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Microelectronics Manufacturing and Reliability
Editor(s): Barbara Vasquez; Anant G. Sabnis; Kenneth P. MacWilliams; Jason C.S. Woo

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Volume Number: 1802
Date Published: 14 January 1993

Table of Contents
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Application of concept selection methodology in IC process design
Author(s): Myung-Kul Kim
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Implications of scaling on static RAM bit cell stability and reliability
Author(s): Mary Ann Coones; Norm Herr; Al Bormann; Kent Erington; Vince Soorholtz; John Sweeney; Michael Phillips
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Characterization of PECVD process-induced degradation of EEPROM reliability
Author(s): Mark D. Griswold; Frank R. Myers; Karen Ramondetta; Alex Shaw
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Strategy for continuous improvement in IC manufacturability, yield, and reliability
Author(s): Dean J. Dreier; Mark Berry; Phil Schani; Michael Phillips; Joe Steinberg; Gary DePinto
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Improving built-in product reliability through the efficient identification of nonrandom contamination events
Author(s): Carl Aspin
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Particle evaluation/control of the Ti/TiN barrier layer in BiCMOS processing
Author(s): Ping Wang; Bin Liu; Mike May; Mark Granum
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Defect reduction in the resist apply area
Author(s): John G. Costigan; Thomas M. Wolf
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Defect reduction on the metal sputter cassette transfer system
Author(s): Bin Liu
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Lifetest IC failures due to metal extrusion and migration resulting from process-induced stress relief
Author(s): Phil Schani; Horacio Mendez; Dean J. Dreier; Pat Liston; Michael Phillips; John Sweeney; Mark Franklin; Norm Herr; Brian Aubin; Paul Tuohy
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Example of the `upstream approach` methodology: an investigation of open-contact failures in ASIC devices
Author(s): Tam T. Le; R. R. Mitchell; Jen-Jiang J. Lee; C. E. Chen; Hoang Huy Hoang
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Investigation of particle-induced timing sensitivity in one-megabit DRAMs
Author(s): Ed Black; John Bridwell; R. McConnell
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Imaging gate oxide ruptures
Author(s): Horacio Mendez; Steve Morris; Sudhindra Tatti; Nicholas Dickson; Ronald E. Pyle
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Failure analysis for improved electromigration performance
Author(s): Kevin Hussey; E. Widener; Mark Fernandes; Kuan Yu Fu; Tom Guckert
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Wafer level reliability
Author(s): Theodore A. Dellin; William M. Miller; Donald G. Pierce; Eric S. Snyder
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Investigation into bake-reversible low-level ESD-induced leakage
Author(s): Nicholas Dickson; James W. Miller; Mark Jackson; Stella Kohn; Ronald E. Pyle; Sudhindra Tatti
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Use of the charge-induced voltage alteration technique to analyze precursors to dielectric breakdown
Author(s): Daniel L. Barton; Edward I. Cole Jr.
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Etching-related reverse short channel effect in buried channel P-MOSFET
Author(s): Chorng Ping Chang; K. K. Ng; W. S. Lindenberger; Taeho H. Kook; Fred N. Preuninger; Avi Kornblit
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Impact of statistics on hot-carrier lifetime estimates of n-channel MOSFETs
Author(s): Eric S. Snyder; Ashish Kapoor; Clint Anderson
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Maximization of nMOSFET hot-carrier injection stability through optimization of device and process design
Author(s): Harrison B. Haver; Shu-Wu Chiu; Thomas V. Meixner; James W. Miller
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Breakdown voltage of submicron MOSFETs in fully depleted SOI
Author(s): Neal Kistler; Eric Ver Ploeg; Jason C.S. Woo; James D. Plummer
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Effects of hot light holes in n-channel silicon-on-sapphire MOSFETs
Author(s): Emil Yu-ming Chao; Guann-pyng Li
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Current gain degradation of boron-doped polysilicon emitter transistors under forward current stress in a C-BiCMOS technology
Author(s): Ji Zhao; Guann-pyng Li; K. Y. Liao; Maw-Rong Chin; J. Y.-C. Sun
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Temperature dependence of hot-carrier lifetime due to trapped charge and interface state generation
Author(s): Miryeong Song; Kenneth P. MacWilliams; Jason C.S. Woo
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Hot-carrier effects in thin-film, p-channel, hydrogen-passivated polysilicon-on-insulator LDD MOSFETs
Author(s): Swapan Bhattacharya; R. Kovelamudi; S. Batra; M. Lobo; Sanjay K. Banerjee; Bich-Yen Nguyen; Phil J. Tobin
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Characterization of polysilicon thin-film resistors with irreversible resistance transition
Author(s): Dragan M. Petkovic
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