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Cooperative Intelligent Robotics in Space III
Editor(s): Jon D. Erickson

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Volume Number: 1829
Date Published: 1 November 1992

Table of Contents
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Robust video object recognition and pose determination using passive target labels
Author(s): Donald R. Myers; Ben Gravely; David B. Moody; Del T. Jenstrom
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Capaciflector sensor data interpretation using the constrained deconvolution algorithm
Author(s): Charles E. Campbell Jr.; Semion Kizhner
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Proportional proximity sensing for telerobots using coherent laser radar
Author(s): Sixto L. Vazquez; Plesent W. Goode; Anthony R. Slotwinski
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Study of pseudo-noise cw diode laser for ranging applications
Author(s): Hyo Sang Lee; Ravi Ramaswami
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Robust spacecraft motion estimation and elevation modeling using a moving binocular head
Author(s): Wolfgang Poelzleitner; Gerhard Paar
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Flight telerobotic servicer legacy
Author(s): Paul L. Shattuck; James W. Lowrie
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Ground operation of the mobile servicing system on Space Station Freedom
Author(s): Z. A. Wojcik
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Measurement system testbed for the robotic evaluation and characterization of the space station remote manipulator system
Author(s): Marek R. Kujath; William B. Graham
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Teleprogramming a cooperative space robotic workcell for space station
Author(s): Damian D. Haule; S. M. Noorhosseini; Alfred S. Malowany
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Knowledge-based task planning for the special purpose dextrous manipulator
Author(s): P. Feighan; Aldo Dagnino; K. Chrystall; Piotr Wojcik
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Dimensions of complexity in learning from interactive instruction
Author(s): Scott B. Huffman; John E. Laird
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Overview of the dynamic predictive architecture for robotic assistants
Author(s): Charles E. Martin; Robert James Firby
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Personlike intelligent systems architectures for robotic shared control and automated operations
Author(s): Jon D. Erickson; Paschal J. Aucoin Jr.; Peter G. Ossorio
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Telerobotic system performance measurement: motivation and methods
Author(s): George V. Kondraske; George J. Khoury
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Recent developments at the Goddard engineering testbed
Author(s): Stephen Leake; Edward B. Cheung
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Servicing aid tool
Author(s): John L. Pullen; William O. Keksz; Thomas J. Manson; David Martin; Russel Werneth
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Automated assembly of a tetrahedral truss structure using machine vision
Author(s): William R. Doggett
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Humanlike agents with posture planning ability
Author(s): Moon R. Jung; Norman I. Badler
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Application of neural networks to nonlinear filtering
Author(s): William R. Michalson
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Visualization of redundancy resolution for kinematically redundant robots through the Jacobian null space
Author(s): Yu-Che Chen; Ian David Walker; John B. Cheatham, Jr.
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Safety issues of manipulator systems under computer control
Author(s): James F. Andary; Ruth Chaing Carter; Karen Halterman; Peter D. Spidaliere; Michael Tasevoli; Adrian L. Rad
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Parallel fault-tolerant robot control
Author(s): Deirdre L. Hamilton; John K. Bennett; Ian David Walker
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Using qualitative maps to direct reactive robots
Author(s): Randolph S. Bertin; Thomas W. Pendleton
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Reliable vision-guided grasping
Author(s): Keith E. Nicewarner; Robert B. Kelley
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Subsumption architecture-based real-time multitasking kernel for programming autonomous robots
Author(s): Richard F. Man
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Mobile robot system for ground servicing operations on the space shuttle
Author(s): Kevin J. Dowling; Richard Bennett; Michael K. Blackwell; Todd Graham; Simon Gatrall; Robert V. O'Toole III; Hagen Schempf
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Visual registration for robotic operations on space shuttle tiles
Author(s): Jeff L. DeCurtins; Cregg K. Cowan
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Robotic end-effector for rewaterproofing shuttle tiles
Author(s): Davoud Manouchehri; Joseph M. Hansen; Cheng M. Wu; Brian S. Yamamoto; Todd Graham
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Automated anomaly detection for orbiter high-temperature reusable surface insulation
Author(s): Eric G. Cooper; Sharon M. Jones; Plesent W. Goode; Sixto L. Vazquez
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RACE pulls for shared control
Author(s): Michael B. Leahy Jr.; Brian K. Cassiday
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Ideas on a system design for end-user robots
Author(s): R. Peter Bonasso; Marc G. Slack
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Distributed telerobotics system for space operations
Author(s): James D. Wise; Lawrence A. Ciscon; Sean Graves
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Designing modular robots for a spectrum of space applications
Author(s): Robert O. Ambrose; Martin P. Aalund; Delbert Tesar
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Integrated prototyping environment for programmable automation
Author(s): Francis da Costa; Vincent S. S. Hwang; Pradeep K. Khosla; Ronald Lumia
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Testbed for remote telepresence research
Author(s): Sarmad Adnan; John B. Cheatham, Jr.
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Intelligent virtual interfaces for telerobotics
Author(s): Georges G. Grinstein; Mark T. Maybury; Richard B. Mitchell
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Experiment in vision-based autonomous grasping within a reduced gravity environment
Author(s): K. A. Grimm; Jon D. Erickson; Greg D. Anderson; Chiun-Hong Chien; Lisa Hewgill; Mark L. Littlefield; Robert S. Norsworthy
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Multiview-based pose estimation from range images
Author(s): Chiun-Hong Chien
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Adaptive tracking of objects for a mobile robot using range images
Author(s): Mark L. Littlefield
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Motion estimation of a freely rotating body in earth orbit
Author(s): Lisa Hewgill
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Robot free-flyers in space extravehicular activity
Author(s): Harald J. Weigl; Harold L. Alexander
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Reducing software mass through behavior control
Author(s): David P. Miller
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Robotics for space exploration
Author(s): Lawrence P. Seidman; Eric L. Huber
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Tool for simulating space exploration initiative operations as a means of obtaining intelligent systems requirements
Author(s): Jon D. Erickson; Paschal J. Aucoin Jr.; James L. Dragg
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Manipulator control for rover planetary exploration
Author(s): Jonathan M. Cameron; Edward Tunstel; Tam Nguyen; Brian K. Cooper
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Telerobotics tasks requirements for planetary missions
Author(s): Marie-Claude Thomas; Michel Occello; Jean-Yves Tigli
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