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Sensor Fusion V
Editor(s): Paul S. Schenker

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Volume Number: 1828
Date Published: 1 November 1992

Table of Contents
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Extracting known and inferred shape information from a single view
Author(s): Adam Hoover; Dmitry B. Goldgof; Kevin W. Bowyer
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Modal models: energy-based implicit functions
Author(s): Stan Sclaroff; Alexander P. Pentland
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Using qualitative shape to constrain deformable model fitting
Author(s): Sven J. Dickinson; Dimitri N. Metaxas
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Representations for qualitative shape
Author(s): Venkataraman Sundareswaran
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Controlling 3D objects by sketching 2D views
Author(s): Ronie Hecker; Kenneth Perlin
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Combining depth and intensity processing for scene description and object recognition
Author(s): Guanghua Zhang; W. J. Austin; Andrew M. Wallace
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Real and virtual robot head for active vision research
Author(s): Suresh B. Marapane; Nils Terrell Lassiter; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Three-dimensional sensing, graphics, and interactive control in a human-machine system for decontamination and decommissioning applications
Author(s): Scott M. Thayer; Christopher S. Gourley; Philip L. Butler; Hugh Costello; Mohan M. Trivedi; ChuXin Chen; Suresh B. Marapane
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Graphical simulation and animation environment for flexible structure robots
Author(s): Suresh B. Marapane; Hemanshu R. Pota; Andrew Sexton; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Multisensory feedback in advanced teleoperations: benefits of auditory cues
Author(s): Margo K. Apostolos; Haya Zak; Hari Das; Paul S. Schenker
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Object manipulation and layout in a 3D virtual space using a combination of natural language and hand pointing
Author(s): Kenji Mochizuki; Haruo Takemura; Fumio Kishino
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Designing robotic systems from sensorimotor modules
Author(s): Gerard T. McKee
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Pyramidal techniques for multisensor fusion
Author(s): Alexander Akerman III
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Interdisciplinary multisensory fusion: design lessons from professional architects
Author(s): Ray W. Geiger; J. Timothy Snell
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Sonar data fusion for 3D scene reconstruction
Author(s): John J. Leonard; Bradley A. Moran
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Tracking point features with distributed imaging sensors
Author(s): Ted J. Broida
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Moving-target detection from a moving sensor
Author(s): Vishal Markandey
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Sensor fusion in a dynamic environment
Author(s): Terrance L. Huntsberger
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Cylindrical object reconstruction from a sequence of images
Author(s): Marc Viala; Christian Faye; Jean-Pierre Guerin; Didier Juvin
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Model-based sensor fusion
Author(s): Leonid I. Perlovsky
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Information-theoretic approach to management in decentralized data fusion
Author(s): James M. Manyika; Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte
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Toward task-directed planning of cooperating sensors
Author(s): Gerhard A. Grunwald; Gregory D. Hager
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Distributed-sensor-system decision analysis using team strategies
Author(s): Howard C. Choe; Demetrios Kazakos
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Accurate estimation of surface properties by integrating information using Bayesian networks
Author(s): Simon J. Davies; A. David Marshall; Ralph R. Martin
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Model of nonhierarchical control in distributed sensor networks
Author(s): Jens Meinkoehn; A. Knoll
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Probabilistic view clustering in object recognition
Author(s): Octavia I. Camps; Douglas W. Christoffel; Anjali Pathak
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Information fusion in image understanding: LANDSAT classification and ocular fundus images
Author(s): Axel J. Pinz; Renate Bartl
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Generalized integration method of evidences with dependency information
Author(s): Yong-Qing Cheng; Yong-Ge Wu; Ke Liu; Jingyu Yang
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Estimating position and orientation of planar objects via neural networks: results from simulations
Author(s): William R. Murray; Christopher T. Heg
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Structure from motion with impaired early motion computations
Author(s): Lucia M. Vaina; Noberto M. Grzywacz
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Linear responses to nonlinear signals: a neural network model of spatiotemporal visual processing
Author(s): Paolo Gaudiano
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Adaptive fusion model for distributed detection system
Author(s): Bin-Ou Zhu; Nirwan Ansari; Edwin Sui Hoi Hou
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Fast local mapping to support navigation and object localization
Author(s): Robert James Firby; David Christianson; Tom McDougal
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Volkwagon vision
Author(s): Ian Horswill
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Sequencing formally defined reactions for robotic activity: integrating RAPS and GAPPS
Author(s): Marc G. Slack
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Simple sensors for performing useful tasks autonomously in complex outdoor terrain
Author(s): Erann Gat; Alberto Behar; Rajiv Desai; Robert V. Ivlev; John L. Loch; David P. Miller
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Distributed approaches to behavior control
Author(s): Maja J. Mataric
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Multiple concurrent object descriptions in support of autonomous navigation
Author(s): Aaron F. Bobick; Robert C. Bolles
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Active place recognition using image signatures
Author(s): Sean P. Engelson
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Sensing qualitative events to control manipulation
Author(s): Polly K. Pook; Dana H. Ballard
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Sensor-based whole-arm obstacle avoidance for kinematically redundant robots
Author(s): Daniel G. Wegerif; Douglas J. Rosinski
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Robot control with multiple sensors and heuristic knowledge
Author(s): Denis E. Malone; Werner E. Friedrich
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Dynamic laser-based robotic-learning controller
Author(s): Ralph E. Goddard
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Sensor fusion using nonholonomic constraints
Author(s): Douglas A. Lyon
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Versatile multimodal system for surface profile measurements using a wrist-mounted laser device
Author(s): Hrishikesh P. Gadagkar; Mohan M. Trivedi; Nils Terrell Lassiter
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Multivision system for 3D measurement within camera vision
Author(s): Klaus Hartmann; Juergen Weber
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Intensity-guided laser rangefinding for three-dimensional coordinate measurement and object recognition
Author(s): Dietmar Ley; Markus Becker
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Calibration of multiple sensors by a planar calibration object
Author(s): Ke Liu; Ren Jiang; Qian Zhang; Yong-Qing Cheng; Jingyu Yang
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Camera pose estimation through two-view calibration
Author(s): Xiang Wan; Guang-you Xu
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Optical array detectors for image sensors calibration
Author(s): Tuan-Kay Lim
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