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Optics for High-Brightness Synchrotron Radiation Beamlines
Editor(s): John R. Arthur

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Volume Number: 1740
Date Published: 20 January 1993

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Emittance, brilliance, and bandpass issues related to an inclined crystal monochromator
Author(s): Albert T. Macrander; Dean R. Haeffner; Paul L. Cowan
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Sagittal crystal focusing of undulator radiation with high-heat-load inclined crystals
Author(s): Gene E. Ice; Cullie J. Sparks
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Design and analysis of cooled optical components for synchrotron beamlines
Author(s): Thomas W. Tonnessen; Steven E. Fisher
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Design considerations for mirrors at the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): George Srajer; Kim Mohanty
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Adaptive silicon monochromators for high-heat-load insertion devices
Author(s): Hiroyuki Oyanagi
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X-ray mirrors for high-brilliance synchrotron beamlines: R & D at the ESRF
Author(s): Jean Susini
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Applications of mosaic crystals to high-brilliance x-ray optics
Author(s): Andreas K. Freund
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Applications of dynamic x-ray diffraction to advanced synchrotron x-ray optics
Author(s): Tetsuya Ishikawa; Keiichi Hirano; Seishi Kikuta
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Dynamical theory of x-ray diffraction by multilayered structures
Author(s): Ariel Caticha
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Coherent nuclear resonant optics for third-generation synchrotron radiation sources
Author(s): Ercan E. Alp; Timothy M. Mooney; Thomas S. Toellner; Hitoshi Homma; Meiman Kentjana
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X-ray microscopy and holography with third-generation sources
Author(s): Chris J. Jacobsen; Shawn P. Williams
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Performance comparison of hard x-ray plates fabricated by two different methods
Author(s): Wenbing Yun; Barry P. Lai; Dan G. Legnini; Y. H. Xiao; John J. Chrzas; Kenneth M. Skulina; Richard M. Bionta; V. White; Franco Cerrina
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Circularly polarized x-ray beamline at 6.5-GeV accumulation ring
Author(s): Hiroshi Kawata
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Soft to firm x-ray spectroscopy at a hard x-ray facility: polarization-sensitive experiments
Author(s): Jose Goulon; H. Emerich; Carlos M. Giles; Cecile Malgrange; Nicholas B. Brookes; Francesco Sette; L. Braicovich
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XUV synchrotron optical components for the Advanced Light Source: summary of the requirements and the developmental program
Author(s): Wayne R. McKinney; Steven C. Irick; David L. Lunt
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XUV synchrotron optical components for the Advanced Light Source: fabrication and metrology
Author(s): David L. Lunt; Jonathan W. Bender; Donald G. Ewing; Wayne R. McKinney
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Characterization of YB66 for use as a soft x-ray monochromator crystal
Author(s): Zofia U. Rek; Jen Nan Wong; T. Tanaka; Y. Kamimura; Franz Schaefers; Bert Muller; Michael K. Krumrey; P. Muller
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Beamline for microdiffraction and micro small-angle scattering
Author(s): Christian Riekel
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Development of an x-ray microprobe using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Albert C. Thompson; Karen L. Chapman; James H. Underwood
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Grooved crystal monochromator operating at Bragg angles near pi/2
Author(s): Carlos M. Giles; Cesar Cusatis
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Nuclear monochromator by grazing incidence antireflection films of 119SnO2
Author(s): Hitoshi Homma; Meiman Kentjana; Ercan E. Alp; Timothy M. Mooney; Thomas S. Toellner; E. Witthoff
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High energy resolution, high angular acceptance crystal monochromator
Author(s): Thomas S. Toellner; Timothy M. Mooney; S. Shastri; Ercan E. Alp
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Concentration of synchrotron radiation with capillary arrays
Author(s): Vladimir A. Arkadiev; Muradin A. Kumakhov; Walter M. Gibson
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Moessbauer-Fresnel zone plate as nuclear monochromator
Author(s): Timothy M. Mooney; Ercan E. Alp; Wenbing Yun
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Optical design and fabrication of the off-axis paraboloid and ellipsoidal mirrors of beamline for synchrotron radiation biological spectroscopic experiments
Author(s): Changxin Zhou; Zhijin Ma; Jing-Hong Shao; Xiangming Gu; Wu-Ming Liu
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Concentration of x-rays using tapered capillaries
Author(s): Daniel J. Thiel; Donald H. Bilderback; Aaron Lewis
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Submicron x-ray imaging and Laue diffraction applications of tapered glass capillaries
Author(s): Stephen Hoffmann; Daniel J. Thiel; Donald H. Bilderback
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