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Thin Films for Optical Systems
Editor(s): Karl H. Guenther

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Volume Number: 1782
Date Published: 4 March 1993

Table of Contents
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Design of optical interference coatings 1992
Author(s): Alfred J. Thelen
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Optical losses in dielectric multilayer coatings and their influence on characteristics of laser resonators
Author(s): Yuri V. Troitski
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High-power optical coatings for a megajoule-class ICF laser
Author(s): Mark R. Kozlowski; Ian M. Thomas; Jack H. Campbell; Frank Rainer
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Thin films for magneto-optical recording
Author(s): Paul Hans Lissberger
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Induced resonance absorption (INDAB) in thin films: a current example for versatile and efficient use of optical coatings in semi-optical processes
Author(s): Hubert Pohlack; Erich J. Hacker
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New viewpoint on the synthesis of thin films using Fourier transforms
Author(s): Ronald R. Willey
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Optical coatings for improving laser beam quality
Author(s): Angela M. Piegari; Salvatore Scaglione; Gabriele Emiliani
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Thin-film coatings design using second-order optimization methods
Author(s): Alexander V. Tikhonravov; Michael K. Trubetskov
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Rugate filters obtained by a mechanical modulation technique
Author(s): Luc Nouvelot; Laurent Jouanet; Aime Perrin
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Principles of thin-film system design
Author(s): Hans Kaiser
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Optical coatings for remote sensing on FY-1 meteorological satellite and airborne remote sensing instrumentations
Author(s): Yixun Yan; Keqi Zhang
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Planetary system for high-uniformity deposited layers on large substrates
Author(s): Aime Perrin; Jean-Pierre Gailliard
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Optical properties, bistability, and nonlinearity of evaporated ternary II-VI semiconductor thin films
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; Andreas Haase; Andreas Kummrow; Andreas G.W. Wappelt; Kestutis Jarasiunas; E. Gaubas; J. Cesnulevicius; V. Gudelis; A. Ruksnaitis
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New approach to variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry in anisotropic uniaxial films: application to oriented polymers for nonlinear optics
Author(s): Eric Toussaere; Joseph Zyss
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Optical performance of amorphous carbon layers: nonuniformity of transmittance, reflectance, and scattering
Author(s): Olaf Stenzel; Ralf Petrich
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Antireflection coating on GaAs for the range 8-12 um
Author(s): Jiri Hrdina; Lubomir Jastrabik; Jiri Potmesil; Petr Siroky; Dagmar Chvostova; Jaroslav Sobota
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Low absorption measurements of optical thin films at 10.6 microns
Author(s): Jean DiJon; Erik Duloisy; Philippe Lyan
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Guided-wave characterization techniques for the comparison of properties of different optical coatings
Author(s): Francois Flory; Gerard Albrand; D. Endelema; N. Maythaveekulchai; Emile P. Pelletier; Herve Rigneault
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Scattering losses of oxide and fluoride coatings for lasers
Author(s): Angela Duparre; Hein Uhlig; Samer Kassam
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Stable starting materials of tantalum pentaoxide and titanium dioxide
Author(s): Shigetaro Ogura; Tomonori Aoki
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Robust and reliable thin films for optical telecommunications systems: an overview
Author(s): Basavaraj V. Hiremath
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End coating on optical fibers for multiplexers-demultiplexers in optical communications
Author(s): Robert Richier; Catherine Grezes-Besset; Emile P. Pelletier
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Low-loss optical coatings for high-power laser systems
Author(s): C. Gallou; Pierre Isnard; Herve Piombini; Bernard R. Schmitt
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Investigation of inhomogeneties and impurities in fluoride coatings for high-power excimer lasers
Author(s): Ute Kaiser; Norbert Kaiser; Peter Weisbrodt; Dirk Mademann; Erich J. Hacker
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Optical losses of dielectric VUV-mirrors deposited by conventional evaporation, IAD, and IBS
Author(s): Jurgen Kolbe; Harald Schink
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Structural influences on the laser damage thresholds of oxide coatings
Author(s): Erich J. Hacker; Hans Lauth; Peter Weisbrodt; Reinhard Wolf
