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Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Fiber Sensors IV
Editor(s): Robert A. Lieberman

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Volume Number: 1796
Date Published: 30 April 1993

Table of Contents
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Evanescent-wave fiber optic biosensor: challenges for real-world sensing
Author(s): Joel P. Golden; George P. Anderson; Robert A. Ogert; Kristen A. Breslin; Frances S. Ligler
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Ray-tracing determination of evanescent-wave penetration depth in tapered fiber optic probes
Author(s): Joel P. Golden; Sina Y. Rabbany; George P. Anderson
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Analysis of relevant parameters for adapting total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) immunosensors to seawater monitoring
Author(s): Michele S. Celebre; Kayo Umezawa; Maurilio Carra; Claudio Domenici; Danilo De Rossi
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Comparison of robust coupling techniques for planar waveguide immunosensors
Author(s): Douglas A. Christensen; Shellee Dyer; James N. Herron; Vladimir Hlady
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Infrared evanescent-wave sensor for measurements in medicine and biotechnology
Author(s): Gerald Steiner; Claus P. Renschen
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Spectral interferometric immunoassay with synthetic lipid-anchored polypeptide antigens
Author(s): Andreas Brecht; Guenter Gauglitz; Werner Beck; Renate Spohn; Guenter Jung
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Refractive-index sensors based on coupling to high-index multimode overlays
Author(s): David G. Moodie; Walter Johnstone; Graham Thursby; Kevin J. McCallion
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Spectral interferometric sensors for gases and liquids using integrated optical devices
Author(s): Jan Ingenhoff; Guenter Gauglitz; Norbert Fabricius
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Dependence of immunoassay fluorescence signal on the index of refraction outside the fiber
Author(s): Feifan Deng; Baosan Hu
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Advanced technique in fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Yuji Kawabata; T. Yamashiro; Totaro Imasaka
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Design of luminescence-based temperature sensors
Author(s): James N. Demas; Benjamin A. DeGraff Jr.
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Near-infrared fluorescence in fiber optic applications
Author(s): Guillermo A. Casay; Tibor Czuppon; Narasimhachari Narayanan; Gabor Patonay
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Fluorescent chemosensors that signal carbohydrates in aqueous solution: a novel mechanism for signal transduction is required and found
Author(s): Juyoung Yoon; Anthony W. Czarnik
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Fiber optic sensor based on microencapsulated reagents
Author(s): Venetka I. Agayn; David R. Walt
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Review of emitters and detectors for optical gas and chemical sensing
Author(s): Samuel David Crossley
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Tunable fiber laser source for methane detection at 1.68 um
Author(s): William L. Barnes; John P. Dakin; Henry O. Edwards; Laurence Reekie; Janet E. Townsend; Stuart C. Murray; David Pinchbeck
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Fiber optic fluorometer based on a dual-wavelength laser excitation source
Author(s): Gregory A. Theriault; Ricardo Newbery; John M. Andrews; Sabine E. Apitz; Stephen H. Lieberman
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Spectral measurements in gamma-irradiated optical fibers using attenuation and Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Sanath R. Ediriweera; Frank Kvasnik
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Thin polymer films as active components of fiber optic chemical sensors
Author(s): Henrik Pedersen; Tony Alex; H. Ling Chu; Wook-Jin Chung; George H. Sigel Jr.
