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Frequency-Stabilized Lasers and Their Applications
Editor(s): Y. C. Chung

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Volume Number: 1837
Date Published: 30 April 1993

Table of Contents
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Frequency-stabilized lasers: a parochial review
Author(s): John L. Hall
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Frequency locking of diode lasers using metallic vapor optogalvanic spectra
Author(s): Jean-Marie Gagne
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Frequency stabilization and frequency control of a semiconductor laser using the Faraday effect of the Rb absorption line
Author(s): Takashi Sato; Takao Nakazawa; Takashi Ueno; Hiroyuki Nakano; Minoru Shimba
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Frequency stabilization of AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs lasers using velocity-selective magnetic-optical activity
Author(s): W. David Lee; Jason J. Heuring; Joe C. Campbell
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Highly stable and high-power Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Kenichi Nakagawa; Yukitaka Shimizu; Takeshi Katsuda; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Internal-mirror He-Ne laser stabilized to saturated absorption of iodine in an external ring resonator
Author(s): Fumio Murakami; Kenji Narumi; Tatehisa Ohta
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Active reduction of frequency jitter in single-frequency ion lasers
Author(s): John P. Ekstrand; Steven C. Guggenheimer
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Simultaneous improvement of short- and long-term frequency stability of a diode laser
Author(s): Utako Tanaka; Tsutomu Yabuzaki
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Frequency stabilization of tunable narrow-linewidth external-cavity semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Hanyi Zhang; Yanjie Chai; Bo Sun; Shizhong Xie; He Huang; Haifeng Li; Bing Pang Tang; BingKun Zhou
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Instabilities in a laser diode with strong optical feedback
Author(s): Jesper Mork; Bjarne Tromborg; V. L. Velichansky; J. Mark
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Review of user requirements and practical possibilities for frequency standards for the optical fiber communication bands
Author(s): David J. Knight; P. S. Hansell; H. C. Leeson; Guy Duxbury; J. Meldau; Martin Lawrence
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Frequency standards at 1.523 um based on 20Ne and at 1.56-um derived from the 0.780 um Rb frequency standard
Author(s): David J. Knight; K. I. Pharaoh; Geoffrey P. Barwood; David A. Humphreys; Christopher J. Hodges; Martin Lawrence; Keith H. Cameron
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1.55-um-band practical frequency-stabilized semiconductor laser using C2H2 or HCN absorption lines
Author(s): Satoshi Yoshitake; Koji Akiyama; Miyako Iritani; Hidekazu Murayama
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Observation and characterization of 87Rb resonances for frequency-locking purpose of a 1.53-um DFB laser
Author(s): Marc Breton; Pierre Tremblay; Normand Cyr; Cyril Julien; Michel Tetu; Bernard Villeneuve
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Frequency stabilization of a fiber laser to rubidium: a high-accuracy 1.53-um wavelength standard
Author(s): Sarah L. Gilbert
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Frequency stabilization of DFB laser diodes to the P(3) line of acetylene at 1.52688 um by external phase modulation
Author(s): Fabrizio Bertinetto; Piero Gambini; Roberto Lano; Mario Puleo
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Frequency-stabilized 1.5-um laser diode using a heterodyne spectroscopy method for a spatial application
Author(s): Michel de Labachelerie; Christine Latrasse
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Frequency-locked long-wavelength lasers for lightwave communication systems
Author(s): Yun Chur Chung
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Remote-controlled absolute frequency stabilization of locally independent subscriber lasers for coherent communication systems
Author(s): Andreas Gladisch; L. Giehmann; Nikolaus Gieschen; Manfred Rocks
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Multichannel laser frequency stabilization in optical frequency division multiplexing system
Author(s): Bo Sun; Hanyi Zhang; Shizhong Xie; Yanjie Chai; BingKun Zhou
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Frequency locking of multiple external-cavity semiconductor lasers with equal frequency span
Author(s): Yanjie Chai; Hanyi Zhang; Bo Sun; Shizhong Xie; BingKun Zhou
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Highly accurate frequency counting system for 1.5 um wavelength semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Motonobu Kourogi; Kenichi Nakagawa; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Photonic WDM switch using fixed transmitters and tunable receivers
