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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials V
Editor(s): David J. Williams

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Volume Number: 1775
Date Published: 25 February 1993

Table of Contents
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Theoretical evaluation of novel organic materials for electro-optic modulation
Author(s): John O. Morley
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New stilbene compounds for nonlinear optics
Author(s): Thomas Weyrauch; Thomas Hanemann; E. A. Soto Bustamante; Wolfgang Haase
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Optimizing the second-order optical nonlinearities of organic molecules: asymmetric cyanines and highly polarized polyenes
Author(s): Seth R. Marder; Christopher B. Gorman; Lap-Tak A. Cheng; Bruce G. Tiemann
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Functionalized heteroaromatics for second-order nonlinear optical applications
Author(s): Varanasi Pushkara Rao; Alex K.Y. Jen; King-Young Wong; K. J. Drost; Robert M. Mininni
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Synthesis and characterization of metal-sulphur ligand complexes having high third-order optical nonlinearities
Author(s): Callum A. S. Hill; Allan E. Underhill; Adam Charlton; Christopher S. Winter; Stephen Nigel Oliver; James D. Rush
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Organic semiconductor-doped polymer glasses as novel nonlinear media
Author(s): Graham Hugh Cross; M. Carroll; Tony L. Axon; David Bloor; Raul Rangel-Rojo; Ajoy Kumar Kar; Brian S. Wherrett
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Further efforts in optimizing nonlinear optical molecules
Author(s): Carl W. Dirk; Noel Caballero; Alarice Tan; Mark G. Kuzyk; Lap-Tak A. Cheng; Howard Edan Katz; Marcia Shilling; Lori A. King
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Nickel dithiolene-PMMA guest-host polymers for all-optical signal switching
Author(s): Stephen Nigel Oliver; Christopher S. Winter; Robert J. Manning; James D. Rush; Callum A. S. Hill; Allan E. Underhill
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Electro-optic organic thin films for applications in waveguided devices
Author(s): Pierre-Alain Chollet; Gregory Gadret; Francois Kajzar; Paul Raimond; M. Zagorska
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Loss measurements in electro-optic polymer waveguides
Author(s): Karl W. Beeson; Paul M. Ferm; Keith A. Horn; Michael J. McFarland; Ajay Nahata; Jianhui Shan; Chengjiu Wu; James T. Yardley
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Cooperative processes in polar-ordered polymers
Author(s): Graham Hugh Cross; Y. Karakus; David Gray; David Bloor; William E. Douglas; R. J. P. Corriu; Z.-X. Yang
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Third-order nonlinear optical properties of processible polymeric materials
Author(s): Toshikuni Kaino; Satoru Tomaru; Takashi Kurihara; Zhen-hua Zhou; Takaki Kanbara; Takakazu Yamamoto
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Electro-optic measurements in poled polymers
Author(s): Cornelis P.J.M. van der Vorst; Monique van Rheede
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Advances in characterization of molecular hyperpolarizabilities
Author(s): Christopher R. Moylan
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Measurements of molecular hyperpolarizabilities using hyper-Rayleigh scattering
Author(s): Thierry Verbiest; Eric Hendrickx; Andre P. Persoons; Koen J. Clays
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Dispersion of the molecular second-order nonlinear optical susceptibilities of nitropyridine derivatives
Author(s): Christian Bosshard; Guenter Knoepfle; Philippe Pretre; Peter Guenter
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of the organic nonlinear material 4-nitro-4'-methylbenzylidene aniline (NMBA)
Author(s): Grant Bourhill; Frank R. Cruickshank; David John Pugh; Graham S. Simpson; John N. Sherwood; Raymond T. Bailey
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Ab initio Hartree Fock longitudinal polarizabilities per subunit of stereoregular polymers
Author(s): Benoit Champagne; David H. Mosley; Joseph G. Fripiat; Jean-Marie Andre
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Transient effects in spatial light modulation by nonlinearity-absorbing molecules
Author(s): David Dantsker; Shammai Speiser
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Mechanism of various ultrafast nonlinear optical responses in conjugated polymers
Author(s): Takayoshi Kobayashi
