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Soft X-Ray Microscopy
Editor(s): Chris J. Jacobsen; James E. Trebes

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Volume Number: 1741
Date Published: 13 January 1993

Table of Contents
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X-ray lasers as sources for x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Brian J. MacGowan
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X-ray diode using a silicon field-emission photocathode
Author(s): Wael I. Karain; Larry V. Knight; David D. Allred; Arturo Reyes-Mena
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Design and analysis of a fast two-mirror soft x-ray microscope
Author(s): David L. Shealy; Cheng Wang; Wu Jiang; L. Jin; Richard B. Hoover
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Performance limitations of imaging microscopes for soft x-ray applications
Author(s): Kristin L. Lewotsky; Anita Kotha Thompson; James E. Harvey
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X-ray microscopy studies with the Goettingen x-ray microscopes
Author(s): Peter Guttmann; Gerd Schneider; Juergen Thieme; Christian David; Michael Diehl; Robin Medenwaldt; Bastian Niemann; Dietbert M. Rudolph; Guenther A. Schmahl
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X-ray holographic microscopy at LURE and Institut d'Optique
Author(s): Denis Joyeux
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Experimental demonstration of high-resolution three-dimensional x-ray holography
Author(s): Ian McNulty; James E. Trebes; James M. Brase; Thomas J. Yorkey; Richard Levesque; Hanna Szoke; Erik H. Anderson; Chris J. Jacobsen; Dieter P. Kern
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Soft x-ray microscope with zone plates at UVSOR
Author(s): Norio Watanabe; Yoshio Shimanuki; Mieko Taniguchi; Hiroshi Kihara
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Evaluation of the Schwarzschild x-ray microscope using the compact SR-ring 'AURORA'
Author(s): Shin Masui; Shouichirou Mochimaru; Norio Watanabe; Yoshiaki Horikawa; Hironari Yamada; Hiroshi Kihara
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Scanning x-ray microscope project at Hefei
Author(s): Xinya Lei; Yong Feifei Zhao; Ming Wang; Xingshu Xie
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Flash contact x-ray microscopy of biological specimen in water
Author(s): Toshihisa Tomie; Hazime Shimizu; Toshikazu Majima; Toshihiko Kanayama; Mitsuo Yamada; Eisuke Miura
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Zone plate x-ray microscope using a laser plasma source
Author(s): Hiroaki Aritome; Shigeru Nakayama; Katsumi Mizunoe; Guan-ming Zeng; Hiroyuki Daido; Masahiro Nakatsuka; Sadao Nakai
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Pulsed x-ray microscopy of biological specimens with laser plasma sources
Author(s): Martin C. Richardson; Kunio Shinohara; Kazuo A. Tanaka; Yasuhito Kinjo; Naomi Ikeda; Masataka Kado
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Soft x-ray contact microscopy using laser-generated plasma sources
Author(s): Julian H. Fletcher; Robin A. Cotton; Colin E. Webb
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Hard x-ray microimaging techniques based on phase zone plates
Author(s): Barry P. Lai; Wenbing Yun; Dan G. Legnini; Y. H. Xiao; John J. Chrzas
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Phase contrast and darkfield imaging in x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Graeme R. Morrison
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Determination by x-ray microscopy of the phases of the x-ray diffraction by macromolecular structures
Author(s): Ronald E. Burge; Christopher J. Buckley; Guy F. Foster; Pauline Bennett
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Atomic force microscopy employed as the final imaging stage for soft x-ray contact microscopy
Author(s): Robin A. Cotton; Mike D. Dooley; Julian H. Fletcher; Anthony D. Stead; Thomas W. Ford
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Development of a linear scanning-force microscope for x-ray Gabor hologram readout
Author(s): Steve A. Lindaas; Chris J. Jacobsen; Malcolm R. Howells; Keith D. Franck
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Experiments in scanning luminescence x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Chris J. Jacobsen; Steve A. Lindaas; Vivian Oehler; Shawn P. Williams; Sue Wirick; Xiaodong Zhang; Shirong Guo; Ilan Spector
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Image reconstruction for x-ray holographic microscopy
Author(s): James M. Brase; Thomas J. Yorkey; James E. Trebes; Ian McNulty
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Wavefront reconstruction from three-dimensional intensity measurements
Author(s): Keith A. Nugent; Ann Roberts
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Image enhancement through deconvolution
Author(s): Xiaodong Zhang; Chris J. Jacobsen; Shawn P. Williams
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Digital twin-image elimination in soft x-ray in-line holography
Author(s): Gabriel Koren; Francois A. Polack; Denis Joyeux
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Cooled backside-illuminated CCD for x-ray microscopy application
