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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Advanced Materials
Editor(s): Shahab Etemad

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Volume Number: 1852
Date Published: 23 July 1993

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All-optical devices: materials requirements
Author(s): Peter W. E. Smith
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Nonlinear optical activities of organic and inorganic semiconductors
Author(s): Takayoshi Kobayashi
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Dispersion of X(3)(-3w;w,w,w) in C60: correlation between linear and nonlinear properties
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Meth; Herman A. Vanherzeele; Ying Wang
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Quantum confinement and nonlinear optical response of conjugated molecules
Author(s): Hong Xiang Wang; Akira Takahashi; M. Hartmann; Shaul Mukamel
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Near-resonant degenerate four-wave mixing from fullerene-60 and fullerene-70 molecules
Author(s): Jie Song; Shixiong Qian; Feiming Li; Gongming Wang; Yufen Li
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Material figures of merit and implications to all-optical waveguide switching
Author(s): George I. Stegeman
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Nonlinear waves and bistabilities in waveguides and all-optical switches
Author(s): J. Y. Chen; S. Iraj Najafi
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Measurement of chi(3)(-omega3;omega1,omega1,-omega2) spectra for poly[3-tetradecylthiophene]
Author(s): Myoungsik Cha; William Eugene Torruellas; Dieter Neher; George I. Stegeman; Mario Leclerc
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Metal-nanocluster composites made by ion implantation: a novel third-order nonlinear material
Author(s): Richard F. Haglund Jr.; Li Yang; Robert H. Magruder III; Klaus Becker; J. E. Wittig; C. Woody White; Ray A. Zuhr; Lena Yang; Robert R. Alfano
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Nonlinear modulated ellipsometry for characterization of biopolymers
Author(s): Victor B. Taranenko; Vladimir Yu. Bazhenov; Olga A. Kulikovskaya
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Characterization of nonlinear absorption and refraction in advanced materials
Author(s): Eric W. Van Stryland; Mansoor Sheik-Bahae; Ali A. Said; David J. Hagan
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Determination of the orientational order parameters in polysilane LB-films by measuring third-order-susceptibility tensor components
Author(s): Myoungsik Cha; Dieter Neher; F. W. Embs; Silvia Mittler-Neher; George I. Stegeman
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Nonlinear optical properties of porphyrin and chlorophyll dimers studied by degenerated four-wave mixing
Author(s): Lin X.Q. Chen
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Electro-optic polymer materials and devices: fundamental limits
Author(s): Richard S. Lytel; George F. Lipscomb; Anthony J. Ticknor
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Assessment of polymeric materials for second-harmonic generation and optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Donald M. Burland; Robert D. Miller; Robert J. Twieg; Willi Volksen; C. A. Walsh
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Efficient acousto-optically phase-matched noncollinear optical second-harmonic generation in tellurium
Author(s): Dominique Jacques Souilhac; Dominique Billerey
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New crosslinkable polymers with second-order nonlinear optical chromophores in the main chain
Author(s): Chengzeng Xu; Bo Wu; Larry Raymond Dalton; Peter M. Ranon; Yongqiang Shi; William H. Steier
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Optical storage properties of bacteriorhodopsin
Author(s): Christoph R. Braeuchle; Norbert A. Hampp; Dieter Oesterhelt
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Nonlinear properties of photochromic materials for use in optical devices
Author(s): Alexander S. Dvornikov; Jacob N. Malkin; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Nonlinear optical properties of photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Scott M. Silence; Francois Hache; M. C.J.M. Donckers; C. A. Walsh; Donald M. Burland; Gary C. Bjorklund; Robert J. Twieg
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Photophysics of light-emitting conjugated polymers
Author(s): Zoltan G. Soos; Douglas S. Galvao; S. Ramasesha; Shahab Etemad
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High-quantum-efficiency luminescence from a conducting polymer in solution: a novel polymer laser dye
Author(s): J. Daniel Moses
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Quantum lattice fluctuations in a one-dimensional charge density wave material: luminescence and resonance Raman studies of an MX solid
Author(s): Frederick H. Long; Steven P. Love; Basil I. Swanson
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Design of materials for molecular computing
Author(s): Alois Renn; Stefan Bernet; Heinz Spahni; Urs Paul Wild
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Photoinduced electron transfer from conducting polymers onto Buckminsterfullerene
Author(s): Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci; Laura B. Smilowitz; Chi Zhang; Vojislav I. Srdanov; Alan J. Heeger; Fred Wudl
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Intracavity and resonant external cavity laser frequency doubling using semiconductor heterostructures
Author(s): Siegfried Janz; Hongxing Dai; F. Chatenoud; Michael M. Dion; Richard J. F. Normandin
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Photoexcitation spectroscopy of photoinduced electron transfer in conducting polymer-Buckminsterfullerene composites
Author(s): Laura B. Smilowitz; Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci; Richard Wu; C. Gettinger; Alan J. Heeger; Fred Wudl; Gary Wang; John Edward Bowers
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Picosecond photoluminescence from poly(2-methoxy,5-(2'-ethyl-hexyloxy)-p-phenylene-vinylene): solutions, gels, films, and blends
Author(s): Andy W. Hays; Laura B. Smilowitz; Alan J. Heeger; Gary Wang; John Edward Bowers
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Second-harmonic generation studies of crosslinkable nonlinear optical copolymers
Author(s): Khashayer Pakbaz; Nobuhiro Kawatsuki; Hans-Werner Schmidt
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