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EUV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Instrumentation for Astronomy III

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Volume Number: 1743
Date Published: 8 October 1992

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Optimization of niobium tunnel junctions as x-ray detectors
Author(s): Gregory G. Saulnier; Robert A. Zacher; Deborah Van Vechten; Craig Nelson Boyer; Michael N. Lovellette; Gilbert G. Fritz; Robert J. Soulen Jr.; Joonhee Kang; Mark G. Blamire; Eugenie C.G. Kirk; Robert E. Somekh
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Role of engineered materials in superconducting tunnel-junction x-ray detectors: suppression of quasi-particle recombination losses via a phononic bandgap
Author(s): Edward D. Rippert; John B. Ketterson; Jun Chen; Shenian N. Song; Susanne Lomatch; Stevan R. Maglic; Christopher D. Thomas; M. Andrew Cheida; Melville P. Ulmer
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Superconductive tunnel junctions for x-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Piet A. J. de Korte; Marcel L. van den Berg; Marcel P. Bruijn; M. Frericks; J. B. le Grand; J. G. Gijsbertsen; E. P. Houwman; Jaap Flokstra
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High-resolution x-ray spectroscopy with superconducting tunnel junctions
Author(s): Hans Kraus; Josef Jochum; B. Kemmather; M. Gutsche
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Spatial heterodyne spectroscopy: laboratory tests of field-widened, multiple-order, and vacuum ultraviolet systems
Author(s): John M. Harlander; Ronald J. Reynolds; Fred L. Roesler; Guifang Li
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Diffuse x-ray spectrometer experiment
Author(s): Wilton T. Sanders III; Richard J. Edgar; Michael Juda; William L. Kraushaar; Dan McCammon; Steve L. Snowden; Jiahong Zhang Juda; Mark A. Skinner
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CUBIC: a nondispersive diffuse x-ray background spectrometer
Author(s): David N. Burrows; Mark A. Skinner; Alexander J. D. Antunes; Mark A. Catalano; Eric J. Cocklin; Leland G. Engel; Timothy J. Entingh; Gordon P. Garmire; Roland Green; Douglas A. Kelly; Ralph Porter Kraft; David H. Lumb; Stacy L. Malakoff; Jeffrey A. Mendenhall; John A. Nousek
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ALEXIS experiment: current status and performance
Author(s): Jeffrey J. Bloch; William C. Priedhorsky; Diane C. Roussel-Dupre; Bradley C. Edwards; Barham W. Smith
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Microstrip proportional counter (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Brian D. Ramsey
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Monte Carlo simulation of the materials and filling gas of the imaging proportional counters for the stellar x-ray polarimeter
Author(s): Marco Feroci; Enrico Costa; Massimo Rapisarda
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Performances of the imaging proportional counter of the stellar x-ray polarimeter
Author(s): Enrico Costa; Giuseppe Di Persio; Marco Feroci; Luigi Piro; Bruno Martino; Alda Rubini; Paolo Soffitta; Enrico Massaro; G. C. Perola; Giuseppe Manzo; Philip E. Kaaret; Robert Novick; Andrea E. Santangelo
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Microstrip proportional-counter development at MSFC
Author(s): Melinda Ann Fulton; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak; Brian D. Ramsey
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X-ray performance of an imaging gas-scintillation proportional counter
Author(s): Christian Erd; Marcos Bavdaz
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Performance of HEXTE engineering model phoswich detectors
Author(s): Paul L. Hink; Michael R. Pelling; Richard E. Rothschild
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Flight performance of DMSP Package B instruments
Author(s): Ping Lee; Fred Guyker; H. H. Hsu; R. W. Klebesadel; N. J. Terrell; J. W. Griffee; Dwayne L. Free; R. Jones
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Main lessons from the SIGMA mission for the future of hard x-ray and soft gamma-ray astronomy
Author(s): Francois Lebrun; Jaques Paul
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X-ray imaging with the XSPECT/SODART microstrip proportional counters
