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High-Speed Fiber Networks and Channels II
Editor(s): Kadiresan Annamalai

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Volume Number: 1784
Date Published: 9 February 1993

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GaAs/CMOS chipset for ESCON fiber channel applications
Author(s): Kadiresan Annamalai
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Pulse-shaping microstrip filters for 10- and 15-Gbit/s optical receivers
Author(s): Paulo M.P. Monteiro; Jose Ferreira da Rocha; Lionel R. Watkins; John J. O'Reilly
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1.0625-Gbit/s fiber channel transmitter/receiver chipset implemented in ECL with on-chip phase-locked loop
Author(s): Thomas G. Palkert; Frederick Taverdians; Sharon Weintraub; Bruce H. Coy; Ali Wehbi; Marc D. Friedmann
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Experimental measurement of PMD effects
Author(s): Jack H. Winters; Mario A. Santoro; Zygmunt Haas
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The other fiber, the other fabric, the other way
Author(s): Gary R. Stephens
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STARMAP: protocol for high-speed fiber optic networks
Author(s): Dave Irvine-Halliday; Abraham O. Fapojuwo; S. G. Pye
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Fabric interconnection of fiber channel standard nodes
Author(s): Charles R. Martin
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Large-system usage of fiber channel standard
Author(s): R. Bryan Cook
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ESCON and fiber channel differences
Author(s): Richard Taborek Sr.
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Fiber channel services
Author(s): Kumar Malavalli
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Present and future implementation of high-speed networks at 4200 m: the Mauna Kea Observatories communications network
Author(s): Tjet Sun; Pui Hin H. Rhoads; Robert A. McLaren; James N. Heasley
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HiPPI-based parallel computing
Author(s): Charles Chul-Doo Jung
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Adapting FDDI to gigabit transmission rates
Author(s): Wlodek Dobosiewicz; Pawel Gburzynski
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Wavelength-division-multiplexed ring networks
Author(s): Tony T. Yuk; Joseph C. Palais
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Media access protocols for spectral-sliced WDMA testbed
Author(s): Mary M. Girard; Charles R. Husbands; Patrick W. Dowd
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Multidomain WDM network structures for large-scale reconfigurable partitionable parallel computer architecture
Author(s): Khaled A. Aly; Patrick W. Dowd
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Design and performance analysis of preallocation protocols for WDM photonic networks
Author(s): Krishna M. Sivalingam; Kalyani Bogineni; Patrick W. Dowd
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Performance impact of switching latency WDMA protocols
Author(s): Kalyani Bogineni; Patrick W. Dowd
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Dynamic interleaved slotted ALOHA: a multiple-access protocol for wavelength-division-multiplexed photonic networks
Author(s): Michael Carrato; Patrick W. Dowd
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Performance analysis of a generalized receiver collision avoidance (RCA) protocol for single-hop WDM local lightwave networks
Author(s): Feiling Jia; Biswanath Mukherjee
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Time-slot sorter
Author(s): Kyungsook Y. Lee; Daeshik Lee; Harry F. Jordan
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Multichannel time-slot permuters
Author(s): Harry F. Jordan; Kyungsook Y. Lee; Daeshik Lee
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Generalized Lambda time-slot permuters
Author(s): Daeshik Lee; Kyungsook Y. Lee; Harry F. Jordan
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Performance of multigrid network architecture (MNA) under uniform load
Author(s): Pawel Gburzynski; Jacek Maitan
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Spectral-sliced optical interconnect testbed
Author(s): Charles R. Husbands; Mary M. Girard
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Optical express routers for enhanced mesh throughput
Author(s): Julian P. G. Bristow; Thomas A. Lane; James D. Kessinger
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Algorithms for admission control in broadband communication networks
Author(s): Shuang Deng; Ursula M. Maydell
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Real-time scheduling for multimedia services
Author(s): Thomas D.C. Little; John F. Gibbon
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Simple algorithm for improved security in the FDDI protocol
Author(s): G. M. Lundy; Benjamin Jones
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Performance of high-speed data bus protocols for satellite application
Author(s): Sastri L. Kota; Jerry D. Kallaus
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Megaserver architechture: a simple, low-cost FDDI network design
Author(s): Dutt V. Bulusu; Michael H. Coden; Brian D. Ramsey
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SCSI applications on fiber channel
Author(s): Robert Snively
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