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Laser-induced damage in optical coatings
Author(s): Zhengxiu Fan; Zhouling Wu; Xuefei Tang
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Systematic design and angular performance of phase-optimized magneto-optic quadrilayers
Author(s): Ron Atkinson; Ian W. Salter; Jiansheng Xu
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Ellipsometric analysis of quadrilayer magneto-optic recording media
Author(s): Petr Siroky; Jiri Hrdina; Ron Atkinson; Lubomir Jastrabik; Vratislav Perina
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Thermal and laser-induced phase transformation in rf-sputtered GeSb2Te4 thin films
Author(s): Songsheng Xue; Zhengxiu Fan; Fuxi Gan
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Phase-change and magneto-optical recording media for optical data storage
Author(s): Bala Subramanian
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Optimization of color properties of multielement optical lenses
Author(s): Alexander V. Tikhonravov; Aleksei A. Bikov; Michael K. Trubetskov
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Planar integration of optical multilayer and its application to the design of IR multispectral filter arrays
Author(s): Fernando Lopez; F. J. Ortiz De Frutos
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Influence of angular-dependent transmission spectra of dichroic layers on color shading
Author(s): Karlheinz Guertler; Reimund Keller; Gerhard Schmitt
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Nature-intelligence-oriented program package for thin-film design
Author(s): Alexander V. Charikov
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Modification of spectral characteristics of multilayer dielectric systems
Author(s): Ishtvan V. Fekeshgazi; Yury A. Pervak
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Narrowband interference filters for use in UV-B-spectral region
Author(s): Norbert Kaiser; Hein Uhlig
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Ion-beam sputter deposition techniques for the production of optical coatings of the highest quality
Author(s): Timothy W. Jolly; Ramin Lalezari
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Coatings based on alpha-C:H films for laser and soft x-rays technique
Author(s): V. V. Sleptsov; V. M. Elinson; G. F. Ivanovsky; S. S. Gerasimovich; S. I. Sagitov
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Thermal-optical controllable thin-film device at 10.6 um
Author(s): W. Richter; Udo Weinert
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Polarizing laser mirrors for normal light incidence
Author(s): Vladimir N. Bel'tyugov; Sergei G. Protsenko; Yuri V. Troitski
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Amount of information contained in data of ellipsometric measurements
Author(s): Kirill M. Kuzanyan
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Laterally and depth resolved photothermal absorption measurements on ZrO2 and MgF2 single-layer films
Author(s): Michael Reichling; Eberhard Welsch; Angela Duparre; Eckart Matthias
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Dyanamic characteristics in optically inhomogeneous films
Author(s): Shigetaro Ogura
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Temperature distribution of single layer
Author(s): Xuefei Tang; Zhengxiu Fan; ZhiJiang Wang
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Dielectric and metal coatings for excimer laser optics
Author(s): Nikolay V. Morozov; Spartak I. Sagitov; P. B. Sergeyev
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Preparation and properities of high-index oxide films for application to laser optics
Author(s): Dieter Schaefer; V. Guepner; Reinhard Wolf; Bernhard Steiger; G. Pfeifer; J. Franke
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Computer drawing of the envelopes of spectra with interference
Author(s): Dorian Minkov; Ryno Swanepoel
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Optical thin films deposited by energetic particle processes
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther
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Microstructure of metal coatings deposited using ion-beam processes
Author(s): Nasrat A. Raouf; Ghanim A. Al-Jumaily; Daniel R. Coulter
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Coating design contest: antireflection coating for lenses to be used with normal and infrared photographic film
Author(s): Alfred J. Thelen; Roland Langfeld
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Design of an antireflection coating for glass over the region 400 nm to 900 nm
Author(s): H. Angus Macleod
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ISO standards: a means for quality assurance for optical elements and systems
Author(s): Klaus W. Hildebrand
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Characterization of partially coherent beams
Author(s): Horst Weber
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Resolution versus depth of focus in the resolution-enhanced optical system for lithography
Author(s): Masato Shibuya; Tadao Tsuruta
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Principles of adaptive optics
Author(s): Fritz Merkle
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