Author(s): Hiroaki Aritome; Shigeru Nakayama; Guan-ming Zeng; Hiroyuki Daido; Masahiro Nakatsuka; Sadao Nakai; Makoto Sakurai; Koujun Yamashita
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Microchannel plates as detectors and amplifiers of x-ray images
Author(s): Jay Douglas Wiedwald
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Electronic zooming TV readout system for an x-ray microscope
Author(s): Katsuyuki Kinoshita; T. Matsumura; Yoshinori Inagaki; N. Hirai; Masaru Sugiyama; Hiroshi Kihara; Norio Watanabe; Yoshio Shimanuki
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Development and first applications of an imaging microscope using the Vulcan x-ray laser
Author(s): Ronald E. Burge; Michael T. Browne; Pambos S. Charalambous; Gary E. Slark; Paul Smith
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New results from MAXIMUM: an x-ray scanning photoemission microscope
Author(s): W. Ng; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; S. H. Liang; John T. Welnak; John P. Wallace; S. Singh; Cristiano Capasso; Franco Cerrina; Giorgio Margaritondo; James H. Underwood; Jeffrey B. Kortright; Rupert C. C. Perera
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Design of the second-generation scanning photoemission microscope at the National Synchrotron Light Source
Author(s): Cheng-Hao Ko; Harald Ade; Janos Kirz; Erik D. Johnson; Steven L. Hulbert; Erik H. Anderson; Dieter P. Kern
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X-ray imaging of aggregation in silica and zeolitic precursors
Author(s): Graeme R. Morrison; Michael T. Browne; Theo P. M. Beelen; Harold F. van Garderen
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Radiation damage to chromosomes in the scanning transmission x-ray microscope
Author(s): Shawn P. Williams; Chris J. Jacobsen; Janos Kirz; Xiaodong Zhang; Jack Van't Hof; Susan Lamm
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Effects of soft x-ray irradiation on cell ultrastructure
Author(s): Thomas W. Ford; Anton M. Page; Guy F. Foster; Anthony D. Stead
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Role of x-ray-induced damage in biological micro-imaging
Author(s): Richard A. London; James E. Trebes; Chris J. Jacobsen
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Measuring changes in the mass of single subcellular organelles using x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Kaarin K. Goncz; Mario M. Moronne; W. Lin; Stephen S. Rothman
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Visualization of the effects of electron microscopy fixatives on the structure of hydrated epidermal hairs of tomato (lycopersicum peruvianum) as revealed by soft x-ray contact microscopy
Author(s): Anthony D. Stead; Robin A. Cotton; Anton M. Page; Mike D. Dooley; Thomas W. Ford
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X-ray imaging of calcium deposits in human cartilage
Author(s): Christopher J. Buckley; Ronald E. Burge; Guy F. Foster; S. Y. Ali; C. A. Scotchford; John H. Dunsmuir; S. R. Ferguson; Mark L. Rivers
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Application of x rays to the analysis of DNA packaging in mammalian sperm
Author(s): Rod Balhorn; Michele Corzett; Michael J. Allen; Catherine S. Lee; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; Jeffrey A. Koch; Brian J. MacGowan; Dennis L. Matthews; Stanley Mrowka; James E. Trebes; Ian McNulty; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Joe W. Gray; Erik H. Anderson; D. Kern; David T. Attwood Jr.
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Observation of human chromosome fibers in a water layer by laser-plasma x-ray contact microscopy
Author(s): Kunio Shinohara; Yasuhito Kinjo; Martin C. Richardson; Atsushi Ito; Noboru Morimoto; Yasuhiro Horiike; Makoto Watanabe; Keiji Yada; Kazuo A. Tanaka
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High-resolution x-ray stereomicroscopy: true three-dimensional imaging of biological samples
Author(s): Billy W. Loo Jr.; Shawn P. Williams; W. Lin; Willaim H. Love; Stanley Meizel; Stephen S. Rothman
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Imaging microscopy with x-ray lasers at LLNL
Author(s): Luiz Barroca Da Silva; James E. Trebes; Stanley Mrowka; Brian J. MacGowan; Jeffrey A. Koch; Dennis L. Matthews; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; Rod Balhorn; Joe W. Gray; Erik H. Anderson; D. Kern; David T. Attwood Jr.
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Soft x-ray microscopy with a 182-angstrom soft x-ray laser
Author(s): Darrell S. DiCicco; Dong-Su Kim; Leonid Polonskiy; Charles H. Skinner; Szymon Suckewer
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Capillary x-ray optics
Author(s): Henry N. Chapman; Keith A. Nugent; Stephen W. Wilkins; Andrei V. Rode
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X-ray microscopy resource center at the advanced light source
Author(s): Werner Meyer-Ilse; Masato Koike; H. Raul Beguiristain; Jorg M. Maser; David T. Attwood Jr.
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Imaging and etching: soft x-ray microscopy on whole wet cells
Author(s): John R. Gilbert; Jerry Pine
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