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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XI: Biological, Neural Net, and 3D Methods
Editor(s): David P. Casasent

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Volume Number: 1826
Date Published: 1 November 1992

Table of Contents
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Multiresolution statistical methods in image analysis
Author(s): Mark R. Luettgen; William Clement Karl; Alan S. Willsky; Robert R. Tenney
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Adapted waveform analysis, wavelet-packets, and local cosine libraries
Author(s): Ronald Raphael Coifman
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Spatiotemporal signal processing using a discrete 3D multiresolution wavelet analysis
Author(s): Thomas J. Burns; Steven K. Rogers; Mark E. Oxley; Dennis W. Ruck
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Wavelets, their autocorrelation functions, and multiresolution representations of signals
Author(s): Gregory Beylkin; N. Saito
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Determining Gabor-filter parameters for texture segmentation
Author(s): Dennis F. Dunn; William E. Higgins; Joseph Wakeley
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Stereo vision using Gabor receptive fields
Author(s): Michael A. Gennert; Jonathan A. Malin
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Phase method for binocular vergence control and depth reconstruction
Author(s): Wolfgang M. Theimer; Hanspeter A. Mallot; Sebastian Toelg
Implementing associative memories on nonideal analog systems
Author(s): Leonard Neiberg; David P. Casasent
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New class of Hopfield neural networks
Author(s): Ying Liu
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Nonparametric approach to classification using neural networks
Author(s): David W. Elizandro; Scott A. Starks; Octavio Lerma-Sanchez; Vern With
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Robot control using neural networks with adaptive learning steps
Author(s): Wanek Golnazarian; Richard Shell; Ernest L. Hall
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Adaptive control of nonlinear systems using multistage dynamic neural networks
Author(s): Madan M. Gupta; Dandina Hulikunta Rao
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Application of a real neural collision avoidance system based on the locust to AGV navigation
Author(s): F. Claire Rind; Charles R. Allen
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Generalized bidirectional associative memories for image processing
Author(s): Arun D. Kulkarni; Iraj Yazdapanhi
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Invariant pattern recognition using higher-order neural networks
Author(s): S. Sunthankar; Viktor A. Jaravine
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Adaptive time-delay neural network for temporal correlation and prediction
Author(s): Daw-Tung Lin; Judith E. Dayhoff; Panos A. Ligomenides
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Vision models for 3D surfaces
Author(s): Sunanda Mitra
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Architecture for fuzzy morphological operations
Author(s): Phillip A. Laplante; Divyendu Sinha
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Neural populations with multimodal threshold distributions that learn by selection
Author(s): Madan M. Gupta; George K. Knopf; C. Yu
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Application of a single-instruction computer to dilation and erosion of gray-valued images
Author(s): Phillip A. Laplante
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Unsupervised orthogonalization neural network for image compression
Author(s): Lurng-Kuo Liu; Panos A. Ligomenides
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Optimal operators for template and shape recognition by nonorthogonal image expansion
Author(s): Jezekiel Ben-Arie; Raghunath K. Rao
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Multiresolution neural network for the fusion of stereo and shape from shading in machine vision
Author(s): Richard Lepage; Denis Poussart
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Role of UV light in vision
Author(s): Jussi P. S. Parkkinen; Timo Jaeaeskelaeinen; Jarmo Hallikainen
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Insect vision as model for machine vision
Author(s): D. Osorio; Peter J. Sobey
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Multiresolution stroke sketch adaptive representation and neural network processing system for gray-level image recognition
Author(s): Alexander M. Meystel; Ilya A. Rybak; Sanjay Bhasin
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Integration and generalization of LVQ and c-means clustering (Invited Paper)
Author(s): James C. Bezdek
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Fuzzy logic in vision perception (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Madan M. Gupta; George K. Knopf
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Resolvable analysis and synthesis of synthetic aperture radar imagery
Author(s): Wolfgang F. Kraske
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Clustering of noisy image data using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy system
Author(s): Suryalakshmi Pemmaraju; Sunanda Mitra
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Comparative study of the performance of fuzzy ART-type clustering algorithms in pattern recognition
Author(s): Yong Soo Kim; Sunanda Mitra
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Automated digital motion-video abstraction: a fuzzy measure approach
Author(s): Albert Leigh; Sankar Pal
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Application of fuzzy logic in robot control
Author(s): Seppo Kemppainen; Juha Roening
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Automatic vision programs from predicted features
Author(s): Prasanna G. Mulgaonkar; Chien-Huei Chen; Bharath Modayur
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Prediction models from CAD models of 3D objects
Author(s): Octavia I. Camps
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Automatic light-source placement for detecting object features
Author(s): Cregg K. Cowan; Bharath Modayur; Jeff L. DeCurtins
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Knowledge-based 3D reconstruction from multiple segmented images
Author(s): Ellen L. Walker; Todd Hivnor
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Computing part hierarchies of 3D object shape from metric and nonmetric surface representations
Author(s): Stoyanka D. Zlateva
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Acquiring almost 3D models of mechanical objects from technical illustrations
Author(s): Norihiro Abe; Katsumi Ohno; Tadahiro Kitahashi; Shoujie He
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Visual-tracking-based robot vision system
Author(s): Keqiang Deng; Joseph N. Wilson; Gerhard X. Ritter
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Two-image photometric stereo method
Author(s): Jun Yang; Noboru Ohnishi; Noboru Sugie
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System to find edge correspondences in unstructured stereo images
Author(s): Rachid Gherbi; Alexandre Parodi
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Stochastic structure estimation by motion
Author(s): Arcangelo Distante; Francesco P. Lovergine; Giovanni Attolico; Maria Teresa Chiaradia; Laura Caponetti
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Zero cylinder coordinate system approach to image reconstruction in fan beam ICT
Author(s): Yan-Chun Yan; Wu Xian; Ernest L. Hall
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Three-dimensional solid object laser scanner
Author(s): S. Sunthankar
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Automated stop-and-go driving with computer vision
Author(s): Andreas Kuehnle
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Stereo vision technique using neighborhood support criterion
Author(s): Suya ok You; Jian Liu; Faguang Wan
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From plane to space corresponding location and 3D information acquisition
Author(s): Dezong Wang; Lingqin Wang
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Shaded display of digital terrain model based on matching of stereo image pair
Author(s): Zheng Tan; Toung Hwang
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New approach to parallel clustering and its application to image segmentation
Author(s): Doron Hershfinkel; Its'hak Dinstein
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