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Submicrometer Metallization: Challenges, Opportunities, and Limitations
Editor(s): Thomas Kwok; Takamaro Kikkawa; Krishna Shenai

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Volume Number: 1805
Date Published: 21 May 1993

Table of Contents
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Issues and opportunities for submicron metallization systems
Author(s): Robert S. Blewer; Thomas R. Omstead; James G. Fleming; Paul M. Smith
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Amorphous metallic alloys: a new advance in thin-film diffusion barriers for copper metallization
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Kolawa; Jason S. Reid; Jen Sue Chen
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Improvement of metal step coverage of VLSI device structures in a manufacturing environment
Author(s): Rob B. MacNaughton; T. H. Wonacott; De-Dui Liao; Hoang Huy Hoang
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Control of stress-void formation in aluminum-copper filled vias
Author(s): John L. Freeman; Gordon Grivna; Clarence J. Tracy
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Electromigration and current-carrying implications for aluminum-based metallurgy with tungsten stud via interconnections
Author(s): Hazara Singit Rathore; R. G. Filippi; R. A. Wachnik; Jose J. Estabil; Thomas Kwok
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Ti-thickness-dependent electromigration resistance for Ti/Al-Cu-Si metallization with and without barrier rapid-thermal-anneal in an ammonia ambient
Author(s): Kuan Yu Fu; Hisao Kawasaki; Johnson O. Olowolafe; Ronald E. Pyle
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Effects of texture, microstructure, and alloy content on electromigration of aluminum-based metallization
Author(s): David B. Knorr; K. P. Rodbell
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Role of surface diffusion in electromigration phenomena
Author(s): Richard W. Vook; C. Y. Chang; C. W. Park
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Effect of strain on diffusion kinetics and activation energy for Al grain-boundary diffusion: a computer simulation
Author(s): Thomas Kwok
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Interpretation of current-induced noise for detection of ULSI/VLSI interconnection reliability problems
Author(s): James G. Cottle Jr.
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Characterization of spin-on titanium nitride
Author(s): Yosef Y. Shacham-Diamand; C. Koutras; F. Goodwin; J. L. Keddie; Emmanuel P. Giannelis
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New nondestructive method to measure metal film thickness
Author(s): Xiaodong Wu; Gordon S. Kino
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Highly reliable high-temperature aluminum sputter metallization
Author(s): Hiroshi Nishimura; Takashi Kouzaki; Tatsuya Yamada; Robert Sinclair; Shin-ichi Ogawa
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Micron and submicron interconnect modeling
Author(s): Vijai K. Tripathi
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Via hole filling with metal melting by laser irradiation for submicron metallization
Author(s): Ryoichi Mukai; M. Nakano
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Smart-power metallization: issues, challenges, and opportunities
Author(s): Krishna Shenai
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Sensitivity of s-parameter data of metal semiconductor field effect transistor to the source and gate resistances
Author(s): G. G. Silvestri; Venkata S. Rao Gudimetla
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Giant-grain-copper metallization for high reliability and high-speed ULSI interconnects
Author(s): Toshiyuki Takewaki; Takashi Hoshi; Tomoaki Shibata; Tadahiro Ohmi; T. Nitta
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Planarization film by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and low-temperature oxide as conformal insulator
Author(s): Stella W. Pang
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Parylene as a conformal insulator for submicron multilayer interconnection
Author(s): Xin Zhang; S. Dabral; B. J. Howard; Joseph Bica; Chien Chiang; V. Ochoa; P. J. Ficalora; Christoph O. Steinbruchel; H. Bakhru; Toh-Ming Lu; John F. McDonald
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Al-Si-Cu/TiN multilayer interconnection and Al-Ge reflow sputtering technologies for quarter-micron devices
Author(s): Takamaro Kikkawa; Kuniko Kikuta
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Collimated sputtering of titanium liner films to control resistance of high-aspect-ratio contacts
Author(s): Thomas L. McDevitt; Scott Pennington; D. Cronin; Tom J. Licata; D. Strippe; James G. Ryan
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Seamless application of rapid thermal processing in manufacturing
Author(s): James S. Nakos
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Electromigration and stress reliability in multilevel interconnect metallization
Author(s): Paul S. Ho; M. A. Moske; C. K. Hu
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Statistical distributions of stress and electromigration-induced failure
Author(s): Peter Borgesen; M. A. Korhonen; Che-Yu Li
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Impact of interlevel dielectric materials on stress-induced voiding of metal 1
Author(s): H. Z. Chew; C. A. Fieber; P. Kelley; Thiet T. Lai; Vivian Ryan
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Modeling stress-induced void growth in Al-4wt%Cu lines
Author(s): Stewart E. Rauch; Timothy D. Sullivan
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Modeling electromigration lifetime under pulsed and AC current stress
Author(s): Chenming Hu; Nathan W. Cheung; J. Tao; Boon-Khim Liew
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Barrier layer effects and the use of Ti:W capping layers on the electromigration performance of Al-Si(1%)-Cu(0.5%) alloy
Author(s): Jeff S. May; Dave J. Yost; Carole D. Graas; Joe W. McPherson
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Morphology and crystallography of electromigration-induced transgranular slit failures in aluminum alloy interconnects
Author(s): John E. Sanchez Jr.; V. Randle; O. Kraft; E. Arzt
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Technological limitations in submicron on-chip interconnect
Author(s): Soo-Young Oh; Keh-Jeng Chang; Norman Chang; Ken Lee; John L. Moll
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Performance consideration for the scaling of submicron on-chip interconnections
Author(s): Yuh-J. Mii
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Thermally induced stresses and electromigration failure
Author(s): Larisa Kisselgof; S. P. Baranowski; Mike C. Broomfield; T. Spooner; L. Elliott; L. Brooke; James R. Lloyd
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Three-dimensional finite element calculations of thermal stress in aluminum interconnect with tungsten via-studs
Author(s): Lloyd G. Burrell; Amit X. Kapur
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Polishing characteristics of different glass films
Author(s): Robert Tolles; Hubert M. Bath; B. Doris; Rahul Jairath; Robert Leggett; Siva Sivaram
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