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Neutron Optical Devices and Applications
Editor(s): Charles F. Majkrzak; James L. Wood

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Volume Number: 1738
Date Published: 23 November 1992

Table of Contents
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Neutron optics at the Advanced Neutron Source (Invited Paper)
Author(s): John B. Hayter
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Improvement in the synthesis of Ni/Ti neutron mirrors
Author(s): Alan F. Jankowski
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Status of supermirror research at OSMC
Author(s): James L. Wood
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Reflectivity improvements for neutron mirrors and supermirrors
Author(s): Bernard Vidal; Z. Jiang; Francois J. Samuel
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Thermal stability of [Ni-Ti] multilayers
Author(s): Malik Maaza; Claude Sella; Mustapha Kaabouchi; Jean Pierre Ambroise; Bruno Pardo; Francoise Bridou; Monique Miloche; Frantz Wehling; Michel Groos; Gloria Foulet; Hacene Lasri; Ramanthan Krishnan
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Development and industrialization of supermirror multilayers used for neutron guides
Author(s): Francois J. Samuel; Bernard Farnoux; Benedicte Ballot; Bernard Vidal
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Low d-spacing titanium-based multilayers for neutrons
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Philippe Houdy; Andreas Magerl; K. Yamada; Yasuo Endoh; P. Ruterana
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Application of the velocity-dependent spin-flipper in neutron optical devices (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Mikhail M. Agamalian; N. Pleshanov; Valery Pusenkov
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Supermirror transmission polarizers for neutrons
Author(s): Charles F. Majkrzak; Valerie Nunez; John R. D. Copley; John F. Ankner; Geoffrey L. Greene
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Polarizing supermirror devices: some new developments
Author(s): Ferenc Mezei
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Thin films for neutron optics
Author(s): O. Elsenhans; Peter Boeni; H. P. Friedli; Hans Grimmer; Philippe A. Buffat; K. Leifer; Ian S. Anderson
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Characterization of neutron mirrors and supermirrors using x-ray and neutron measurements
Author(s): Z. Jiang; Bernard Vidal; Michel Brunel; Malik Maaza; Francois J. Samuel
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Supermirror neutron guide coatings
Author(s): Charles F. Majkrzak; John F. Ankner
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Supermirror neutron guide
Author(s): Benedicte Ballot; Francois J. Samuel; Bernard Farnoux
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High-performance neutron supermirrors deposited using an automatic accurate-thickness monitoring technique
Author(s): Claude Sella; Malik Maaza; Mustapha Kaabouchi; Bruno Pardo; Francoise Bridou; Monique Miloche
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rf-sputtered Fe/Ge multilayers for neutron-polarizing monochromators
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Philippe Houdy; M. Monkenbusch; J. Penfold; J. Eastoe; David J. Smith
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Multilayer monochromators and supermirrors for neutron protein crystallography using a quasi-Laue technique
Author(s): Benno P. Schoenborn
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Determination of reflectivity curves of multilayer neutron monochromators
Author(s): Alexander Mihai Popovici; Brent J. Heuser; William B. Yelon; John E. Keem
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SANS wavelength selection using a multilayer neutron monochromator
Author(s): Brent J. Heuser; Alexander Mihai Popovici; William B. Yelon; Ronald Berliner
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Neutron reflection studies on magnetic superlattice (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Yasuo Endoh
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Neutron reflectivity studies of polymers adsorbed at solid-air and solid-liquid interfaces (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Sushil K. Satija
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Neutron reflectometry study of thermally induced boron diffusion in amorphous elemental boron
Author(s): Gregory S. Smith; William A. Hamilton; Michael R. Fitzsimmons; Shenda M. Baker; Kevin M. Hubbard; Michael Nastasi; Juhani P. Hirvonen; Thomas G. Zocco
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Measurement of magnetic-field depth profile in superconducting niobium film by polarized neutron reflectometry
