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Optical Information Processing Systems and Architectures IV
Editor(s): Bahram Javidi

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Volume Number: 1772
Date Published: 12 January 1993

Table of Contents
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Multiclass optical correlation filters for alphanumeric field recognition
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Srinivasan Gopalaswamy; Anand K. Iyer
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Synthetic discriminant functions for implementation on arbitrarily constrained devices
Author(s): Daniel W. Carlson; Bhagavatula Vijaya Kumar
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Dynamically reconfigurable optical morphological processor and its applications
Author(s): Tien-Hsin Chao
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Real-valued composite filters for optical pattern recognition
Author(s): Anushia Balendra; P. Karivaratha Rajan
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Computer sumulations of the nonlinear joint transform correlator performance for disjoint signal and scene noise
Author(s): Bahram Javidi; Jun Wang; Amir H. Fazlolahi
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Effects of nonlinear parameters in feedback joint transform correlator (I)
Author(s): Nobuyuki Kasama; Yasuyuki Mitsuoka; Tadao Iwaki; Shuhei Yamamoto
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Optoelectronic neural network utilizing a joint transform correlator
Author(s): Marc J. Paquin; Jonathan S. Kane
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Optoelectronic implementation of quasi phase-correlation-based processor
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki; Corinne Bournizien; Katarzyna Chalasinska-Macukow
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Tracking speckle patterns with optical correlation
Author(s): Natalie Clark; Michael K. Giles; Sarah H. Harrison; Chris P. Hofer
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Optimization of joint transform correlation
Author(s): Dong X. Yu; Don A. Gregory
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Problems facing optical correlators
Author(s): Gregory O. Gheen; Edward R. Washwell; Chao H. Huang
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Optimal introduction of optical efficiency for pattern recognition filters
Author(s): Philippe Refregier
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Reduction of aliasing in correlation using a pixelated spatial light modulator
Author(s): Steven B. Heddle; David G. Vass; Richard M. Sillitto
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Application of a hybrid digital-optical cross-correlator as a semiautonomous vision system
Author(s): Marija S. Scholl
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Fabrication of a character recognition system by a multiplexed matched spatial filter by feature-extracted patterns
Author(s): Shun-ichi Kamemaru; Jun-ichi Yano
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Nonlinear distortion-invariant filter performance with false targets, noise, and clutter
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Gopalan Ravichandran
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Iterative algorithm for designing binary phase-only composite filters
Author(s): Charles D. Hendrix; Bhagavatula Vijaya Kumar
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Optical experiments on kth-law nonlinearly transformed matched filters
Author(s): Bahram Javidi; Guanshen Zhang
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Performance of mixed-metric optimized ternary correlation filters on realistic binary and gray-scale imagery
Author(s): David L. Flannery; William Earl Phillips III; Dennis H. Goldstein
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Distortion-invariant correlation using nonlinear feature-based binary phase-only filters
Author(s): Samuel Peter Kozaitis; Wesley E. Foor
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Optical Gabor, wavelet, and morphological filters for image processing
Author(s): David P. Casasent; John Scott Smokelin; Anqi Ye
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Optical wavelet transforms using spatial light rebroadcasters
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay; Junqing Wang; Jian Tian Li
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Optical wavelet processor for producing spatially localized ring-wedge-type information
Author(s): Mark O. Freeman; Adam S. Fedor; Brett D. Bock; Kenneth A. Duell
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Particle characterization using a holographic ring-wedge detector and an optical neural network
Author(s): Martin S. Marshall; Robert E. Benner
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One-dimensional hologram technology for optical computing
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian
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Optical feature extraction using the Radon transform and angular correlation
Author(s): Oodaye B. Shukla; Bradley G. Boone
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Calculating potential fields using microchannel spatial light modulators
Author(s): Max B. Reid
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Design of digital optical processors
Author(s): John Fraser Snowdon; Alex Kashko; Brian S. Wherrett
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Optical parallel selectionist systems
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Microchannel-plate-based electro-optical A-D conversion
Author(s): Mohamed C. Zatet; Robert Y. Levine
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Novel synchronous detection method for obtaining directional gradients of images
Author(s): Mark Storrs; David J. Mehrl
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Random phase errors and pseudorandom phase modulation of deformable mirror spatial light modulators
Author(s): Robert W. Cohn
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Modified signed-digit to binary conversion using symbolic substitution
Author(s): Mir Mojtaba Mirsalehi
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Index interferometer
Author(s): Jacques E. Ludman; Juanita R. Riccobono
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Analysis of speckle interferometry images
Author(s): David H. Tofsted
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Optimal filters: a unified approach for SNR and PCE
Author(s): Richard D. Juday
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Dynamic photorefractive self-amplified angular-multiplex 2D optical beam-array generation
Author(s): Shaomin Zhou; Pochi Yeh; Hua-Kuang Liu
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Imaging spectrometer based on white-light interferometry
Author(s): David J. Lanteigne
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