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Scanning Probe Microscopies II
Editor(s): Clayton C. Williams

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Volume Number: 1855
Date Published: 4 June 1993

Table of Contents
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Adjacent metal-coated/uncoated regions facilitates interpretation of STM images of DNA
Author(s): Ricardo Garcia; David Dunlap; Carlos J. Bustamante
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Chirality of the local supercoiling of individual DNA molecules assigned by atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Bruno Samori; Giuliano Siligardi; Carla Quagliarello; Albrecht L. Weisenhorn; James Vesenka; Carlos J. Bustamante
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Tooth structure studied using the atomic force microscope
Author(s): Sandor Kasas; Ariane Berdal; Marco R. Celio
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Deformation observed on soft surfaces studied with an AFM
Author(s): Albrecht L. Weisenhorn; Sandor Kasas; J. M. Solletti; Mitra Khorsandi; V. Gotzos; D. U. Roemer; G. P. Lorenzi
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Molecular charge mapping with electrostatic force microscope
Author(s): Yaojian Leng; Clayton C. Williams
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Gap-modulated versus constant current mode as a tool to discriminate between DNA and substrate structure in STM
Author(s): Antonio Cricenti; S. Selci; M. Scarselli; Renato Generosi; F. Amaldi; G. Chiarotti
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Reflection shear force/reflection near-field scanning optical microscopy
Author(s): Patrick J. Moyer; Michael A. Paesler
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Imaging modes and contrast in near-field scanning optical microscopy
Author(s): Ricardo Toledo-Crow; Mehdi Vaez-Iravani
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Near-field photodetection optical microscopy (NPOM): a novel probe for optical characterization on a subwavelength spatial scale
Author(s): Daniel R. Busath; Robert C. Davis; Clayton C. Williams
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Tip/sample interactions, contrast, and near-field microscopy of biological and solid-state samples
Author(s): Steven Smith; Eric E. Monson; Greg Merritt; Weihong Tan; D. Birnbaum; Zhong-You Shi; Bjorn A. Thorsrud; C. Harris; Holger T. Grahn; Klaus H. Ploog; Roberto D. Merlin; Bradford G. Orr; John P. Langmore; Raoul Kopelman
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Estimating the effective optical aperture of a typical laser probe in PSTM imaging
Author(s): Din Ping Tsai; Zhouhang Wang; Martin Moskovits
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Quantitative analysis of STM images for surface structure determination: sulfur on Re(0001)
Author(s): D. Frank Ogletree; Philippe Sautet; James C. Dunphy; Miguel Salmeron
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Process and defect-induced surface morphology of relaxed GexSi1-x films
Author(s): Julia W. P. Hsu; Eugene A. Fitzgerald; Ya-Hong Xie; Peter J. Silverman; Mark J. Cardillo
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Scanning tunneling and force microscopies of low-dimensional organic conductors and superconductors
Author(s): Raul Fainchtein; S. T. D'Arcangelis; S. S. Yang; D. O. Cowan; Sangyol Yoon; S. H. Pan; W. F. Smith; M. Yoo; Alejandro L. de Lozanne
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Some problems in scanning probe microscopy of vortices in superconductors
Author(s): Uwe Hartmann; T. Drechsler; Christoph Heiden
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High-resolution scanning Hall probe microscopy
Author(s): Hans D. Hallen; H. F. Hess; A. M. Chang; Loren N. Pfeiffer; Kenneth W. West; David B. Mitzi
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Properties and structures of a magnetic shielding material
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib; K. Moore; R. Nessler
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Magnetic scanning tunneling microscopy: theory and experiment
Author(s): Edward R. Burke; Romel D. Gomez; Amr A. Adly; Isaak D. Mayergoyz
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Development of a scanned near-field optical microscope for magneto-optic Kerr imaging of magnetic domains with 10nm resolution
Author(s): Thomas J. Silva; Sheldon Schultz
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Further magnetic force and force gradient microscopy utilizing an ultrasensitive vertical cantilever geometry
Author(s): Anthony DiCarlo; Michael R. Scheinfein; Ralph V. Chamberlin
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Scanning capacitance detection and charge trapping in NOS
Author(s): Bruce D. Terris; Rick Barrett; H. Jonathon Mamin
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Stand-alone atomic force microscope featuring large, scan friction measurement, atomic resolution, and capability of liquid operation
Author(s): Constant A.J. Putman; Kees O. van der Werf; Bart G. de Grooth; Niko F. van Hulst; Jan Greve
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Scanning force microscopy and STM imaging of B-chitin
Author(s): Manfred H. Jericho; P. J. Mulhern; Wenbo Xu; B. L. Blackford; Lawrence Fritz
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Thermal imaging of electronic materials and devices using the Atomic Force Microscope
Author(s): Arunava Majumdar; J. P. Carrejo; J. Lai; M. Chandrachood
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