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X-Ray Detector Physics and Applications
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover

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Volume Number: 1736
Date Published: 3 February 1993

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Development of new x-ray still-image detector 'XTV-PROM'
Author(s): Yukihisa Osugi; Akihiko Honda; Shoji Tange; Shuhei Toyoda; Takumi Minemoto
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Two-dimensional x-ray sensor utilizing photostimulated luminescence in europium-doped potassium chloride single crystals
Author(s): Hidehito Nanto; Kazuhiko Murayama; Takayuki Usuda; Shin-ichi Taniguchi; Nozomu Takeuchi
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High-MTF x-ray image intensifier
Author(s): Hiroshi Kubo; Atsuya Yosida; Keiichi Saito
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Large-format photon-counting x-ray and gamma-ray imagers
Author(s): Jonathon R. Howorth; Martin B. Ingle; J. Ralph Powell; B. E. Patchett; Martin K. Carter; Peter David Read
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Absolute detection efficiency of a microchannel plate detector to x rays in the 1-100 KeV energy range
Author(s): Gary A. Burginyon; Barry Alan Jacoby; James K. Wobser; Richard Ernst; Dione S. Ancheta; Kenneth Glenn Tirsell
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Application of monolithic CdZnTe linear solid state ionization detectors for x-ray imaging
Author(s): Raulf M. Polichar; Richard C. Schirato; John H. Reed
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Magnetic response of high Tc superconductors to x-ray radiation and detection of x rays
Author(s): Joseph F. Artuso; Larry A. Franks; Kenneth Hull; Orest Symko
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Study of stoichiometry in mercuric iodide by low-temperature photoluminescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Xue Jun Bao; Ralph B. James; C.-Y. Hung; Tuviah E. Schlesinger; A. Y. Cheng; Carol Ortale; Lodewijk Van den Berg
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Vanderbilt University free-electron laser x-ray facility
Author(s): Perry A. Tompkins; Weiwei D. Andrews; Charles A. Brau; James A. Waters; Frank Edward Carroll M.D.; David R. Pickens III; Ronald R. Price; Carlton F. Roos
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Transmission of gamma rays through thin-film waveguides
Author(s): Yury Ivanivich Dudchik; Fadei F. Komarov; Yaroslav A. Konstantinov
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Laboratory soft x-ray source with foil target
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Stephan; Heinrich W. Braeuninger
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Novel, movable, multianode x-ray source for imaging detector calibrations
Author(s): Kenneth Glenn Tirsell; Mark Whitman Bowers; Allen J. Elsholz; John E. Randolph
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Detection of explosive materials using nuclear radiation: a critical review
Author(s): Esam M. A. Hussein
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Energy response of astronomical CCD x-ray detectors
Author(s): David H. Lumb; John A. Nousek
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Calibration techniques for high flux x-ray detectors
Author(s): George C. Idzorek; Robert G. Hockaday
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Applications of x-ray and neutron capillary optics
Author(s): Walter M. Gibson; Muradin A. Kumakhov
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X-ray fiber optics from 60 eV to 10 keV
Author(s): Daniel R. Parsignault; Allen S. Krieger
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Fabrication of grazing incidence optics using flow-polishing techniques
Author(s): Phillip C. Baker; Richard B. Hoover; Arthur B. C. Walker II
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Numerical simulations for capillary-based x-ray optics
Author(s): Qi-Fan Xiao; Igor Yu. Ponomarev; Alexandre I. Kolomitsev; John C. Kimball
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Nontraditional grazing incidence optics for x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Paul Gorenstein
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Medium-sized grazing incidence high-energy x-ray telescopes employing continuously graded multilayers
Author(s): Karsten Dan Joensen; Finn Erland Christensen; Herbert W. Schnopper; Paul Gorenstein; Jean Susini; Peter Hoghoj; Robert Hustache; James L. Wood; K. Parker
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Multivariate data spaces and multivariable systems analysis for explosives detection systems using x rays
Author(s): Alphonsus John Fennelly; James K. Woosley; David M. McMahon; S. Bhuminder; J. W. Wolfsberger
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CAMD: the new synchrotron light source in Louisiana
Author(s): John D. Scott; Hans P. Bluem; Benjamin C. Craft; L. Marceau-Day; A. Mihill; F. Morikawa; Volker Saile; Olga Vladimirsky
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