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Optical System Contamination: Effects, Measurement, Control III
Editor(s): A. Peter M. Glassford

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Volume Number: 1754
Date Published: 18 December 1992

Table of Contents
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Hot rocket plume experiment: survey and conceptual design
Author(s): Jerry M. Millard; Taylor W. Luan; Mack W. Dowdy
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Outgassing measurements of clad and unclad carbon composite laminates
Author(s): Mark E. Frink; Lane A. Darnton; Edward M. Silverman
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4BOUNCE and VBOUNCE: models for the study of contamination transport and dynamics
Author(s): Laura A. Whitlock; Lori B. Glasgow; John Larkin Jackson
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Modeling of spacecraft contamination outgassing as a diffusion-controlled process
Author(s): David M. Silver
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Photodeposition of molecular contaminants with a vacuum ultraviolet solar illumination lamp
Author(s): Mark E. Frink; Mark A. Folkman; Lane A. Darnton
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Cryovacuum BRDF measurements of MMH-nitrate
Author(s): Wilfried Krone-Schmidt; Ronald C. Loveridge
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Exact calculation of light scattering from a particle on a mirror
Author(s): Bernard R. Johnson
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Space particle imaging measurement system
Author(s): Scott J. Bartel; Scott B. Evans; Michael Y. Lee; Robert D. Matson
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Particle monitor experiment
Author(s): Jeffrey C. Lesho; Russell Paul Cain; O. Manuel Uy; Robert E. Erlandson; Edward D. Schaefer
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Optical signatures of particles in space
Author(s): B. David Green
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Contamination signatures observed during the CIRRIS-1A mission
Author(s): B. David Green; W. Terry Rawlins; O. Manuel Uy; Richard M. Nadile; Ned B. Wheeler
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Optical properties of water released in low earth orbit
Author(s): James A. Gardner; David L. A. Rall; Christian A. Trowbridge; Irving L. Kofsky; Rodney A. Viereck; Edmond Murad; Charles P. Pike; Alvin T. Stair Jr.; Alireza Setayesh
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Optical emissions from oxygen atom reactions with adsorbates
Author(s): David B. Oakes; Mark E. Fraser; Mitzi Gauthier-Beals; Karl W. Holtzclaw; Mark Malonson; Alan H. Gelb
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Near-field water vapor contamination observed on STS-39
Author(s): D. A. Dean; E. Ray Huppi; J. R. Lowell; Donald R. Smith; Ramesh D. Sharma; Ned B. Wheeler; Richard M. Nadile; Rebecca J. Healey
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Assessment of the near-field contamination and off-axis leakage effects on earthlimb background measurements from CIRRIS 1A
Author(s): Ned B. Wheeler; Donald R. Smith; D. A. Dean; Harold A. B. Gardiner; James J. Gibson; Jack Griffin; Stephan D. Price; Richard M. Nadile; Lynne R. Bates; Gail E. Bingham; Kent Johnson; James J. Guregian; Robert T. Benoit
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Contamination experiments in the Midcourse Space Experiment satellite
Author(s): O. Manuel Uy
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Outgassing analyses performed during vacuum bakeout of components painted with Chemglaze Z306/9922
Author(s): James S. Dyer; Richard C. Benson; Terry E. Phillips; James J. Guregian
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Outgassing measurements on actuator used for solar array deployment
Author(s): Terry E. Phillips; John S. Morgan; Phillip G. Goodwin; Albert C. Sadilek; Richard C. Benson
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Cryogenic quartz crystal microbalance: characterization and calibration for Midcourse Space Experiment program
Author(s): Robert J. Bryson; A. B. Bailey; Bryan L. Seiber; William T. Bertrand; John H. Jones; Bob E. Wood
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Effects of cryocontaminants on cryogenic superpolished mirror and superpolished quartz crystal microbalance
Author(s): Bryan L. Seiber; Robert J. Bryson; Raymond P. Young Sr.; Bob E. Wood; Deidra A. Dykeman
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BGK contamination model of the MSX satellite and comparison with Monte-Carlo simulation data
Author(s): Paul T. Ma; Loren C. Zumwalt; Francis C. Wang; Shirley C. Yfantis
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Analytical model for predicting molecular deposition on optical surfaces
Author(s): Michael C. Fong; Aleck L. Lee
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System to detect and remove contaminants from space optics
Author(s): Christopher G. Shaw
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Particulate contaminant removal from spacecraft optical fields of view
Author(s): Arthur Timothy Chen
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Evaluation of the ultraviolet/ozone technique for on-orbit removal of photolyzed molecular contamination from optical surfaces
Author(s): Mark E. Frink; Mark A. Folkman; Lane A. Darnton
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Jet spray cleaning of optics
Author(s): Ronald V. Peterson; Wilfried Krone-Schmidt; Werner V. Brandt
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Pathfinder experiment on particulates after jet spray
Author(s): Werner V. Brandt; Wilfried Krone-Schmidt; Ronald V. Peterson
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On-orbit ion cleaning of cryogenic optical surfaces
Author(s): Barret Lippey; Darrell A. Gleichauf
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Modeling of pulsed-laser cleaning of a gold mirror surface
Author(s): A. Norman Jette; Richard C. Benson
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High-sensitivity real-time NVR monitor
Author(s): William D. Bowers; Raymond L. Chuan
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Prevention of particulate contamination from fasteners on the Space-Based Visable Telescope
Author(s): Mark D. Morelli; Steven E. Forman
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PEARLSS--a model for contamination effects: description and results
Author(s): Laura A. Whitlock; John Larkin Jackson
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Algorithm for calculating nonisothermal diffusion-limited outgassing rates
Author(s): Timothy J. Girard; Richard M. Payton
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