studies of collective emission in CS2
Author(s): Huei Tarng Liou; Bobby Fain; Siming H. Lin
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State selection and orientation of molecular ions: exploiting the photoelectron-photofragment ion recoil vector correlation
Author(s): Ivan Powis; Katherine L. Reid
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Rotational state-selective photofragmentation of ND3 at 193.3 nm
Author(s): Delroy Alphonso Baugh; Victoria A.C. Cho; Jason Petteway; Timothy Garner; Dukyoung Kim
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Comparative study of deposition of thin films by laser-induced PVD with femtosecond and nanosecond laser pulses
Author(s): F. Mueller; Klaus R. Mann; Peter Simon; Jeffrey S. Bernstein; Gerard J. Zaal
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State-to-state dynamics and doubly differential cross sections of the reaction of chlorine atoms with CH4(v3=1, J)
Author(s): William R. Simpson; Andrew J. Orr-Ewing; Richard N. Zare
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Direct measurements of state-to-state rotational and vibrational energy transfer in highly vibrational excited acetylene: vibrational overtone excitation--LIF detection
Author(s): Joseph D. Tobiason; A. L. Utz; Fleming F. Crim
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Infrared spectrum of the silicon hydride cation SiH7+
Author(s): Yi-Bin Cao; Jong-Ho Choi; Bernd-Michael Haas; Matthew S. Johnson; Mitchio Okumura
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