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Laser Diode Technology and Applications V
Editor(s): Daniel Renner

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Volume Number: 1850
Date Published: 16 June 1993

Table of Contents
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High-power high-efficiency antiguide laser arrays
Author(s): David G. Mehuys; Jo S. Major Jr.; David F. Welch
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Coherent 1-W cw operation of large-aperture resonant arrays of antiguides
Author(s): Charles Zmudzinski; Dan Botez; Luke J. Mawst; Chan A. Tu
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Self-stabilization of fundamental in-phase mode in resonant antiguided laser arrays
Author(s): Rashit F. Nabiev; Xianmin Yi; Pochi Yeh; Dan Botez
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Single-mode ARROW-type diode lasers
Author(s): Luke J. Mawst; Dan Botez; Charles Zmudzinski; Chan A. Tu; Michael Jansen
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Single-spatial-mode tapered amplifiers and oscillators
Author(s): James N. Walpole; Emily S. Kintzer; Stephen R. Chinn; Christine A. Wang; Leo J. Missaggia
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Coherent high-power operation of InGaAsP/InGaAs multiple-quantum-well active-grating surface-emitting amplified lasers
Author(s): Nils W. Carlson; So Kuen Liew; Raymond J. Menna; Peter D. Gardner; James T. Andrews; Jay B. Kirk; Jerome K. Butler; Alfred R. Triano; W. F. Reichert
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High-power diffraction-limited cw optical amplifiers
Author(s): David G. Mehuys; Lew Goldberg; D. C. Hall; David F. Welch
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High-brightness unstable resonator semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Richard K. DeFreez; Zhuoyu Bao; P. D. Carleson; Marc K. Felisky; Craig C. Largent
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InGaAsP vertical-cavity lasers
Author(s): James J. Dudley; Dubravko I. Babic; H. Wada; M. Shimizu; R. Mirin; John Edward Bowers; Evelyn L. Hu
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Optoelectronic technology for a reconfigurable optical interconnection architecture
Author(s): Julian Cheng; Ping Zhou
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Progress and properties of high-power coherent vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays
Author(s): Robert A. Morgan; Keisuke Kojima; L. E. Rogers; Gregory D. Guth; Ronald E. Leibenguth; Marlin W. Focht; Moses T. Asom; T. Mullally; William A. Gault
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Profiling of MOCVD- and MBE-grown VCSEL wafers for WDM sources
Author(s): Theresa Sze; A. Mohammed Mahbobzadeh; Julian Cheng; Stephen D. Hersee; Marek Osinski; Steven R. J. Brueck; Kevin J. Malloy
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Vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers: structural characterization, CAD, and DFB structures
Author(s): David H. Christensen; Craig A. Parsons; Joseph G. Pellegrino; James R. Hill; R. S. Rai; S. M. Crochiere; Robert K. Hickernell; David T. Schaafsma
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Resonant optical pumping of vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Matthew J. Bohn; John Gerard McInerney
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High-power InGaAs-GaAs 1064 nm strained-layer lasers by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD)
Author(s): Timothy M. Cockerill; David V. Forbes; James J. Coleman; K. J. Beernink; Richard F. Murison; Alan H. Moore
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TE/TM mode switching of GaAsP strained quantum-well laser diodes
Author(s): Hidenao Tanaka; Jun-ichi Shimada
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Effect of strain on 1.5-um quantum-well lasers
Author(s): Yau Zou; Jules S. Osinski; Piotr A. Grodzinski; Paul Daniel Dapkus; William C. Rideout; Wayne F. Sharfin; F. David Crawford
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Large-wavelength tunability of asymmetric three-section DFB lasers under cw and pulsed bias
Author(s): Hartmut Hillmer; H. L. Zhu; Herbert Burkhard
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Theoretical gain in strained-layer quantum wells
Author(s): Scott W. Corzine; Larry A. Coldren
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Reliability considerations of multi-quantum-well sources for optical fiber communication systems
Author(s): A. Richard Goodwin; Andrew J. Collar; I. G. A. Davies; Gordon D. Henshall; P. J. Anslow; A. Rashid
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Strained quaternary InAlGaAs 810-nm lasers
Author(s): John A. Baumann; Steven L. Yellen; Roland E. Juhala; Allan H. Shepard; Charlton M. Harding; Richard J. Dalby; Robert G. Waters
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Are InAlGaAs strained-layer quantum-well lasers more reliable?
