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Photonics for Computers, Neural Networks, and Memories
Editor(s): Stephen T. Kowel; John A. Neff; William J. Miceli

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Volume Number: 1773
Date Published: 2 February 1993

Table of Contents
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Prototype 3D optoelectronic neural system
Author(s): Gokce I. Yayla; Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy; Gary C. Marsden; Joseph Earl Ford; Volkan H. Ozguz; Chi Fan; Subramania Krishnakumar; Jinghua Wang; Sadik C. Esener
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Neural algorithms for fault-tolerant optical hardware
Author(s): John Fraser Snowdon
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Bifurcating neuron: characterization and dynamics
Author(s): Nabil H. Farhat; Mostafa H. Eldefrawy
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Optical implementation of a shift-invariant neocognitron
Author(s): Tien-Hsin Chao; William W. Stoner; William J. Miceli
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Performance evaluation of a holographic optical neural network system
Author(s): Thomas Taiwei Lu; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Hung Chou; Shudong Wu; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin
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Multilayer optical neural networks
Author(s): Yuri Owechko; Bernard H. Soffer
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Optical face recognition system
Author(s): Demetri Psaltis; Yong Qiao; Hsin-Yu Sidney Li
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Experimental implementation of an optical neural network scalable to very large size
Author(s): Steven A. Lis; Philip D. Henshaw
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Design for optoelectronic implementation of visual recognition system
Author(s): Thomas Y. P. Lee; Clark C. Guest
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Optical neural networks using a new radial nonlinear neural layer
Author(s): Kelvin H. Wagner; Michael Mozer; Paul Smolensky; Yoshiro Miyata; Mike Fellows
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Neural model suitable for optical implementation
Author(s): Yansong Chen
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Feature-enhanced optical interpattern associative neural network
Author(s): Shutian Liu; Wenlu Wang; Ruibo Wang; Jie Wu; Chunfei Li
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Optical data association neural net
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Mark L. Yee
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Modification of simulated annealing method for solving combinatorial optimization problems
Author(s): Boris S. Kiselyov; Nickolay Yu Kulakov; Andrei L. Mikaelian
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Optical and systolic implementation of an artificial neural network
Author(s): Susamma Barua
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Fiber optic Adaline neural networks
Author(s): Anjan K. Ghosh; Jim Trepka; Palacharla Paparao
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Piecewise quadratic optical neural network
Author(s): Sanjay S. Natarajan; David P. Casasent
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Parallel incremental update and storage in amorphous silicon optically addressed spatial light modulator
Author(s): Michael G. Robinson
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Optical selectionist approach to optical connectionist systems
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Holographic disk-based photonic neural network
Author(s): Askar Asanbekovi Kutanov; Baktybek D. Abdrisaev; Sagynbek Dordoev
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New architecture for performing optical bipolar associative memory
Author(s): Dazeng Feng; Huanqin Zhao; Shao-Feng Xia; Zhi-Ming Zhang
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Requirements for optical interconnects in future computer systems
Author(s): James Pazaris; David C. Davies
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Efficient deployment of digital optical processing modules
Author(s): John Fraser Snowdon; Andrew J. Waddie; Brian S. Wherrett
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Optically controlled digital optical matrix processor
Author(s): Vincent P. Heuring; Val N. Morozov
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Replicated broadband switch improvements using optical devices
Author(s): Paolo Bassi; Gaetano Bellanca; Franco Callegati; Giorgio Emanuele Corazza; Francesco B. Masetti; Carla Raffaelli
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Reconfigurable optical interconnections via dynamic computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Hua-Kuang Liu; Shaomin Zhou; Eddy Chi-Poon Tam
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Cost models of components for free-space optically interconnected systems
Author(s): Charles W. Stirk
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ImSyn: photonic image synthesis applied to synthetic aperture radar, microscopy, and ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Terry M. Turpin; James L. Lafuse
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Optical butterfly interconnections and applications in optical logic operations
Author(s): DeGui Sun; Na-Xin Wang; Zhao-Heng Weng
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Photorefractive holograms for optical storage, interconnection, and processing
Author(s): Arthur E. T. Chiou
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Threshold characteristics of an OASLM using a a-Si:H photoconductor and a SSFLC modulator
Author(s): Naoki Kato; Rieko Sekura; Teruo Ebihara; Tadao Iwaki; Shuhei Yamamoto
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Compact 3D wafer packaging using waveguide holographic optical elements
Author(s): Cong T. Nguyen; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin; Michael R. Wang
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Alignability vs. bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio for optical interconnects
Author(s): Russell S. Beech; Anjan K. Ghosh
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Exploiting optical waveguides in general-purpose parallel computing
Author(s): Martin H. Davis Jr.; Umakishore Ramachandran
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Analysis and realization of the optical backplane system using circular light-guiding plates
Author(s): Jie Jiang; Peter Laws
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High-speed optical interconnect for backplane applications
Author(s): Udo Kraemer; Peter Laws
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Spatially and angle-multiplexed holographic random access memory
Author(s): Fai H. Mok; Demetri Psaltis; Geoffrey W. Burr
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Two-photon three-dimensional memory hierarchy
Author(s): Sadik C. Esener; Yeshaiahu Fainman; Joseph Earl Ford; Susan Hunter
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Frequency and time domain hybrid optical memory
Author(s): Yu Sheng Bai; Xiao An Shen; Ravinder Kachru
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Practical verification of hologram multiplexing without beam movement
Author(s): Jahja I. Trisnadi; Stephen R. Redfield
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Applications of dynamic holograms for quasi-volume storage
Author(s): Lawrence H. Domash
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Parallel optical memories for very large databases
Author(s): Pericles A. Mitkas; P. Bruce Berra
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Materials and methods for 3D optical storage memory
Author(s): Alexander S. Dvornikov; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Potential application of optical phased arrays in two-photon three-dimensional optical memories
Author(s): Albert F. Lawrence; Robert R. Birge
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Three-dimensional optical memory based on transparent electron-trapping thin films
Author(s): Xiangyang Yang; Charles Y. Wrigley; Joseph Lindmayer
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Chalcogenide glass thin films: Z-Scan measurements of refractive index changes
Author(s): Francesco Michelotti; Mario Bertolotti; Valentin N. Ciumash; Andrei M. Andriesh
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Three-dimensional memory based on birefringent polymeric materials
Author(s): Winston Ho; Gajendra D. Savant; Jay Hirsh; Tomasz P. Jannson
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High-speed scanner for optical cache memory address
Author(s): Richard V. Stone; Frederick F. Zeise; Peter S. Guilfoyle
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Liquid crystal adaptive lens: operation and aberration
Author(s): Patrick F. Brinkley; Stephen T. Kowel
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Dynamic focusing lens for volume optical memory applications
Author(s): Susan Hunter; Sadik C. Esener
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Liquid crystal adaptive lens: aberration correction
Author(s): Wing W. Chan; Lindee Q. Ning; Stephen T. Kowel; Patrick F. Brinkley
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