Author(s): Carl Budtz-Joergensen; Axel Bahnsen; M. Mohl Madsen; C. Olesen; Herbert W. Schnopper
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SIXA spectrometer on SPECTRUM-X-GAMMA satellite
Author(s): Veikko J. Kamarainen; Heikki Sipila; Ivor Taylor; Osmi R. Vilhu; J. Huovelin; Jouko A. Kurki; Erik Laegsgaard; Rashid Sunyaev
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Qualification study of LiF flight crystals for the objective crystal spectrometer on the SPECTRUM-X-GAMMA satellite
Author(s): Finn Erland Christensen; Ib Lundgaard Rasmussen; Herbert W. Schnopper; Hans-Joachim Wiebicke; Ingolf Halm; U. R.M.E. Geppert; Konstantin N. Borozdin
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Radiation entrance windows for CCD detectors
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Stephan; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Claus Reppin; Hans-Joerg Maier; Dagmar Frischke; Michael K. Krumrey; Peter Mueller
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Comparison between the EUV performances of cryogenically cooled CCDs and a MAMA detector
Author(s): Giampiero Naletto; Giuseppe Tondello; Paolo Villoresi; Giovanni Bonanno; Antonio Cali; Rosario Di Benedetto; Salvatore Scuderi
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Measurements and simulations of x-ray quantum efficiency and energy resolution of large-area CCDs between 0.3 and 10 keV
Author(s): Kieran J. McCarthy; Alan A. Wells
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Characterization of CCDs with enhanced UV response
Author(s): Giovanni Bonanno; Antonio Cali; Rosario Di Benedetto; Salvatore Scuderi
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Performance of a multistep fluorescence-gated proportional counter for hard x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Kurtis L. Dietz; Brian D. Ramsey; Martin C. Weisskopf
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X-ray windows for spaceborne detectors
Author(s): Veli-Pekka Viitanen; Seppo Arvo Anter Nenonen; Panu Partanen; Heikki Sipila; Risto Mutikainen
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Detecting x-rays with an optical imaging chamber
Author(s): Robert A. Austin; Brian D. Ramsey
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Neutron-induced backgound in proportional counters for x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Massimo Rapisarda; Enrico Costa; Marco Feroci; Stefano Giagu
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Characteristics of square-pore and low-noise microchannel-plate stacks
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Daniel R. Marsh; Joseph M. Stock; Geoffrey A. Gaines
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Long-range effects of gain depression in microchannel plates
Author(s): Michael L. Edgar; Alan Smith; Jonathan S. Lapington
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Ultrahigh-resolution photon-counting system
Author(s): Jonathon R. Howorth; Martin B. Ingle; J. Ralph Powell; B. E. Patchett; Martin K. Carter; Peter David Read
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Performance characteristics of SPAN position readout systems
Author(s): Jonathan S. Lapington; A. A. Breeveld; Michael L. Edgar; Alan Smith
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Effects of charge cloud size and digitization on the SPAN anode
Author(s): A. A. Breeveld; Michael L. Edgar; Jonathan S. Lapington; Alan Smith
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Superconducting tunnel-junction x-ray detectors with niobium absorbers and aluminum quasi-particle traps
Author(s): Simon E. Labov; Carl A. Mears; George W. Morris; Charles E. Cunningham; Mark A. LeGros; Eric H. Silver; Andrew T. Barfknecht; Norman W. Madden; Don A. Landis; Fred S. Goulding; Roger W. Bland; Kenneth E. Laws
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X-ray detector using superconducting aluminum tunnel junctions
Author(s): William C. Barber; Roger W. Bland; Jerry W. Carpenter; Robert T. Johnson; Kenneth E. Laws; James M. Lockhart; Julie S. Lee; Robert M. Watson; Simon E. Labov; Charles E. Cunningham; Mark A. LeGros; Carl A. Mears; George W. Morris; Eric H. Silver
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X-ray detection with an Nb-based junction and investigation of series-junction detectors
