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Ocean Optics XI
Editor(s): Gary D. Gilbert

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Volume Number: 1750
Date Published: 31 December 1992

Table of Contents
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Holographic instrument to measure small-angle scattering
Author(s): Fred J. Tanis
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Instrument for measuring the volume scattering function in the backward direction
Author(s): Robert A. Maffione; Richard C. Honey
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Backscattering efficiency of coccolithophorids: use of a three-layered sphere model
Author(s): Annick Bricaud; J. Ronald V. Zaneveld; James C. Kitchen
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Scattering by bubbles: general features, shape effects, and optical probes of bubble dynamics
Author(s): Philip L. Marston; Thomas J. Asaki; John S. Stroud; Eugene H. Trinh
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Interactive electromagnetic scattering from two air bubbles in water
Author(s): Cleon E. Dean
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Light scattering on chlorella vulgaris cells
Author(s): Tadeusz Krol; Andrzej Zielinski; Konrad Witkowski
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Theoretical and experimental study of polarized light scattering by helices
Author(s): Daniel B. Shapiro; Arlon J. Hunt; Mary S. Quinby-Hunt; Marcos F. Maestre; Patricia G. Hull; Kuah Kah-Eng
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Dynamic light scattering by cultures of heterotrophic marine bacteria
Author(s): Dariusz Stramski; Marian Sedlak; David Tsai; Eric J. Amis; Dale A. Kiefer
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Laser trapping for the confinement and scattering measurement of marine cells and organisms
Author(s): Gregory J. Sonek; William H. Wright; Michael W. Berns
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Structured visible-diode-laser illumination for quantitative underwater imaging
Author(s): David K. Costello; Kendall L. Carder; Weilin Hou
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Experimental determination and modeling of volumetric optical properties
Author(s): Andrew W. Palowitch; Jules S. Jaffe
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NEARSCAT full-spectrum narrow forward-angle transmissometer-nephelometer
Author(s): Georges R. Fournier; J. Luc Forand; G. Pelletier; Paul W. Pace
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Bioluminescence estimation using explicit and implicit algorithms
Author(s): Zheng Sheng Tao; Norman J. McCormick
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External factors and water Raman scattering in clear ocean waters: skylight, solar angle, and the air-water interface
Author(s): Robert Hans Stavn
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Oceanic in-situ Fraunhofer-line characterizations
Author(s): Michael G. Lovern; Mark W. Roberts; Stephen A. Miller; Tom G. Kaye
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Measurement of oceanic inelastic scattering using solar Fraunhofer lines
Author(s): Yuntao Ge; Kenneth John Voss; Howard R. Gordon
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Spectral diffuse attenuation of phytoplankton measured by the filter pad technique: are we on the right track?
Author(s): Charles S. Yentsch; David Allen Phinney
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Analysis of in-situ spectral absorption meter data
Author(s): J. Ronald V. Zaneveld; James C. Kitchen; Annick Bricaud; Casey C. Moore
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Effect of bacterial colonization on the absorption and fluorescence properties of detrital particulates
Author(s): Rodolfo H. Iturriaga
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Quantum fluorescence efficiencies of fulvic and humic acids: effects on ocean color and fluorometric detection
Author(s): Steven K. Hawes; Kendall L. Carder; George R. Harvey
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Preparation of natural phytoplankton communities to preserve spectral fluorescence properties
Author(s): Susan L. Bower; Rodolfo H. Iturriaga
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Diurnal variability in chlorophyll fluorescence: observations and modeling
Author(s): John Marra
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Modeling the relationship between primary production, optical properties, and nutrients in the sea
Author(s): Bogdan Wozniak; Jerzy Dera; Olga J. Koblentz-Mishke
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Empirical relationships between optical properties in the ocean
Author(s): Jeffrey H. Smart
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Spectral eigenanalysis of up- and downwelling k profiles
Author(s): Leland Estep
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Use of statistical modeling for setup of full-light-attenuation spectra from measurements in three wavelengths
Author(s): Slawomir Sagan
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Hermetic optical fiber penetrators for aquatic environments
Author(s): Gregory C. Burke
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Preliminary results from an in-situ spectral absorption meter
Author(s): Casey C. Moore; J. Ronald V. Zaneveld; James C. Kitchen
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Innovative applications of optical fibers in the measurement of in-situ spectra
Author(s): David A. Neuschuler; Charles Rockwell Booth; John H. Morrow
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New profiling spectroradiometer optimized for use in the ultraviolet
Author(s): Charles Rockwell Booth; John H. Morrow; David A. Neuschuler
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Monte Carlo simulations for interpretation of irradiance measurements from moored instruments: preliminary results
Author(s): Howard R. Gordon
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Ship shadow measurements obtained from a manned submersible
Author(s): Richard W. Spinrad; Edith A. Widder
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Next-generation in-water radiance distribution camera system
Author(s): Kenneth John Voss; Albert L. Chapin
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Validity and range of linear approximations in underwater imaging
Author(s): Jules S. Jaffe
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Coherence-loss of laser light propagated through simulated coastal waters
Author(s): Nancy L. Swanson
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Measures of temporal pulse stretching
Author(s): Jerry Alan Tessendorf
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Underwater propagation of high-data-rate laser communications pulses
Author(s): Judith Bannon Snow; James P. Flatley; Dennis E. Freeman; Mark A. Landry; Carl E. Lindstrom; Jacob R. Longacre; Joshua A. Schwartz
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Relation between MTF and natural light radiance field in the sea or atmosphere
Author(s): Zhishen Liu
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Effectiveness of the polarization discrimination technique for underwater viewing systems
Author(s): Eugene V. Miasnikov; Timofei V. Kondranin
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LUCIE ROV mounted laser imaging system
Author(s): Georges R. Fournier; Deni Bonnier; J. Luc Forand; Paul W. Pace
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Results of the final tank test of the LLNL/NAVSEA synchronous-scanning underwater laser imaging system
Author(s): Thomas J. Kulp; Darrel G. Garvis; Randall B. Kennedy; Tom Salmon; Keith Cooper
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Lidar volumetric signals through random surface of ocean
Author(s): Ichio Asanuma; Kei Muneyama; Frank E. Hoge; Richard E. Berry
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Lidars for oceanological research: criteria for comparison, main limitations, perspectives
Author(s): Victor I. Feigels
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Overview of sea-ice physical properties and their variability
Author(s): Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge; Donald K. Perovich
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Optical techniques for the measurement of frazil ice
Author(s): W. Scott Pegau; Clayton A. Paulson; J. Ronald V. Zaneveld
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Influence of particulate matter on spectral irradiance fields and energy transfer in the Eastern Arctic Ocean
Author(s): Chris H. Fritsen; Rodolfo H. Iturriaga; Cornelius W. Sullivan
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Light reflection from a sea-ice cover during the onset of summer melt
Author(s): Donald K. Perovich; John W. Govoni
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Measuring the point-spread function of sea ice in situ
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Voss; Richard C. Honey; Gary D. Gilbert; Rodney R. Buntzen
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Coherent effects in forward scattering
Author(s): Edward S. Fry; Gunasiri G. Padmabandu; Choonghoon Oh
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Retrieval of the microphysical properties of oceanic particles from light-scattering properties
Author(s): Kusiel S. Shifrin; W. Scott Pegau
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