Author(s): Daniel A. Korneev; L. P. Chernenko; A. V. Petrenko; N. I. Balalykin; A. V. Skripnik
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Subsurface profile refinement for neutron specular reflectivity (Invited Paper)
Author(s): John F. Ankner; Charles F. Majkrzak
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Diffuse neutron scattering signatures of rough films
Author(s): Roger Pynn
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Determination of nonmagnetic density profiles using polarized neutron reflectivity
Author(s): Charles F. Majkrzak; N. F. Berk; John F. Ankner; Sushil K. Satija; Terence P. Russell
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Inverting neutron reflection data
Author(s): Devinderjit Singh Sivia; Roger Pynn
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Reflectivity and profile studies in ultracold neutron mirror reflection and grating diffraction
Author(s): Albert Steyerl; S. S. Malik; A. C. Nunes; W. Drexel; W. Mampe; P. Ageron; W. Turba; Tohru Ebisawa
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Microscopy with ultracold neutrons
Author(s): Alexander I. Frank
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Time-of-flight four-beam neutron reflectometer REFLEX at the high-flux pulsed reactor IBR-2: some polarized neutron reflectometry applications
Author(s): V. L. Aksenov; Daniel A. Korneev; L. P. Chernenko
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Neutron reflectometry and high-resolution imaging
Author(s): U. Jeng; S. J. Quagliato; L. R. Iyengar; Morris Lowell Crow; S. S. Malik; Albert Steyerl
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First experience with the focusing neutron guide on IN10C
Author(s): Andreas Magerl; B. Frick; Klaus-Dieter Liss
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Neutron focusing using capillary optics (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Muradin A. Kumakhov; V. A. Sharov; V. V. Kvardakov
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Promise of silicon wafer microguides for future neutron optical elements
Author(s): David F. R. Mildner; Huaiyu Heather Chen-Mayer; Andreas Magerl; U. Gruening
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Development of a focusing mirror for SANS
Author(s): John G. Barker; Charles J. Glinka
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Characterizing a neutron lens: study of capillary optics
Author(s): Huaiyu Heather Chen-Mayer; Robert Gregory Downing; David F. R. Mildner; V. A. Sharov
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Toward a perfect crystal resonator
Author(s): Martin Schuster; Colin J. Carlile; Erwin Jericha; Helmut Rauch
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Unconventional double bent-crystal diffractometer equipped by position-sensitive detector
Author(s): Pavel Mikula; Petr Lukas; Jiri Kulda; Pavel Strunz; Jan Saroun; Volker Wagner; Reinhard Scherm; Berthold Alefeld; Richard Reinartz
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Neutron microfocusing by double reflection on curved perfect crystals
Author(s): Alexander Mihai Popovici; William B. Yelon
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Use of focusing by bent perfect Si crystals for short-wavelength neutron monochromatization
Author(s): Volker Wagner; Pavel Mikula
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Instrumentation for strain measurements using cylindrically bent perfect crystals
Author(s): Petr Lukas; Miroslav Vrana; Pavel Mikula; Jiri Kulda
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Performance of beam bender for very cold neutrons
Author(s): Yuji Kawabata; Masahiko Utsuro; Tohru Ebisawa
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Focusing arrangement of a fall-focusing gravity analyzer for ultracold neutrons
Author(s): Yuji Kawabata; Masahiko Utsuro
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Possibility of magnetic pumping of very cold neutrons in a guide-tube torus
Author(s): Masahiko Utsuro; Yuji Kawabata
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Neutron diffraction optics of films with noncollinear magnetic depth structures
Author(s): Daniel A. Korneev; L. P. Chernenko
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New aspect in employing magnetic anisotropic FeCo thin films as neutron polarizers
Author(s): Daniel A. Korneev
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From 1 to m: the development of supermirrors (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Ian S. Anderson
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Fe-Al neutron polarizing supermirror on Si crystal substrate with antireflecting Cd layer
Author(s): V. G. Syromyatnikov; Anatoly F. Schebetov; Z. N. Soroko
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