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Ultrahigh- and High-Speed Photography, Videography, and Photonics
Editor(s): Donald R. Snyder

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Volume Number: 1757
Date Published: 19 January 1993

Table of Contents
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Impact of high-voltage pulse technology on high-speed photography
Author(s): Anthony K. L. Dymoke-Bradshaw
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Performance of the ultrafast streak camera C850X
Author(s): Daniel Schirmann; Alain Mens; Richard Sauneuf; Roger Verrecchia; Patrick Audebert; Jean-Claude J. Gauthier; Jean-Paul Geindre; Andre Antonetti; Jean-Paul Chambaret; G. Hamoniaux; Andre Mysyrowicz
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Streak tube having ultrahigh deflection sensitivity
Author(s): Motohiro Suyama; Katsuyuki Kinoshita; Tomoyuki Okada; Masuo Ito
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Dynamic modulation transfer function measurements in gated microchannel-plate image intensifiers
Author(s): Matthew C. Thomas; Paul A. Zagarino; George J. Yates
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Multihole graded collimator: quantitative tomographic measurements
Author(s): Jean-Louis Gerstenmayer; Marc Nicolaizeau; Patrick Vibert
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Removal of chromatic aberration from projected slit target images during determination of MTF
Author(s): Roger M. Estrella; Timothy J. Sammons
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Ultrahigh-speed multiframing camera with an automatic trigger
Author(s): Takeharu Goji Etoh; Kohsei Takehara
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Repeatable sensitivity of optical-time-domain-reflectometry-based strain measurement
Author(s): Stephen W. Kercel; Jeffrey D. Muhs
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Ultrafast optical switch evaluation facility
Author(s): Joseph M. Osman; Joseph Chaiken; Brian DeVaul
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Optimization of a VISAR for measuring flyer-plate velocities
Author(s): William C. Sweatt; O. B. Crump Jr.; William P. Brigham
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Technique for precision optical timing measurements
Author(s): Kent L. Anderson
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Photoacoustic transient imagery
Author(s): J. L. Franceschi; D. Marty-Dessus; H. Severac; Jean-Marc Boucher; A. Bastie
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Development of 50 x 50 fiber-array photodiode camera
Author(s): Mutsuji Takahashi; H. Tsuchiya; Shigeru Hosoi; Tsuyoshi Hayakawa
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Passive optical computerized tracking system with graphic replay
Author(s): Donald R. Johnston
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Application of high-speed videography in sports analysis
Author(s): Sarah L. Smith
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Applied imaging at the NASA Lewis Research Center
Author(s): Howard A. Slater; Jay C. Owens
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Imaging at the Utah test and training range
Author(s): Donald D. McClenny
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Electronic camera-management system for 35-mm and 70-mm film cameras
Author(s): Allan Nielsen
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SMPTE/IRIG composite time code for video instrumentation systems
Author(s): Donald R. Snyder; Robert Baker
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IRIG synchronization of NTSC color video equipment
Author(s): Patrick N. Keller
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Four-million pixel camera for ballistic shadowgraph applications
Author(s): Don Lake
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Development and operation of a real-time imaging spectroradiometer
Author(s): Mark S. Dombrowski
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Evaluation of compressed digital high-definition video transmitted through the NASA communications system
Author(s): Guy W. Beakley; Elliott S. Kohn
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High-speed test station for solid state imagers
Author(s): George J. Yates; Kevin L. Albright; Bojan T. Turko
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High-speed FPS vidicon camera
Author(s): George J. Yates; Robert A. Gallegos; Michael H. Barron; Hans R. Bucher
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Ruggedized, high-speed imaging system for hostile environments
Author(s): Michael A. Sittig; William B. Abrahams
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640 x 480 pixel 500-frame-per-second RAM-based video camera
Author(s): John E. Tanner; Michael R. Emerling; Andrew J. Moore; Thormon O. Ellison; Richard A. Bredthauer
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New high-speed video system for motion analysis
Author(s): David A. Darg
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High-frame rate multiport CCD imager and camera
Author(s): Peter A. Levine; David R. Patterson; Benjamin J. Esposito; John R. Tower; William B. Lawler
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Multiframe x-ray imaging with a large-area 40ps camera
Author(s): Perry M. Bell; Joseph D. Kilkenny; Otto L. Landen; Roy L. Hanks; Jay Douglas Wiedwald; David K. Bradley
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Measurement of six-degree-of-freedom kinematics of objects from high-speed film and video
Author(s): John Lindegren; James W. Sherman
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Rigid-body attitude estimation from a single view
Author(s): Hassan Mostafavi; Mark Streicker
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Methods for analyzing biomechanics using video and personal computers
Author(s): Gerald L. Scheirman
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Multimode automatic tracking system
Author(s): Martin Garcia
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Time space position information data processor for precision optical platform slaving
Author(s): Kenneth Williamson; Len Gross
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New technologies in range optical tracking systems
Author(s): Gordon S. Eldridge
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High-accuracy portable compact tracking system
Author(s): John Bruce Totty
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Millisecond readout CCD camera
Author(s): Mark Prokop; Thomas W. McCurnin; Gary L. Stradling
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