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Miniature optical-fiber-based spectrometer employing a compact tandem fiber probe
Author(s): Michael J. Morris; Roy A. Walters; Gregory C. Burke
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Submicron optical sources for single macromolecule detection
Author(s): Robert J. G. Carr; Sumaia Al-Shukri; Elaine A. Perkins; Thierry Rodard; Tony Atkinson
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Nanometer optical fiber pH sensor
Author(s): Raoul Kopelman; Weihong Tan; Zhong-You Shi
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Microfabrication of optical sensor array
Author(s): Karen S. Bronk; David R. Walt
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Evanescent-wave oxygen sensing using sol-gel-derived porous coatings
Author(s): Brian D. MacCraith; Colette M. McDonagh; Gerard O'Keeffe; Johannes G. Vos; Brendan O'Kelly; John F. McGilp
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Reversible sensor for carbon monoxide based on dye-doped porous fiber optic fiber
Author(s): Robert A. Lieberman; Douglas J. Ferrell; Edward M. Schmidlin; Steven J. Syracuse; Albert N. Khalil; Edgar A. Mendoza
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Luminescent fiber optic sensor for the measurement of pH
Author(s): Charles Milo; Beauford W. Atwater
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Time-domain fluorescence methods as applied to pH sensing
Author(s): Max E. Lippitsch; Sonja Draxler; Marc J. P. Leiner
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Characterization of a sol-gel-entrapped artificial receptor
Author(s): Richard A. Dunbar; Upvan Narang; Paras N. Prasad; Frank V. Bright
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Survey of fiber optic technology for nuclear-waste cleanup applications
Author(s): Shane Raymond Addleman; Beverly A. Crawford; Stephen J. Mech; Gary L. Troyer; Roger A. Greenwell
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Spectroscopic gas sensing with infrared hollow waveguides
Author(s): Mitsunori Saito; Shin-ya Sato; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Detection of aromatic hydrocarbons with infrared evanescent-wave fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Paul J. Glatkowski; Mark A. Druy; William A. Stevenson
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Dissolved-oxygen quenching of in-situ fluorescence measurements
Author(s): Wayne Chudyk; David Tonaszuck; Kenneth Pohlig
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Applications of a fiber optic probe for colorimetric determinations
Author(s): Eric F. Mooney
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Applications of fiber optic Raman spectroscopy to chemical processes
Author(s): Stuart Farquharson; Stan F. Simpson
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Optical triple sensor for measuring pH, oxygen, and carbon dioxide in bioreactors
Author(s): Bernhard H. Weigl; Andrej Holobar; Wolfgang Trettnak; Ingo Klimant; H. Kraus; Paul O'Leary; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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On-line concentration monitoring of MCVD reagents by acoustic time-of-flight (ATOF) method
Author(s): Gardy Cadet; J. L. Valdes; Katherine T. Nelson
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Nondestructive technique for detecting diseased poultry carcasses
Author(s): Yud-Ren Chen
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Evaluation of an ion-exchanged integrated optic waveguide for solution-phase chemical sensing
Author(s): Kevin J. Kuhn; Lloyd W. Burgess
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Improved fiber optic sensor for salt concentration based on polymer swelling
Author(s): Mingqi Bai; William Rudolf Seitz
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Evanescent-wave infrared fiber optic biosensor
Author(s): L. Pierre de Rochemont; Nancy W. Downer; Timothy E. May; H. Gilbert Smith; Carlton E. Oakes; Marc E. Ertan-Lamontagne
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Ratiometric oxygen sensor compatible with solid state optoelectronics
Author(s): Charles Milo
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Refractive index measurement with optical fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Alojz Suhadolnik; Ales Babnik; Janez Ivan Mozina
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Chemically selective optode membranes and optical detection modes
Author(s): Ursula E. Spichiger-Keller; Daniel Freiner; Markus Lerchi; Eric Bakker; Rene Dohner; Wilhelm Simon
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Reversible porous fiber optic chemical sensor for the measurement of oxygen in high-humidity environments
Author(s): Steven J. Syracuse; Edward M. Schmidlin; Edgar A. Mendoza; Albert N. Khalil; Robert A. Lieberman; Douglas J. Ferrell
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Optical fiber refractometer for measuring the dispersion of turbid fluids
Author(s): Charles F. Cole Jr.; Alois J. Adams; Robert A. Sims
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Experimental verification of a theoretical model of an active-cladding optical fiber fluorosensor
Author(s): Sacharia Albin; Alvin L. Briant; Claudio Oliveira Egalon; Robert S. Rogowski; Juock S. Namkung
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Evanescent-wave IR spectroscopy of single-bilayer membranes coated on chalcogenide fibers: sensitivity improvements using a diamond rod coupler between fiber and source
Author(s): Mark S. Braiman; Roy E. Jonas
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