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Advanced Techniques for Integrated Circuit Processing II
Editor(s): James A. Bondur; Gary Castleman; Lloyd R. Harriott; Terry R. Turner

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Volume Number: 1803
Date Published: 16 April 1993

Table of Contents
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Microtrenching during polysilicon plasma etch
Author(s): Steve W. Swan; Daniel A. Corliss
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Sloped etching of highly phosphorous doped polysilicon developed with response surface methodology
Author(s): Joerg Jasper
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Profiles and chemistry effects in polysilicon and tungsten silicide EPROM 'stack' etching
Author(s): Daniel L. Flamm; Reza M. Sadjadi; Jeff R. Perry
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Controlling polymer formation during polysilicon etching in a magnetically enhanced reactive ion etcher
Author(s): Heidi L. Denton; Robert M. Wallace
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High-aspect-ratio trench etching
Author(s): James A. Bondur; Ruth E. Bucknall; Fritz Redeker; Jim Su
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Effects of H2O on atomic hydrogen generation in hydrogen plasma
Author(s): Jun Kikuchi; Masafumi Suzuki; Hiroshi Yano; Shuzo Fujimura
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Semi-integrated SOG/TEOS etchback process for multimetal submicron devices
Author(s): Nadia Iazzi; Luca Zanotti; Laura Bacci; Patrizia Vasquez
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Chamber contamination in ashing processes of ion-implanted photoresist
Author(s): Laurent Kassel; Jeff R. Perry
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Etching of TiN local interconnects using HBr in a triode reactor with magnetic confinement
Author(s): Gerfried Zwicker; Christjan Ursic; Detlef Friedrich
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New method for etching rate and resist profile control in O2RIE
Author(s): Yasuki Kimura; Ryouichi Aoyama; Seki Suzuki; Hiroshi Ohtsuka
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Plasma etching of silylated photoresist: a study of mechanisms
Author(s): Olivier P. Joubert; Michel J. Pons; Francoise Debaene; Andre P. Weill
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Effect of bulk doping on the etching rate of silicon by halogen atoms
Author(s): Andrey I. Krechetov
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Modeling of high-density plasma sources
Author(s): David B. Graves; Han-Ming Wu; Robert K. Porteous
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On-line control of single-wafer plasma etch process
Author(s): Sungdo Ha; Emanuel Sachs
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Development of controlling the self-bias voltage and its appraisal by means of estimating ion damages
Author(s): Takeo Ohte; Makoto Goto; Minoru Sugawara
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Gate oxide damage and evaluation techniques
Author(s): Koichi Hashimoto; Daisuke Matsunaga; Masao Kanazawa
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Characterization of a high-density plasma source for dry develop
Author(s): Ajit P. Paranjpe; Cecil J. Davis
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MORI (TM) high-density rf plasma source etching of polysilicon and metal films on wafers
Author(s): Gregor A. Campbell; Alexis de Chambrier; Frank Mendoza; N. William Parker; David I. C. Pearson; Ken Tokunaga; Tsutomu Tsukada; Supika Mashiro; H. Nogami
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Introduction of a new high-density plasma reactor concept for high-aspect-ratio oxide etching
Author(s): Jeffrey Marks; K. Collins; C. L. Yang; David Groechel; Peter R. Keswick; Calum Cunningham; Mitch Carlson
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Computer-aided design tools for plasma etchers
Author(s): W. Nicholas G Hitchon; E. R. Keiter; K. M. Kramer
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Transformer-coupled plasma technology for sub-half-micron etching
Author(s): John P. Holland; Brendan R. Richardson; E. Bogle; Wai-Man Li; Yosias Melaku; Huong T. Nguyen; Eric A. Peltzer; Duane C. Gates
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New dry-development process of trilayer resist systems for advanced lithography
Author(s): Olivier P. Joubert; C. Martinet; Jacques H. Pelletier; Michel J. Pons; Jean-Marc Francou; Jean-Pierre Panabiere; Andre P. Weill; Serge V. Tedesco; Francoise Vinet; Thierry Mourier
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Optimally stable electron cyclotron resonance plasma generation for precise ULSI patterning
Author(s): Seiji Samukawa
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In-situ monitoring of submicron polysilicon linewidths using diffraction gratings
Author(s): Phillip Chapados Jr.; Ajit P. Paranjpe
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Noncontact temperature monitoring of semiconductors by optical absorption edge sensing
Author(s): Michael E. Adel; Yaron Ish-Shalom; Shmuel Mangan; Dario Cabib; Haim Gilboa
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In-situ spectral ellipsometry for real-time thickness measurement and control
Author(s): Steven A. Henck; Walter M. Duncan; Lee M. Loewenstein; John Kuehne
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Electrical measurements for monitoring and control of rf plasma processing
Author(s): Mark A. Sobolewski; James R. Whetstone
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Closed-loop temperature control system for a low-temperature etch chuck
Author(s): D. Rex Wright; Wayne D. Clark; Dennis C. Hartman; U. C. Sridharan; Martin Kent; Ralph C. Kerns
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Process control improvements realized in a vertical reactor cluster tool
Author(s): Chris J. Werkhoven; E. H. Granneman; E. Lindow
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High-pressure CVD tungsten-stud formation using RIE cluster processes
Author(s): Hung Y. Ng; D. J. Dichauzi
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Application-specific resist stripping with integrated processing in a single multiple-process chamber
Author(s): Richard L. Bersin
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Methodology for optimizing cost of ownership
Author(s): Rito A. Martinez; Veronica A. Czitrom; Neal G. Pierce; G. Scot Srodes
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Annealing effects on heavily C-doped GaAs and InGaAs films
Author(s): Weiyu Han; L. Calderon; Yu Cun Lu; H. S. Lee; S. N. Schauer; Robert P. Moerkirk; Kenneth A. Jones; Li-Wu Yang
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Recent in-situ studies of the evolution of surfaces and interfaces of thin films by spectroscopic phase-modulated ellipsometry
Author(s): V. Yakovlev; Bernard Drevillon; Nace Layadi; Pere Roca i Cabarrocas
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Deep trench process performance enhancements in an MERIE reactor
Author(s): Jim Su; Graham W. Hills; Manush Birang; James A. Bondur; T. Fukamachi; S. Ohki; S. Kitamura
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