Author(s): Mario A. Santoro; Kai Y. Eng; Thomas L. Koch; Julian Stone
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Ensemble of laser sources with evenly spaced absolute frequencies for optical frequency division multiplexed systems
Author(s): Michel Tetu; Normand Cyr; Claude Gamache; Richard D. Boucher; Marc Breton; Pierre Tremblay; Bernard Villeneuve
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Frequency stabilization for multilocation optical FDM networks
Author(s): Quan Jiang; Mohsen Kavehrad
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New TDM frequency spacing stabilization scheme for DFB lasers used in FDM systems
Author(s): Aiguo Li; Yuqiao Liu; Deming Wu; Linzhen Xie
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Laser cooling and trapping experiments for cesium atoms in NRLM
Author(s): Takeshi Ikegami; Takayuki Kurosu; Shinichi Ohshima; Yasuhiro Nakadan
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Improved rubidium frequency standards using diode lasers with AM and FM noise control
Author(s): Csaba Szekely; R. E. Drullinger
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Laser-cooled cesium fountain clock: design and expected performances
Author(s): Andre Clairon; Phillipe Laurent; A. Nadir; G. Santarelli; M. Drewsen; D. Grison; B. Lounis; C. Salomon
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Study on an all-optical microwave frequency standard
Author(s): Normand Cyr; Michel Tetu; Marc Breton
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Injection-locking mechanisms in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Bouyer; Christian Breant; Pierre Schanne
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Laser-diode-pumped solid state lasers for gravitational wave antenna
Author(s): Ken-ichi Ueda; Noboru Uehara
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Stability measurements of an optically injection-locked microwave oscillator
Author(s): Christian Beaulieu; Martin Chamberland; Michel Tetu; Pierre Tremblay
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High-sensitivity spectroscopy with diode lasers
Author(s): Richard W. Fox; H. G. Robinson; A. S. Zibrov; N. Mackie; John H. Marquardt; J. Magyar; Leo W. Hollberg
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Narrow linewidth visible diode laser at 690 nm: spectroscopy of the SrI intercombination line
Author(s): Francesco S. Pavone; G. Giusfredi; Annalisa Capanni; Massimo Inguscio; Guglielmo M. Tino; Marella De Angelis
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Doppler-free mid-infrared spectroscopy and direct frequency measurement of a single barium ion transition using a frequency stable ammonia laser
Author(s): Alan A. Madej; B. G. Whitford; K. J. Siemsen; J. D. Sankey
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Precise optical frequency references and difference frequency measurements with diode lasers
Author(s): Steve B. Waltman; Alexander B. Romanovsky; Joseph S. Wells; Richard W. Fox; Leo W. Hollberg; Maria Paola Sassi; H. G. Robinson
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Synthesis of the Lyman-alpha frequency of atomic hydrogen
Author(s): Dieter Meschede; T. Andreae; W. Koenig; Robert Wynands; D. Leibfried; F. Schmidt-Kaler; Theodor W. Haensch
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High-level accuracy measurement of the absolute frequency of the red He-Ne/I2 laser stabilized
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Zondy; M. Abed; Ouali Acef; D. G. Rovera; A. H. Gerard; Andre Clairon; Phillipe Laurent; Yves P. Millerioux; Patrick Juncar
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Computer-controlled optical frequency synthesizer
Author(s): Bernard Glance
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High-performance tunable optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Dicky Lee; Ngai C. Wong
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Coherent four-wave mixing in laser diodes
Author(s): Harald R. Telle; Ch. Koch
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Frequency noise reduction of visible InGaAIP laser diodes by different optical feedback methods
Author(s): Harald Roager Simonsen
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Optically narrowed Rb-stabilized GaAlAs diode laser frequency standards with 1.5 X 10-10 absolute accuracy
Author(s): Geoffrey P. Barwood; Patrick Gill; W. R.C. Rowley
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Development of diode and fiber laser sources for a Sr+ trapped-ion optical frequency standard
Author(s): Geoffrey P. Barwood; C. S. Edwards; Patrick Gill; Hugh A. Klein; W. R.C. Rowley
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Frequency-stability measurements of two nonplanar ring oscillators independently stabilized to two Fabry-Perot interferometers
Author(s): Nicholas M. Sampas; R. Liu; Eric K. Gustafson; Robert L. Byer
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