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Optoelectronic Component Technologies
Editor(s): GouChung Chi; Chi-Shain Hong

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Volume Number: 1813
Date Published: 23 October 1992

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High-temperature InGaAs strained-quantum-well lasers (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Chi-Shain Hong
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Development of a high-performance In0.4Ga0.6As photodiode on GaAs substrate for 1.3-um wavelength detection
Author(s): Yen C. Tzeng; Sheng S. Li
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Fundamental mode operation of high-power InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs laser arrays
Author(s): Jian-Shihn Tsang; D. C. Liou; C. M. Tsai; C. P. Lee; Feng-Yuh Juang
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Ridge-waveguide modified triple-quantum-well high-power AlGaAs laser grown by MOVPE
Author(s): MingCheng Hung; Kuen-Sane Din; Chiu-Ling Chen; Chuan-Ming Chang; Biing-Jye Lee
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Board-to-board optical free-space interconnect: models and validations
Author(s): Bruno Houssay; Sylvain Paineau
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Analysis and design of large optical interconnection networks
Author(s): Beniamino Castagnolo; Maria Rizzi
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Broad-bandwidth substrate-mode holograms for optical interconnects
Author(s): Yang-Tung Huang; Der-Chin Su; Cheng-Chun Ting
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Measurement and modeling of FM response of DFB laser under direct high-speed current modulation
Author(s): Yao-Huang Kao; Hung-Tser Lin
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Design of integrated-mirror etalons for photonic switching
Author(s): Tae-Hoon Yoon; Jae-Chang Kim; Jong Sool Jung
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Fiber and channel waveguide coupling improvement by mode pattern control
Author(s): Jiunn-Chyi Lee; How-Chiang Lee; Ching-Ting M. Lee
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Semiconductor optical switch with MOCVD-grown low-barrier quantum wells
Author(s): B. K. Kim; Seung-Won Lee; T. M. Kim; Kwang-uk Chu; O'Dae Kwon; Mun Seok Jeong; B. K. Kang; Kwang Nham Kang
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Novel 0.98/1.55-um dichroic coupler based on lithium niobate
Author(s): Chi-Yu Wang; Hung-Hui Shih; Szu-Chun Wang; Hung-Pin Shiao; Yuan-Kuang Tu
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Fabrication of a LiNbO3 optical waveguide lens by titanium-indiffused proton-exchanged technique
Author(s): Suk Moon Chung; Jae-Chang Kim; Tae-Hoon Yoon
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Instability in surface-emitting lasers due to external optical feedback
Author(s): Hong-Ming Chen; Kuochou Tai; Kai-Feng Huang; Yao-Huang Kao; James D. Wynn
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Characteristics of deep-red (770-nm) superlattice surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Yong-Hee Lee; Chang-Sup Shim; Jason J. Yoo
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Central wavelength of the electrical injection luminescence spectra of double-heterostructure AlGaAs light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Masahiro Noguchi; Toshihiko Ibuka; Hisanori Fujita
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AlGaInP green light-emitting diode
Author(s): Tzer-Perng Chen; C. Y. Chen; J. K. Hsu; J. R. Deng; M. J. Jou; Chuan-Ming Chang; J. Y. Kao; Biing-Jye Lee; Su-Hui Hsu
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AlGaAs/GaAs lens-shaped LED with high efficiency and narrow field pattern
Author(s): Gyuseong Cho; Young-Se Kwon
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InGaSb/GaSb strained quantum wells by MOCVD
Author(s): Ching Hwang Su; Yan-Kuin Su; Fuh Shyang Juang
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Analysis of electrical properties of delta-doped layers
Author(s): T. M. Cheng; Ming Shiann Feng; Huey Liang Hwang
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Nd3+-doped fiber ring laser pumped by Ti:Al2O3 tunable laser
Author(s): Hai Ming; Baorui Ren; Yu Liu; Jingren Qian; Jiangping Xie; Junyi Gao; Qiang Ding
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Hybrid distributed-node fiber optic passive coupler structures
Author(s): Do-Chang Lin; Sham-Tsong Shiue
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Critical comparison of DH, SCH, and GRIN-SCH-SQW 780-nm ridge-waveguide lasers
Author(s): Rong-Yih Hwang; Shau-Wen Luh; J. K. Hsu; M. D. Liu; Chuan-Ming Chang; Tzer-Perng Chen; Biing-Jye Lee
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Novel substrate-mode grating structure for wavelength-division demultiplexing
Author(s): Yang-Tung Huang; Der-Chin Su; Yi-Kong Tsai
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In-situ observation of HB GaAs crystal growth
Author(s): J. Y. Kuo; Y. D. Guo; Juei-Tsang Hsu
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Analysis of the effects of traversing torch and deposited layer thickness on particle deposition in the modified chemical vapor deposition process
Author(s): Mansoo Choi; Kyung-Soon Park
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Theoretical study of optical properties of III-V compound semiconductor quantum-well structures
Author(s): Huey-Liang Hsiao; Huey Liang Hwang
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Studies on quantum-well laser
Author(s): Ming-Shing Wu; Ming Shiann Feng; Huey Liang Hwang
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Studies on surface passivation of GaAs by P2S5/(NH4)2S and (NH4)2Sx sulfurization techniques
Author(s): Jerwei Hsieh; Huey Liang Hwang
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Temporal characteristics of a gain-switched Ti:sapphire laser
Author(s): Bing Xu; Li-Huang Lin; Ouyang Bin; Qin-Guo Li; Runwen Wang
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Beam quality improvement of slab lasers
Author(s): Baida Lu; Bangwei Cai; GuoYing Feng; Shifa Xu
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Nonlinearity enhancement at boundary promoting spatial soliton emission
Author(s): Changjun Liao; Dong-Ying Bee; Chung-Ji Li
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Coupling between single-mode fibers and on-chip optical waveguides for optical interconnects
Author(s): Yang-Tung Huang; Ching-Chuan Wei; Yeong Her Chen
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AlGaSb/GaSb metal-semiconductor-metal detectors grown on InP substrates
Author(s): Yuqi Wang; Malvin C. Teich; Wen I. Wang
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Reliability of high-power semiconductor laser arrays
Author(s): Hsing H. Kung; Richard R. Craig; Erik P. Zucker; Benjamin Li; Donald R. Scifres
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High-power 630-640nm GaInP/GaAlInP laser diodes
Author(s): Szutsun Simon Ou; Jane J. Yang; Michael Jansen; Richard J. Fu; C. J. Hwang
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High-performance surface-emitting lasers with dry-etched facets
Author(s): Szutsun Simon Ou; Michael Jansen; Jane J. Yang; Moshe Sergant; Cynthia A. Hess; Chan A. Tu; Fernando D. Alvarez
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