Author(s): Richard F. Murison; Alan H. Moore; Nigel Holehouse; Shuyen R. Lee
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Noise of 980-nm InGaAs/GaAs strained quantum-well lasers and correlation with aging
Author(s): Bernard Pierre Orsal; Jean-Marie Peransin; K. Daulasim; Philippe Signoret; Pascal Y. Devoldere; M. Robinet; Mitsuo Fukuda
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Step-stress and life testing of multiemitter bar lasers
Author(s): Thomas H. Faltus
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Localization of crystallographic defects in failed laser diodes using optical probes
Author(s): Laura Serra; Giuseppe A. Azzini; R. De Franceschi; M. Liberatore; M. Mancini; Guido Manzone; Paolo Montangero
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Realization of high-power operation in AlGaInP lasers by employing multiquantum barrier and strained active layer
Author(s): Satoshi Arimoto; Hitoshi Watanabe; Masashi Yasuda; K. Kadoiwa; Etsuji Omura; Masao Aiga; Kenji Ikeda
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Phased 2D semiconductor laser array for high coherent output power
Author(s): Robert G. Waarts; Derek W. Nam; David F. Welch; Donald R. Scifres; John C. Ehlert; William J. Cassarly; J. Michael Finlan; Kevin M. Flood
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High-efficiency three-terminal laser array for optical interconnect
Author(s): Newton C. Frateschi; Hanmin Zhao; James J. Elliot; Sabeur Siala; M. Govindarajan; Richard N. Nottenburg; Paul Daniel Dapkus
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Tunable DBR lasers for photonic random optical memory access (PROMAC)
Author(s): Peter S. Guilfoyle; John M. Hessenbruch; Gary A. Evans; Jacob M. Hammer
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Modal reflectivity of horizontal cavity surface-emitting lasers, amplifiers, and SLEDs
Author(s): Dennis P. Bowler; Oscar M. Stafsudd; Michael Jansen; Szutsun Simon Ou; Jane J. Yang; Moshe Sergant; Cynthia A. Hess; Chan A. Tu
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Efficient, high-power monolithic two-dimensional surface-emitting diode laser arrays mounted in the junction-down configuration
Author(s): Michael Jansen; Szutsun Simon Ou; Jane J. Yang; Moshe Sergant; Cynthia A. Hess; Chan A. Tu; Phillip Hayashida; Dennis P. Bowler; Fernando D. Alvarez; George M. Harpole; Mark A. Emanuel
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High-power short-wavelength surface-emitting laser diodes
Author(s): Szutsun Simon Ou; Jane J. Yang; Michael Jansen
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1000-W QCW output power from surface-emitting GaAs/AlGaAs laser diode arrays
Author(s): Bernard Groussin; Francois Pitard; Alain Parent; Claude Carriere
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Monolithic high-power fanned-out amplifier lasers
Author(s): Joseph H. Abeles; Robert Amantea; James T. Andrews; Pamela K. York; John C. Connolly; R. Rios; W. F. Reichert; Jay B. Kirk; T. Zamerowski; Dean B. Gilbert; So Kuen Liew; N. A. Hughes; Jerome K. Butler; Gary A. Evans; S. Yegna Narayan; Donald J. Channin
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Bandwidth reduction due to confinement factor modulation in quantum-well lasers
Author(s): Seoyong Shin; Chin B. Su
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Resonant enhancement of semiconductor laser modulation response for efficient analog transmission at 35 GHz
Author(s): Shmuel Levy; Radhakrishnan Nagarajan; Alan Mar; John Edward Bowers
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Enhancement of the harmonic performance of a semiconductor optical amplifier using bias current feedback
Author(s): Julie A. Constable; Ian H. White; Alastair N. Coles; David G. Cunningham
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Measurement of relative intensity noise of semiconductor laser arrays
Author(s): Jingchang Zhong; Baoren Zhu; Ronghui Li; Yingjie Zhao
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Phase and amplitude modulations induced by four-wave mixing in laser diodes
Author(s): Jia-ming Liu; Thomas B. Simpson
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High-temperature operation of high-power InGaAlP visible laser diodes
Author(s): Gen-ichi Hatakoshi; Koichi Nittoh; Yukie Nishikawa; Kazuhiko Itaya; Masaki Okajima
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Short-red-wavelength, high-power, AlGaInP laser diodes
Author(s): Harvey B. Serreze; Ying-Chih Chen
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Development of low-threshold current stripe lasers from GaInAsSb/GaAlAsSb DH wafers emitting at 2.2 um
Author(s): Navin B. Patel; M. B. Z. Morosini; A. C. F. da Silveira; A. A. G. Von Zuben; M. S. S. Loural; J. L. Herrera-Perez
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