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Electric-field dependence of the laser-induced holographic grating relaxation of a photorefractive polymer
Author(s): Chin Hsien Wang; R. J. Ma; X. Q. Zhang; Stephen Ducharme; James M. Takacs
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Electro-optic effects in organic single crystals
Author(s): Christian Bosshard; Kurt Sutter; R. Schlesser; Peter Guenter
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Properties of self-pumped phase conjugation in KNSBN:Co crystal
Author(s): Youlong Yu; Zuohong Jiang; Quanzhong Jiang; Huanchu Chen
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Nonlinear optical properties of photoconductive materials
Author(s): Tatsuo Wada; Yadong Zhang; Yoon So Choi; Hiroyuki Sasabe
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Ellipsometry techniques in thin-film electro-optic coefficients measurements
Author(s): Yves Levy; Pierre-Alain Chollet; Gregory Gadret; Francois Kajzar
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Surface acoustic wave propagation in an organic nonlinear optical crystal
Author(s): Sandra Gilmour; Richard A. Pethrick; John N. Sherwood; Stephen V. Kershaw; Philip Pantelis; Steven A. Cassidy
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Electro-optics and second-harmonic generation of nonlinear optical polymers
Author(s): Chin Hsien Wang; Hann-Wen Guan
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Phase-matched second-harmonic generation in planar waveguides
Author(s): Gerd Marowsky; F. Sieverdes; Hans-Peter Preiswerk; Dieter Neuschaefer; Heinz Spahni
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Phase-matched second-harmonic generation in waveguides of polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett films
Author(s): Koen J. Clays; Thomas L. Penner; Nancy J. Armstrong; Douglas R. Robello
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Phase-matched second-harmonic blue-light generation in 2-docosylamino-5-nitropyridine Langmuir-Blodgett film waveguides
Author(s): Manfred Kuepfer; M. Floersheimer; Christian Bosshard; H. Looser; Peter Guenter
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Nonlinear optics of astaxanthin thin films
Author(s): A. Esser; Herbert Fisch; Karl-Heinz Haas; E. Haedicke; J. Paust; Wolfgang Schrof; Anton Ticktin
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Photonic polymers in passive and active waveguide devices
Author(s): Winfried H. G. Horsthuis; Frank C.J.M. van Veggel; Benno H. M. Hams; Cornelis P.J.M. van der Vorst; Jean-Luc P. Heideman; Hans W. Mertens; Monique van Rheede; Gustaaf R. Moehlmann
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Nonlinear optical polymeric waveguide electro-optic phase modulator
Author(s): Jerome D. Swalen; Gary C. Bjorklund; William W. Fleming; R. Y. Hung; Mark C. Jurich; Victor Y. Lee; Robert D. Miller; William E. Moerner; D. Y. Morichere; Andrew Skumanich; Barton A. Smith
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Nonlinear optics and optOcal micropatterning in polymers with disperse red 19 sidegroups
Author(s): William H. Steier; Yongqiang Shi; Luping Yu; Mai Chen; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Optical waveguides from low-melting-temperature glasses with organic dyes
Author(s): Paul A. Tick; David L. Weidman
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Polymeric channel waveguides: fabrication, linear and nonlinear optical properties
Author(s): Takayuki Imai; Haruki Okawa; Tatsuo Wada; Hiroyuki Sasabe
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Four-layer model of the photobleaching process in fabrication of polymeric optical waveguides
Author(s): Robert S. Moshrefzadeh; David K. Misemer; Kenneth M. White; Sarat K. Mohapatra; Marc D. Radcliffe; Cecil V. Francis
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All-optical switching in a directional coupler with organic materials
Author(s): Akimasa Kaneko; Akira Ito; Takashi Kuwabara; Seimi Sasaki; Keisuke Sasaki; Jason P. Sokoloff; Tatsuo Wada; Hiroyuki Sasabe
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Experimental and theoretical studies of heterocyclic nonlinear optical materials
Author(s): King-Young Wong; Alex K.Y. Jen; Varanasi Pushkara Rao; K. J. Drost; Robert M. Mininni
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Quadratic electroabsorption studies of molecular motion in dye-doped polymers
Author(s): Constantina Poga; Mark G. Kuzyk; Carl W. Dirk
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Advanced high-temperature polymers for integrated optical waveguides
Author(s): Geoffrey A. Lindsay; Ronald A. Henry; John D. Stenger-Smith
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