Author(s): Masahiko Kurakado; Toru Takahashi; Atsuki Matsumura; Shin Ito; Rintaro Katano; Yasuhito Isozumi
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Alpha-, beta-, and gamma-ray detection with microcalorimeters made with a superconducting absorber
Author(s): Stefano Vitale; G. Gallinaro; Flavio Gatti
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Feasibility of KTa1-xNbxO3 as a dielectric or pyroelectric microcalorimeter
Author(s): Timothy E. Pfafman; Eric H. Silver; Simon E. Labov; Jeffrey W. Beeman; Fred S. Goulding; Don A. Landis; Norman W. Madden
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Detection of single particles and quanta with a cryogenic calorimeter of high mass
Author(s): Edgar Umlauf; Matthias Buehler
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Thermal detectors for x-ray astronomy: current performance and limitations
Author(s): Michael Juda; Wei Cui; Dan McCammon; J. Morgenthaler; Wilton T. Sanders III; Jiahong Zhang Juda; Richard L. Kelley; G. M. Madejski; Samuel Harvey Moseley Jr.; Caroline Kilbourn Stahle; Andrew E. Szymkowiak
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High-resolution gamma-ray and hard x-ray spectrometer for long-duration balloon flights
Author(s): Michael R. Pelling; Paul T. Feffer; Kevin C. Hurley; Sharad R. Kane; Robert P. Lin; Steven McBride; J. H. Primbsch; David M. Smith; K. Youseffi; G. Zimmer; F. Cotin; J. M. Lavigne; G. Rouaix; Said A. Slassi-Sennou; Gilbert Vedrenne; Richard H. Pehl; Chris P. Cork; Paul N. Luke; Norman W. Madden; Don F. Malone
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Digital analysis of pulses induced by 200-MeV protons on a phoswich detector for x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Maria Nerina Cinti; Enrico Costa; Paolo Soffitta; Filippo Frontera; Jens Michael Poulsen; B. Agrinier; R. Comte; B. Parlier
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Imaging solar flares in hard x rays using Fourier telescopes
Author(s): Jonathan W. Campbell; John M. Davis; A. Gordon Emslie
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NASA's Ultraviolet Astrophysics Branch: the next decade
Author(s): Barry Y. Welsh; Michael Kaplan
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Measurements of an intensified CCD detector for the solar and heliospheric observatory
Author(s): William T. Thompson; Arthur I. Poland; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Marvin Swartz; Douglas B. Leviton; Leslie J. Payne
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Grating elements for the AXAF low-energy transmission grating spectrometer
Author(s): Peter Predehl; Heinz Kraus; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Wolfgang Burkert; Guenther Kettenring; Hans Lochbihler
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Calibration of an EUV spectrometer using synchrotron radiation to distinguish overlapping orders
Author(s): Steven N. Osterman; Gary J. Rottman
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X-ray testing of grazing incidence optics fabricated at the University of Colorado
Author(s): Dennis J. Gallagher; Webster C. Cash
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Modular rotating collimator imaging x-ray spectrometer
Author(s): M. J. Murphy; Dayton W. Datlowe; Jon W. Hamilton; S. Roselle
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Phonon-mediated particle detection with superconducting detector materials
Author(s): Fatma Azgui; Franz von Feilitzsch; G. Forster
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Performance characteristics of the scientific model of the medium energy concentrator spectrometer on board the x-ray astronomy satellite SAX
Author(s): A. Bonura; Salvatore Giarrusso; L. Lombardo; Giuseppe Manzo; Stefano Re; Giovanni La Rosa; Filippo Celi; R. Di Raffaele; Giancarlo Conti; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Wolfgang Burkert
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High-pressure gas-scintillation proportional counter: performance characteristics of the scientific model
Author(s): A. Bonura; Salvatore Giarrusso; L. Lombardo; Giuseppe Manzo; Stefano Re; Giovanni La Rosa; Filippo Celi; R. Di Raffaele
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